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A relative newcomer to Android's torrent download scene, Flud is quickly becoming a user's favorite, with its simple, fast and clean interface, and the smorgasbord of features that are fully active in the free version. There's partial search, magnet links support, and aTorrent covers some torrent sites others don't, so what more can you want from it gratis. Riding on the popularity of the uTorrent client for your desktop, the free mobile app lets you search for and download torrents with no limits, and even allows subscriptions.
The beauty of uTorrent Remote is that you can monitor what's happening with the torrent downloads on your computer running the excellent desktop client, pause, cancel and start downloads, search for torrents, and even stream those back to your Android device - pretty cool when you are away from your computer, even if it's just in the next room, or on the couch. Unlike its desktop counterpart, here Vuze is clean, simple and very fast torrent downloader. Speedier than the most, aDownloader now offers video previews and playback while downloading, as well as a tablet interface optimization.
SmartTorrent is a pretty functional torrent client with great interface, which, is, however, a bit sluggish, and hasn't been updated for quite a while.

Thanks to YouNote, take note of whatever you like, when you like, wherever you like.YouNote allows you to take quick notes on all sorts of information. The tTorrent Pro version is where it's at, since the app supports magnet links, torrent-in-torrent downloads, individual search with rich results list, browser integration, and many more options.
Flud sports partial downloads, a great torrent search engine, magnet links open within the browser, the ability to move the files while downloading, prioritize, set limits, and many more.
The three bucks asked for the Pro version are worth it, though, as the interface is as comfortable and polished as you are used on the desktop, there aren't any ads, and the uTorrent team introduced a battery-saving feature that suspends torrent downloads under a preset percentage drop. The interface is getting a bit long in the tooth, but the app is light and functional, and downloads anything at will, to the extent that you'll find a lot of people swearing at aDownloader being better than the uTorrent juggernaut, so be sure to check it out, especially if you own an Android tablet.
It can be done and is done by thousands, so your argument and any other argument is just a waste of time. Downloading to your memory card needs to be fixed in KitKat-laden phones without cumbersome workarounds, but other than that it's a great torrent download option for Android.

Even the annoying "save to SD card" issue that has happened from KitKat onwards, by introducing a simple workaround. Some more advanced features, like prioritizing downloads, or setting the number of simultaneous downloads, are missing, but it's a free no-ads app, so we can't be whining too much here. If you aren't annoyed by ads, Flud is perhaps the best free torrent client choice for you, and even if you are, a dollar for the paid ad-free version is nothing to tear your shirt about.

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