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You don’t need to be a marketer to benefit from one of the best marketing blogs around. More and more entrepreneurs are managing their own websites, which means they need to stay on top of metrics.
When you run a business, it’s important to foster relationships with peers, colleagues, and partners, which is why keeping up with business news is crucial. You might go to Reddit to distract yourself, but it’s actually an incredibly useful website if you can avoid the time-suck spots.
Known as the go-to resource for the best Inbound Marketing strategies and tactics, their library of content around blog posts, webinars, eBooks, white papers and guides are a must-have for all entrepreneurs.
When you run digital marketing campaigns, you have to make sure they’re optimized for conversions and lead generation. A community-centric site focused on generating high-quality content that marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs should leverage to expand business growth.
Similar to HubSpot, Marketo does a great job of laying out extensive eBooks, webinars, blog posts, guides and white papers for entrepreneurs to leverage for their Inbound Marketing efforts. Are you among the 88% of B2B marketers using content marketing as part of your marketing strategy? If so, you may have already tasted success. 62% of small businesses plan on investing 4% or more of their revenue into local marketing initiatives. Ever wonder why you can’t seem to turn website visitors who download your content pieces (e.g. One of the main reasons why you invest your time and money into marketing is to get more sales, right?
As the name suggests, marketing enriched content is what most web marketers engage in by promoting the products and services of their site directly to the target audience. This post would highlight the key features and benefits of the top 10 content marketing tools which are used for content promotion and audience tracking in order to provide an overall understanding about its usage and benefits to a potential online marketer. We will review here these 10 of the best Business content marketing free and premium tools. The buffer app website basically gives the ability for content marketers to manage the posts which they share on their social media accounts by scheduling the most suitable time for it to be published automatically so that they do not have to manually publish it during those peak hours. This is highly recommendable to larger businesses which need to manage several social media accounts and schedule posts, manage analytics and determine user engagement by comparing metrics across several channels simultaneously. This implies that marketers and content creators could make use of the website's easy to use drag and drop interface and make new content based on existing viral feeds. Feedly provides a platform to stay in touch with this information on any device, mobile or desktop so that one could immediately post a relevant content on their official blog or site to their audience. This is an ideal platform to obtain social sharing as well, therefore marketers could use this tool to post content which they not only need to be marketed but also needs to get brand exposure as well. Brands who use YouTube as part of their online marketing efforts could also gauge important metrics about visitor engagement, view count, demographics, gender ratio as well as other analytics by making use of the YouTube Analytics platform. This is available to every YouTube Channel which has uploaded at least one video and would give a detailed insight about its progress.
This tool is highly beneficial for two main purposes of keyword research which is for SEO and for online advertising campaigns. In that case of planning an online advertising campaign the results delivered from this tool is accurate because its based on actual data from Google itself. This social media management tool is also a valuable resource for considerably large brands and organizations to make use of because of its security, analytics, engagement, metrics and apps. As it provides all the main areas which need to be considered when managing a particular social media profile, users have the opportunity to gauge the success of the online marketing campaign at a glance without much effort.
The above list of web promotion and submission tools is only a dip in the ocean as there are several hundreds of valuable tools which could be used to carry out a successful content marketing campaign. Although some of the above are not free tools, the benefits which one could obtain by upgrading the account would show immediate results to content marketers and digital media specialists within a considerably short time. Beta 5 Chocolates in Vancouver BC is running a simplified version of the Egg Hunt on social media this year. We work on a mix of online marketing projects for publishers, educators, cultural and mid-size organizations.

