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Both PowerPoint and Visio have long been the tools HR Managers have been forced to use to create org charts.
Just because PowerPoint and Visio can create org charts, does not mean they’re the best way to create and manage your organisational structure. With software such as OrgPlus, which is specifically designed for HR professionals and employee data in mind, you can now easily create, manage and communicate boardroom-quality charts—all with hierarchy-based analytics, flexible formatting, professional templates, and simple publishing options that make workforce decision-making a snap.

In a side-by-side comparison of creating a boardroom quality org chart of 100 employees in OrgPlus vs.
Whenever you need to demonstrate data and hierarchy in more visually appealing way, pyramid is a way to go.It has 6 different native PPT pyramids. Easy to do that as well.This stunning PowerPoint Pyramid theme will be a valuable tool for teaching or learning!

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