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A few of you have written to me asking about feeding both cats and dogs in the same household. Use a pet crate that’s large enough for your cat to eat in comfortably, but small enough to keep your dog out; if necessary narrow down the crate door using study cardboard.
Do unsupervised scheduled feedings, but put each dog in its’ own room with the door closed.
We are lucky in our home as the cats have their own room where we keep the litter, food and other kitty items.
Isn’t there something about taurine and cats that dogs should not eat their food, too?
We have two dogs, and one is heavier than the other, so we feed them at separate times in different rooms.
The recent Calprotectin Regional User Group meetings, organised by Alpha Laboratories, generated lively and informative discussions between new, experienced and some potential calprotectin assay users. The round table open discussions included a range of topics relating to calprotectin testing. Jane French talked about the variation in UK NEQAS results, while Dr Roseth brought a valuable patient perspective to the discussion. About CalprotectinFaecal Calprotectin is a new biomarker which is helping to save money for the NHS by preventing unnecessary procedures on patients by screening out patients with IBS who do not require endoscopies. The symptoms of functional disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and organic inflammatory intestinal disease (IBD) can be very similar in presentation but are two very different medical conditions. We know from looking at the development path of sectors in the economy that many exhibit an ‘S-curve’ pattern. We believe traditional rental industries are being disrupted by the sharing economy as established industries mature and are displaced by a new “Sharing S-curve”. We compared the revenue potential in five new ‘sharing economy’ sectors (peer-to-peer finance, online staffing, peer-to-peer accommodation, car sharing and music and video streaming) with the potential in five traditional ‘rental’ sectors (equipment rental, B&B and hostels, car rental, book rental and DVD rental). We used the resulting S-curve and model as a base for our expectations of the future growth for each sector.

Today, we estimate that the five main sharing economy sectors generate $15bn in global revenues, making up just 5% of total revenue generated by the ten sectors we looked at. However, by 2025, these same five sharing economy sectors could generate over half of overall sales in the ten sectors – a potential revenue opportunity worth $335bn. Over that period, sharing economy sectors are likely to grow much quicker than the rate of traditional rental sectors. However, for the sharing economy companies to realise their potential, they will need to overcome significant barriers.
Due to a lack of long-term historic data, we’ve used a number of assumptions to develop our projections, which are therefore subject to considerable uncertainties.
It was a fascinating exercise to go through, given what we do, and it was interesting to think through how one’s perception of a company changes over time. I’m obviously on some kind of list, because more recently I was called by a similar company wanting to know what I made of high street banks (more on that odd experience another time). In both cases, the agency wanted me to compare different companies in the same industry, and it is certainly true to say that what tarnishes one company’s reputation can also affect its competitors – it makes sense to consider reputation by sector. This year’s Reputation in Oil, Gas and Mining conference will be the fourth, and, building on previous successes, Communicate have expanded it to a two-day conference – 11-12 June, 2014, in London.
There will be workshops, and, as before, an interactive session in which a lawyer, a journalist, a reputation advisor, and activist, a comms head and a senior PR counsel play themselves as a (fictional) crisis takes place – always a fascinating session. Speakers include lawyers, lecturers, CEOs, several corporate comms, brand and digital executives. Over 40 participants attended across the three meetings held in London, Birmingham and Manchester, travelling from as far afield as Truro and Glasgow.
These covered extraction techniques, sample stability, cut-off, Quality Control and the current NICE guidance. He also talked about the future of calprotectin testing and Buhlmann’s continued commitment to product development. Customer feedback regarding the meetings has been extremely positive, with particular comments on how valuable it was to get other users’ perspectives on testing and to hear about the practices in different labs.

Initial low and volatile volumes make way for a breakthrough company to accelerate growth before a market saturates.  At this point, old sectors mature and decline – replaced by the next overlapping innovation.
The least developed sectors today, such as P2P finance and online staffing, could grow the quickest of all.
We recommend looking at a range of scenarios and viewing the overall total figures as more reliable than individual industry results. What about those of you who don’t want your cats on counters or tabletops?  Has your cat ever tasted the dog food? Cat #2 eats wherever he darn well pleases, which is as close to the kitchen counter where I prep everything as possible.
The majority of attendees had already set up their service, but some are just about to introduce calprotectin assays and so were keen to hear about the experiences of their peers.
He demonstrated some exciting new and novel stool extraction devices that generated a lot of interest in the meetings- coming soon! For people in the process of setting up a service, it was seen as a great opportunity to benefit and learn from the experiences of those who had been testing for some time. Cat #3 eats up on top of the large plastic container where we keep the dry food bag (one of those giant Tupperware-type containers), and we often have to keep cat #2 from going over and eating cat #3’s food, though only at night, when they get their wet food. They end up just licking it for a second and then the big pittie comes over and sneaks her nose in and snatches it up. If someone leaves behind some dry food, the others might eat at it but we’ve been very successful at controlling their food intake this way.

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