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Om Nom candy flick is a brand new, little augmented reality app for kids, which you can purchase for your iPad and iPhone on the App Store for free.
Augmented reality apps are really in vogue and for the year 2013, a lot more app developers will probably publish AR-games and amongst all of these games, there will certainly be a lot of kids apps too. That’s why we shouldn’t be surprised as to why “Om nom candy flick” is only a small but really nice mini-game. The whole thrill of this game is to feed the goregeous little monster from a certain distance. We take AR-apps for kids as for what they are, a small taste of futuristic technology which we can expect to happen in the future. When you don't have anyone to play with in the flesh, nothing beats a round of competitive online Scrabble. Games to AvoidBananagrams is an awesome warmup game for Scrabble, but the application for Apple devices is in need of some serious updates. Yes, Wordsmith is a great alternative to Scrabble, just like Words with Friends and Wordfeud. Hey Justin, Have you any thoughts on the various cheat apps out there like Cheats & Words? I think "cheating" apps can be helpful for bettering someone's vocabulary and understanding of word placement, but that's about it. Try What it Takes, a words and number game for iPad that blends the best of Scrabble and Countdown, a hugely popular TV game show.What it Takes is an exciting word and number game, where players compete in different 1 minute rounds to determine who the winner is. If you guys like a word game that plays a bit faster, you might like Word Drift Puzzle for Android. Clamor is a really fun new word game for iOS, if you're looking for a game that takes the best parts of Bananagrams, but adds some cool features, and much better gameplay.
The game was developed by the makers of “cut the rope”, one of the most popular casual games, who may want to drum up the business a little, but also want to proof to us, that they really know the ropes of producing good augmented reality apps. AR-games however, still seem a little too exotic for some, which is why you cannot calculate with high sales figures at the moment. We are big augmented reality fans, which is why we just got to introduce you to this cute kids app.

The hungry little monster wants to be fed with some candy, which you need to  flick into his mouth. Also the technical disturbing factor “broken connection” can be really annoying and frustrating for kids. Om nom candy flick is not the unrestrictedly recommendable kids app, but it certainly is a recommendable AR-app for kids. If you're constantly on the move, the Scrabble app developed by Electronic Arts (EA) for Android and iOS mobile devices is probably your favorite way to play. Twenty letters are stacked in a pyramid shape, and you have to rearrange the letter tiles as fast as you can to spell out five legit words of various sizes (2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 letters long).
It's an interesting way to play, since you can't really plan out your next move based on points, because your score will always change when the bonus squares shift. This game is like a word search, where words are not just horizontal, vertical and diagonal, they're squares and rectangles and zee-shaped.
It's definitely not as challenging or stressful as any of the above word games, but it's just as fun.
There's a lot wrong with the app (which I won't go into), so until you start seeing some five-star reviews in the iTunes App Store, I'd stay away. These types of apps should only be used when playing a computer (single-player) game or when the opponent is fully aware that you are using them. Players have the opportunity to earn huge points by forming words, reaching numerical targets, and solving 7 letter anagrams.Free and paid versions available for iOS.
This is why most iPad and iPhone Augmented reality apps are offered for free, mostly to serve the purpose of a PR-campaign, which you’ll also notice by the size of the apps. As with all AR-games, you should always start the game closer to the AR-marker and then slowly move further away, without loosing visual contact to the AR-marker. Also the fact that on Candy flick, regular advertisements from the same app developers, for their other apps are shown – a pure no go! The actual Scrabble app is great for keeping track of your games and scores, but compared to Words with Friends, it's slow, clunky and even ugly.
As long as you can connect one letter to the other, it's legit (you just can't use the same letter twice in the same word).

Just find the words, much like in Boggle, WordTwist, and Dropwords, only this time they are only horizontal, vertical and diagonal, just like those word search puzzle books you would get at the bookstore or grocery store. Other games I would avoid are Word Scramble Challenge Edition, Words, Word Scramble, and anything that has a rating of 3 stars or less in the Android Market or iTunes App Store. This game offers a completely fresh breeze in the domain, where instead of falling figures, you will now have to worry about falling Scrabble tiles. The score is shown at the top of the screen after every shot and can also be a helpful indicator of which distances are possible. Nevertheless, the games still majorly attract us and the kids with it’s augmented reality and amazes us and our visitors, who never heard of these kind of games and their possibilities before.
Instead of just working with one rack of letters, you're working with five, and you have to strategically reorder them to spell words on each rung—in under five minutes! But like I said, these tools can be highly educational for learning new words and understanding the board layout better.
The aim is to arrange them into correct English words, but quickly, as you cannot let the tiles pile up to the top! It's for Android (free and pro versions) and iOS (free and pro versions), and yes, they can play together. The further away you are, the harder it gets to keep a good visual contact to the AR-marker. I'd say something like "Cheats & Words" would be more of a "cheating" app, compared to an "skills builder" app, as the name implies, because it's geared towards Words with Friends. Whenever a correct word is entered, the according tiles disappear, giving you a few moments to breathe before you go on to your next word hunt! You can't play a computer game in that app (though you can play one against yourself with "Pass and Play" mode), so more than likely you'll be playing against unsuspecting friends or random players.

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