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A mere decade ago, Blockbuster was the go-to brand name when it came to video and DVD rental. I occasionally pick up a disc at a redbox or blockbuster kiosk when its available before netflix.
BB by mail has better availability but FAR, FAR slower shipping both ways so its not feasable for me and never was except early on when it would allow you to report missing or returned DVDs and get new ones shipped out right away. While I don't mind the 28-day waiting period, I have a sneaking feeling that Netflix is buying fewer new releases. That said- I did give Block Buster a try around Christmas time because they offered a lot of the cheesy made for tv Christmas specials that Netflix didn't. I love the value of Netflix, my only grip is I have to line up the returns to get a new release shipped on Monday, or I wait and wait and wait and wait.
As well, I tried BB and while I could get a new release no problem, the sending and returning times averaged 3-4 days each way. Honestly, my BBonline account when used in conjunction with the stores has become more value-added & accessible to me over the recent years.
I wouldn't mind the 28-day window so much if I could regulary get new releases without them being on long-wait for weeks after that. The most convenient situation I've found is to use the Blockbuster Express machines that NCR owns.

Blockbuster is faster at sending movies than Netflix because when the post office scans the movie you send back, they already send out the next one in your queue before they even receive it, Netflix sends it only after they receive it. Still, I almost never wait for movies to come via mail, I just watch movies, drive 5 min to local blockbuster and trade them in for 3 other movies, then while I am still watching the 3 local rented movies, my next ones already come in the mail and the cycle repeated.
I switched to Netflix for the streaming, if I was DVD by mail only I would have stayed with Blockbuster Total Access myself. I've never been bothered by the 28 day wait, however I tend to keep my movies a little longer than most.
It is a hassle sometimes, but using the streaming to supplement my DVD by mail, I'm not missing anything for me. At its height, in 2004, the chain had 9,000 stores, and but the advent of rent-by-mail and streaming services like Netflix rapidly ate away at the company's market share.
There was a time when renting a movie wasn't something that one did out of habit, but an endeavor. Now that she's finally learned to drive, she's trying to master the other skills she missed out on by growing up in New York City: swimming, shooting, and horseback riding. But I STILL have long & very long waits on the stuff at the top so clearly NF is not spending on buying enough discs.
In 2010, a month before Blockbuster's 25th anniversary, the company filed for bankruptcy, at which point most of us assumed it had gone out of business.

There was a ritual to heading down to the store, and indecisively browsing aisle after aisle of major studio run-off with glazed eyes. However I never rush to buy movies as studios like to release a plain version then a special edition anyways.
Besides, I can barely get through the 6 movies I have at home right now in time for a hot new release. There was the challenge of communicating with angsty and barely verbal teenage employees, and the excitement of racing against the clock to return your rented wares just before the store closed. While its great NF is adding new members, they need to increase their number of DVD to member ratio. Anything shipped from Netflix that weekend probably had an extra day or two in there as well. Where else, back then, could you buy family-sized boxes of movie candy that you had every intent of eating alone in your room?

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