Vancouver internet marketing strategists with an expertise in online marketing for digital publishing. When starting a website redesign, my winery clients often ask me to show them some examples of great winery websites.
Use of Large, Full Screen Media: Images and video should not be restrained to small little thumbnails. Large-Screen-Friendly: Older websites are often restrained to a certain pixel width (usually 800-1000 pixels), which makes them look blocky and small on large screens. I admit that I have not viewed all of the world’s tens of thousands of winery websites, but I did look far and wide for some winery website designs that really stand out. Beyond ease-of-use, Lightfoot & Wolfville used a variety of creative media like audio snippets and full page galleries to make an immersive, visually stunning experience.
Terroir Nerds, Rejoice! The website of Rhys Vineyards puts all the emphasis on the vineyards, complete with interactive charts on climate conditions and galleries of soil samples. Stoller’s website is chock-full of beautiful fullscreen pictures from their estate vineyard and winery. Simple, fullscreen imagery throughout the site makes for a beautiful, uncluttered aesthetic.
This website achieves Best Website status because it is an early adopter of fullscreen video backgrounds. About Vinbound MarketingBased in Carlton, Oregon, Vinbound Marketing provides wineries with website design, digital marketing, and photography services.
WINERY MARKETING NEWSOur newsletter is full of advice on how to take your winery's digital marketing to the next level. You should definitely use these Canada based business directories if you want to get local visitors for the success of your online marketing and advertising campaigns. Most of the directory websites explained here cover all the modern features of today's local directories +citation websites.
Gone are the days when computers and the internet would make us feel like old Jurassic fossils. This is another great option to submit your business website to high end content marketing platforms. When it comes to choosing and starting an online store, you should take many factors into consideration. With tablets, smartphones, ipads & many other devices that come with writing tools with superior word processing capabilities, things have changed. Writers have become more productive than ever with these mobile apps to make their task easier.
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Get tidbits of advice that apply to entrepreneurs and startups (and not just in the marketing realm). However, signing up for Entrepreneur’s notifications or getting the app can help you stay up to date on the latest strategies and news affecting entrepreneurs. Plus, learn about the early days of startups, get notified of changes to your industry, and find out how cataloging rounds work. It’s the hub of MBAs from the Ivy League and features regular updates focused on entrepreneurs.
This site helps you go above and beyond Google Analytics, complete with a two-week free trial.
Head over to the startup section to find truly helpful advice from those who have been there.

Unbounce does a phenomenal job of outlining best practices especially around CRO (conversion rate optimization) to help you gain massive results. Rather content could be broadly divided into two main groups as, viral content and marketing enriched content. The data collected from YouTube analytics should be evaluated with other metrics to determine the success rate of a particular campaign. However when using this tool for SEO purposes, marketers should not rely solely on its results because it is more inclined towards providing results for online advertising rather than organic search. What I like about the Beta5 Chocolates campaign is that the Easter eggs are hidden near their retail location, which in itself can be hard to find. Go to Applications, click on the TextEdit icon then click the spacebar to zoom in on the icon.
A few years ago many businesses responded to this need by creating a separate mobile website to display on smaller devices.
The same code structure that makes websites mobile-friendly can also make them large-screen friendly, meaning the entire browser window is filled with the website.
Rather than split information out onto separate pages, everything is contained on one page and accessed by scrolling down. This more technical and scientific approach is a breath of fresh air and a fantastic resource to utilize while drinking Rhys wines. Bonus points are given for the use of Tumblr as the blog, which makes browsing through the various blog posts a breeze.
The site is designed on the excellent Squarespace Content Management System, which is our recommended platform for small wineries. Viewers on desktop devices are greeted to a video of Rajat Parr opening a bottle of Domaine de la Cote, followed by well-shot scenes from a dinner party. Very few wineries use video backgrounds currently, but that is quickly changing (it’s only recently become a design option thanks to HTML5 and increasing bandwidth). That's why we decided to make a separate list of Local SEO directories for Canadian people . Free online advertising websites in Canada The websites described here offer great opportunity to anyone intending to optimize their business or products as per the local markets. Like, PDF document Sharing sites, FPR sites are considered as a must use online marketing places for any business today.
Eggs were hidden across the city and people were encouraged to hunt for them to win various prizes.
Now we have an even better option, which is one website with fluid design elements that reshape to fit any size screen.
Soter does everything right with their website, starting with a wide range of fullscreen images to visually tell the story of their vineyards and winery.
But, later on once your website reaches at a stable stage, you need some online means to get consistent web traffic for your site. And the chances of it going down are very slim or even none but the downside part of this hosted version is that you have to remit a monthly fee, which is sometimes high. All new websites must be mobile-friendly, especially given Google’s announcement that businesses without mobile-optimized sites will be penalized in search results beginning April 2015.
The built-in Squarespace ecommerce is very easy to use (both as consumer and admin), and the site looks great on mobile devices. The online store is particularly impressive, with beautiful bottle shots on a minimalist and uncluttered interface.
We also offer a digital marketing retainer for ongoing management of your winery’s online marketing.
You leave feeling inspired to give them a visit, which is exactly what a winery website should do.

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