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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Our mission at Xotic PC is not only to ensure top quality assembly and products in any laptop system, but longevity of that system. Today, customers are looking for the newest and most unique customization options to individualize their personal computer, and XOTIC PC has the answer.
This is my first purchase from Xoticpc, and I'm very satisfied with the laptop itself, and their customer service. We want you to have the satisfaction of knowing that you will get many years out of your new computer purchase.. Sager Notebook's NP9870 is the best gaming notebook for the money featuring the new DUAL NVIDIA GTX 980M!
We offer more customization options and services than any other computer company on the market today.
Everything from custom lighting and custom printed personalized graphics, to custom painting and airbrushing on site within our new facility.  Click here to start your customization today! I had to turn down some of the settings in Assassins Creed Syndicate, but it still looks amazing! During gaming, the GPU and CPU both stay at around 65 C because of the dual cooling fans, the special cooling paste, and the extra copper cooling upgrade.

The keyboard cover is great and I leave it on pretty much all the time unless I’m typing a paper.
The cold-to-the-touch feeling it has when you first place your palms on the metal frame makes it feel so premium. I know this isn't entirely to blame on Xoticpc as there are some problems in the middle with stock issues, and compatibility issues. This is all thanks to the 128 GB Samsung SM951 M.2 PCIE NVME drive my very knowledgeable representative advised me to upgrade to . I have already looked into upgrading to a higher storage capacity because this drive is amazing!
This machine is very easy to upgrade as far as any of the storage components are concerned. Any 2.5” drive can fit into the now mechanical drive space if I ever need to upgrade and that also goes for the M.2 slot as well as the RAM! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to game and have speedy, snappy load times in any program.

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