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From emails to solicitations, many business depend on the day of the week for the probability of customer responses, and content is not different in this fact. Articles that are marketed as “best of” or “top 50” are usually more shared than any other article.
All of your content articles should include at least one picture, as this not only grabs the audience’s attention, but it also makes your article easier to digest.
While articles sometimes warrant sad or depressing topics, if you are looking for viral content, you should avoid such topics.
MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer. You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. Every internet savvy person knows the potential of 'going viral' with content spread via social media. The infographic shares some examples of successful viral case studies and others which have flopped, along with their 'recipe for success'.
Each year there are new viral campaigns on social media and on the web and each year there are new things to learn.
Keep in mind as well that viral campaigns don’t always have to be on Facebook, where they seem to pop up most often. As you can see, this campaign was centered on giving women the choice to walk through a door that says “average” or a door that says “beautiful.” It’s an interesting campaign because it concludes with all women wishing they had said beautiful like some of their peers.
What makes this campaign so great is the fact that is appeals to the emotions of their target audience.
The idea behind this campaign is to bring awareness to the animal populations at risk of going extinct around the world. Even if you didn’t think of that when you saw the campaign, the press let us know this reasoning which helped bring another layer to the campaign entirely. When young girls were asked the same question, the young girls ran with power and excitement.
Although it originally aired at the Superbowl, the campaign continued to trend on various social accounts, large part through the #LikeAGirl hashtag. The content makes us agree with the message while scratching our heads wondering why we never thought about it that way before.
As a side note, Always continued to keep the campaign going by creating more, similar videos, which I highly recommend checking out on their page here. This was a campaign that I heard about from someone who attended the SXSW festival back in March, and it quickly became viral and was shared on multiple social platforms. HigherVisibility is part of the Small Business Trends Publisher Channel, offering a full range of professional interactive marketing services.
In my opinion and according to my experience, there are some marketers and people who are very talented in producing videos that have the potential to go viral and it is better if you’re promoting any services and products to pay and use their services!
At the end of this post you will learn, what is video marketing, why video marketing is best, why you should think about video marketing and what are the types of videos which you can use to promote your products and services?
Everyone is running in the rat race of engaging content creation. Businesses are spending most of their time and money on content creation and marketing and their strategies are based on search engine optimized articles or seo-friendly articles. Quality articles are helpful for search engine visibility and lead generation but most of the businesses are not considering video marketing which is best and which is going to rule the future.
Video Marketing is process of communicating with your prospects and customers via series of moving images. Human absorbs visual content easily and most of the people come into visual learners’ category and to engage your audience, your content should be visual in the form of videos, infographics, images et cetera. If you search “How to tie a tie”, in search result you get two options, a video and an article, which you are going to click on? Most of the How-to search queries are ruled by videos and the amount of How-to queries is enormous. Internet users have very short attention span and very few people read on internet; most of the internet users scan on World Wide Web. Youtube video thumbnails get listed on Google image search, which means a chance to get noticed and ranked in image search. There are number of reasons how Youtube helps to improve your search engine ranking and why your business should have a Youtube channel.
Videos not only make you stand apart from other search results but it helps to increase your click through rate. Videos are like your CTAs (Call to Action) on fire because you can literally show people how to get subscribed or how to buy your product or anything you want your audience should do after watching your video. We have grown up and have been listing, reading and watching stories and that’s why we are habitual to get connected with stories.
Movies are engaging and that’s why we could connect with the characters and get involved in the stories. I won’t say video marketing is future because we could see it NOW and it is happening around us.
When it comes to digital marketing, video marketing is emerging and very few big companies are involved in video marketing but in future it will happen on large scale and small and medium size businesses will adopt it. As I said before there are many types of videos but there whiteboard videos and explainer videos are mostly being used on landing pages. Explainer videos are short marketing videos used to explain your company’s product and service. Whiteboard videos are hand drawn motion graphics which pass on the information through hand  drawn characters, objects and graphics. Pick out a pre-made commercial template from the dozens we offer in a variety of niches and topics, with many more on the way.
Your High Definition video will be ready for you to share on Social Media, upload on YouTube or Vimeo, or post to your site or blog. Videos are enjoyed by all age groups toddlers, kids, teens and old people they all enjoy videos.

BTW, I have the skills to create explainer videos, whiteboard animation, etc and I partened with a Fiverr seller. Whether the content is the sharing of a video or web article, they pride themselves on offering useful information.
