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It goes without saying that shoulder movement is key, but what most people don’t know is that shoulders often lack the outer 25 to 30 degrees of motion that would make a big difference for swim success and safety. Flutter kick needs decent mobility of the structures on the front and back of the hip joint. Being at home in the water is a significant barrier to experienced endurance athletes moving over into the world of the triathlon beginner.
It should be said that comfort with the water is equal parts technique, physique, and psychology. Consider a gymnast learning dangerous skills on high flying apparatus, if their coach were to advance them too quickly and let them fall too hard or too often, what would happen to the athletes level of trust and security?
That should give you some ideas for dealing with the psychology of being comfortable in the water.
If you can’t generate power, you cannot swim, bike, or run with efficient and proper technique.
So get your triathlon beginner butt over to Total Outcomes Physio Surrey site  and read more about posture in the coming weeks! You see, if weak thoughts can make our body weak and tired, then is it also possible that a body that is weak and tired from exertion and physical strain, can make our thoughts weak? The warning is this, in states of exhaustion, we can ALL become cowards and start looking for the way out, so we better expect it, and make ourselves ready for it.
The heart of a lion formula is this, if we can face our cowardice and push through, we can become truly tough. As a triathlon beginner, we will be facing our limitations every day in training, and sometimes we might ask ourselves why we do it. So you remember the post on triathlon mental toughness and dissecting a champion triathletes brain? Both modern scientists and ancient warriors have agreed that personal toughness, or resilience is closly linked to physical conditioning. This will carry you right up until the point where you are ready to achieve the very goal that you dream of. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but the truth is, this can be devastating. Give yourself permission to be as good as your role models, and give your role models permission to be as human as you are.
Someday I’ll share with you my choking experience, and if you want, feel free to make a comment on yours. Here’s my advice, if you are just starting out, find a place in the back of the pack and ideally towards the outside of the first turn to start your race from.
Your going to want to stay on your feet for as long as you can as the water gets deeper, then transition to swimming efficiently once the water is deep enough. I would recommend that you learn to breath on both sides when you swim so that you have options if there are waves or splashing racers to one side of you. I know, I know, how can I sit here miles away from you, without ever having assessed your injury and tell you that there is a solution for you? How easy for the clinician to give you 16 reasons for why you’ll never run again, but how hard is that for you to live with? Firstly, it is vital that you have some competance with a resting stroke (I recommend breaststroke or maybe side stroke), preferably one that allows you the ability to see where you are going and who you might run into (or get clobbered by). Studies have shown that the competitors that win marathons are more likely to ignore their bodies protests of pain and discomfort as they push towards their goals. There are three main physical systems integral to triathlon performance, which I want you to consider as you apply the law of specificity of training to your own training. On the other hand if your physiology is comprimised, say if the ability of your muscle tissue to process oxygen is poor, your race will be a depleting grind into certain bonk-dom*(definition of bonk below). Tell me this, what could I possibly have done to that champion athletes (already excellent) Physiology? I look at the other two physical systems involved in his performance, his anatomy and his kinetics.
So I want you to ask yourself, of the three body systems that I’ve mentioned, what is your weak link? Tri Alliance offer a wide range of training options to suit you and your goals as an individual, group, or organisation. Our programs are suitable for beginners in triathlon or fitness, through to the elite athlete and Ironman training and racing. Tri Alliance is associated with a number of events and provides FREE training sessions and Clinics for participants. Tri Alliance offers a wide range of products and services to our Athletes and the general public. All products are shipped form TAHQ in Melbourne and can take between 5-7 working days. A great start to the New Year with numbers at sessions peaking for the season, and a great vibe among athletes as we embark on some big races coming up. Race 3 of the Gatorade Season kicks off this weekend as we kick right into the middle of the Short Course racing season. Have you entered? If not, late entry fee of $10 applies from mid-day Wednesday, and online entries close 5pm Thursday.
We will again be putting on our famous post race BBQ, so make sure you hang around after the race to enjoy a feed.