In fact, the day of the week is very important when publishing your content, as it could be the difference between a hundred shares, and thousands of shares. Make sure these lists are short though, no longer than 10, as the longer the list the shorter the shares. Pictures make articles more interesting and easier to comprehend, and they can make nice visual aids, which can tremendously increase the chances of the article going viral. Instead, focus on the happiness in the world by talking about happy topics or cute animals. Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies. It’s about resonating your content so that it becomes popular, is shared and showcases your brand's reputation to improve your chances of your content being prominent, and engages with the right audience.
It's a resource guide for students, looking  to follow a career in marketing and provides articles and graphics related to the latest development in the field of marketing. By analyzing some of the top marketing plans (or accidents) you can start to understand what works with audiences and how audiences change year after year.
Companies are getting creative with different mediums, so it’s important to explore those as well.
It is relatable and it makes you think, “what door would I have chosen?” What’s cool is that then after asking these questions you start to think about the importance of real beauty (and what do you know, that’s Dove’s tagline).
WWF knew that they have a global audience and they needed to reach that audience, and snapchat was the perfect place to do that.
It catches your attention because of the vibrant images, the relatable (and sad) taglines, and the way that they manage to mesh something as meanlingless as selfies next to animals that need our help.
The video shows the limiting way that so many people think of girls and women without even realizing it. The content of the campaign is perfect here because it makes you think about an issue in a completely different way by showing different age groups of women so we can see where things start to go wrong. To no one’s surprise, #LikeAGirl started trending on Twitter, was retweeted by several celebrities, and before you knew it – the video was viewed more than 85 million times, 30 million of those the first week it was released.
This campaign allowed people to customize a car right on Instagram from everything down to color, rims, windows, and more. They gave the audience an outlet to be creative without having to actually leave the outlet they were already using (Instagram).
At the festival, there was a woman named Avo on the Tinder dating app that was speaking very similarly to the woman in the movie Ex Machina. Movies already have their way of getting a lot of publicity so you may not feel this can relate to your business, but what they did was create a viral campaign that simply used the movie, not to advertise it per se. The mission of HigherVisibility is to provide clients “Valuable Solutions with Visible Results.” HigherVisibility works with companies of all sizes, offering advice on topics ranging from keyword research to algorithm updates.
It’s a bit sad to see that women cannot even get themselves to enter the beautiful door. I have observed that what the average marketer thinks would go viral in social media, especially Youtube is not what do! As a bonus I would like to share one of my favorite video “how to create your first video using Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation or Keynote For FREE.
It makes you laugh and cry and these emotions works as binding between a viewer and a business. Obviously video, now think about one of your audience who searches about your services and they see a video of your competitor, who is going to win you or your competitor? People watch how to do stuff because the instructions are visually clear and concise and it’s easy to watch and follow a video compared to reading an article. If you are still reading this article I am thankful to you and kudos for you because you are an avid reader and learner.
Why we need any evidence for that, ask yourself how many articles you have read and how many videos you have watched and what you have enjoyed most. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, the value of one minute of video is 1.8 Million Words. You should not be amazed, if television vanishes from the Earth in few years, Youtube is future of television. Youtube is not only a free marketing resource it’s an earning opportunity for many Youtubbers. Video snippets are attractive and cut the SERP clutter and help your audience to make choices. The best examples of it could be an iPhone review and software how-to videos where we could see the actual product in action.
Our television is the biggest example of video marketing but it is ruled by big companies like Namecheap, Coca-Cola etc.
Screencasting videos are also being produced but these videos are mostly how-to tutorial videos and presentation videos. These videos are used on landing pages and home pages to convey about the business shortly and effectively through storytelling and motion graphics. Open our cloud-based editor, change a few lines of text, and publish your video in less than 90 seconds! Videos don’t have barriers like language, a non-English laughs on American prank videos.
Big companies have been using video marketing from many years but nowadays small and medium scale businesses and bloggers are using video marketing to reach out to their audience.
With amazing note here is my Youtube Channel where you could subscribe for various types of informative yet fun videos to stay updated with latest ways to, how-to videos.
It seems like you spent 1 and a half month in digging all this valuable information on the web.

It depends on us how we extract most of the juice and how creative and knowledgeable we are. If you are wondering why your content is not as popular as it should be, or are just curious on how to make your web content go viral, here are four methods to ensure its success as outlined in the above infographic. You will find the best day of the week to be Tuesday, where Monday is the second best day, so both days are usually good for content publications. Make your lists short and sweet, and if you pick a pop culture topic you are more likely to find a wealth of shares. Chances are if you list the cutest dog breeds or talk about tremendous comebacks in sports, these articles will be shared more often. Going viral can be tough but some of the elements that helped these viral campaigns can still potentially help give yours that extra boost you’ve been looking as we gear up for a New Year. Therefore, below shows some of the best viral campaigns we saw in 2015 on several different social media platforms that aren’t Facebook. It got away from advertising the product and advertised something that relates to everyone. They also use a hashtag to help get the campaign going, which helped bring the campaign from Snapchat to other social networks. According to women, they tend to lose confidence around puberty, which coincides perfectly with the feminine product and really makes us all think: Why? As a small business, you can do something similar if you’re able to use your products to get people to relate and spark interest. Most of the time it is a silly video about a pet, street fight, shooting, beating, usually something funny or negative. Twitter remains active, but Facebook has disappeared as a connected account option:My gut reaction is that YouTube is the owner of this move, likely pulling the feature partly to improve it and as a bit of a jab to Facebook. These videos can be How-To tutorials, Whiteboard Videos, Screencasting Videos, Cute Videos and emotional videos which make them aware about your products and services. Marketing is no more about sales pitches and reaching to your audience, it’s about how effectively you are able to pass on your message and how you connect with your audience. Now think about it, how much time you need to write 1.8 million words article, let me know your answer in the comments (Please!
Social media is important factor in virality, visual content always has potential to go viral. You can start your Youtube marketing with your Youtube intro and create your youtube videos of computer screen and with pictures and music. I couldn’t believe we can create such an awesome intro in the Powerpoint presentation, with simple tweaks they created an intro for Youtube channel.
Success stories are usually among the most highest of shared articles, so look to inspire your readers, instead of depressing them.
Whether you think you’re beautiful or not, you fit into one category which makes this ad relevant. The actresses and actors think they’re trying to audition for something, and get a rude awakening. It’s likely that their younger audience told others about the car they created, which got others to want to get involved. Tinder may be a tough one, but do something cool at an event and create a hashtag for the same outcome. But it is really sad to see people, especially kids, THINK ABOUT IT and then go through the average door. And what is bad about this is that those who view these video clips are not usually buyers of products or services! Youtube and video promotion of products and services are very effective but those videos must go viral to attract millions of viewers in order to generate sales.
It’ll be interesting to see whether or not the loss of this feature impacts Facebook’s traffic at all.I’m sure we’ll see a new and improved version of connected accounts in the coming months, maybe even a version that finally includes sharing to fan pages on Facebook, something that YouTubers have been asking to have for years. But you have very good ideas which I would try and if they work, I shall be back to give you a feed back and recommend it. I could be wrong, but I don’t find it very likely that this change was prompted by Facebook, especially when YouTube shares on the site have been on the decline lately. The potential to use video promotion to make any business succeed is very huuuuuge and limitless! But if you hadn’t checked your connected accounts lately and it WAS working, you’ll now need to post to Facebook manually.
Maybe you are already using IFTTT, HootSuite, Buffer or another social media management tool, but if not it’s time to give them some serious consideration. But for account managers, having to manually complete that process for dozens of accounts may make them second guess their processes.Should Creators Upload Video to Facebook Natively or Share?The long-term implications have yet to be seen, but any channel that was relying heavily on auto-shares to Facebook could see a hit in the short-term if they stop posting YouTube links to Facebook or if they use this change as an opportunity to test out posting videos to Facebook natively. In either case, views, watch time and audience engagement on YouTube may suffer and could lead to a bit of a domino effect that lowers their channel or videos in search rankings. If you were posting to Facebook before, ensure you are still tapping into that audience some way.YouTube Viewers can Still Share Videos to FacebookThe good news is that this change doesn’t really impact viewers.
The share button is still alive and well for Facebook when sharing a video from its landing page. Unless your viewers have been trained to find your content primarily via Facebook, this change will probably go unnoticed by them.
It’s almost like Facebook has been letting Google spend their time and money to learn the business of online video and now that they have it down to a science, Facebook is getting into the game themselves without having to spend a dime to get there.

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