We will be enjoying post race drinks on Sunday and at the same time fare welling little Meg Takiguchi this weekend as she embarks on a new journey in Perth. If you want your gear before this weekends race – make sure you come down and pick up! Yesterday we communicated our new program and fee structure as part of our last change to our structure. Looking for a pair of race wheels? Grab your hands on a bargain pair of race wheels for your upcoming races.
Tri Alliance welcomes it’s athletes to our next exciting team meeting for the year, which includes the launch of the Tri Alliance Smiddy Fundraising Campaign! Tri Alliance is proud to join the fight against cancer by joining forces with Smiling for Smiddy - a non-profit organisation raising money for Cancer Research. Smiling for Smiddy was set up in memory of Queensland Age Group Triathlete Adam Smiddy who passed away from an aggressive form of Melanoma Cancer in 2006 at just 26 years of age. Smiling for Smiddy encourages participants to raise money on the journey to their next triathlon or multi-sports goal and as an added benefit they help cover your Tri Alliance Coaching Fees! Our highly sort after Swim Stroke Correction Course is back for 2013, with our first program starting THIS Saturday 12 Jan.
After the huge success of our ‘Aid Stations’ at Ironman Melbourne last year, we are again putting a call out for athletes, friends, family who would like to volunteer some of their time to help man a Tri Alliance Aid Station on the Run Course of Ironman Melbourne. We are also in search of two people who would be willing to help us with the organisation of the volunteers.
All you have to do is race and finish in the Sprint, Olympic and Long Course events in the Gatorade Series.
Bicycles Inc is offering a FREE delivery service, where you can drop your bike in for a service at their store during the week and they will personally drop it down on Thursday Night Combo Session. FIT Health Insurance is a new type of health insurance that’s all about encouraging, supporting and rewarding active Australians – just like you! All athletes should have some form of medical insurance so why not look at this fantastic offer FIT insurance is offering for a limited time only! Click here to read more about this fantastic promotion!
We are stocked up with Shotz Sports Nutrition – so make sure you aren’t caught short a gel or left without hydration on your next training ride. Order online today! You MUST attend the ride briefing so you know which group you will be in and where you are riding to. Most athletes who are thinking about doing their first triathlon get intimidated with the thought of having to train for three separate sports. The single greatest tool I can recommend to you to assure that you are training for success is to hire a coach, or at least get a training plan. In addition to coaching and plans, getting involved with a group can be another great way to learn from others.
Getting started on the bike is probably the second most intimidating sport for a new triathlete because of the perceived skill level and equipment needed. When I started running I could barely run more than a half a mile without feeling like I couldn’t go anymore. You will soon find that most of your social media posts and discussions will have something to do with your training or upcoming race and if you surround yourself with other triathletes they will understand your new found passion and support you in your journey. Now that you have set a goal, prepared for it, trained for it and have a great supportive cast, you can go out and crush your goals!
All you have to do is set a goal, learn what it will take to get you there, find others that can help you along the way and then go out and get it done!
Doug Silk is a USAT Level 1 Coach and founder of Vegas Tri-it Triathlon Training Group in Las Vegas, Nevada. With our brand new facilities located in Port Melbourne, our in house testing lab has a wide range of state of the art programs to take your training to the next level. Check out what free clinics and training are on, including: Gatorade & Mini Triathlon Series training, Sussans Womens Fun Run Training, Corporate Triathlon and more! So keep up the consistent training, put in the hard work and the results will show on race day.
Tri Alliance currently has 6 male athletes and 11 females athletes sitting in the top 10 of their age group categories after the first two races click here to view the age group leader board. So make sure you contact us for your special Tri Alliance Discount Code if you have yet to enter.
To gain points for Tri Alliance, you need to ensure that your SuperSprint Profile has Tri Alliance as your Triathlon Club.
With a number of our own athletes touched by loved ones facing the battle against cancer – including Robert Scapins’ beautiful wife Belinda who recently lost that battle, Cancer Research is often in the forefront of our minds. With around 50-60 Tri Alliance athletes competing in Ironman Melbourne, it’s going to be a huge event again for Tri Alliance and so we are looking for your support! All competitors who finish all three races will be  awarded a “ Gatorade Triathlon Triple Crown” t-shirt by 2XU on stage at the Portarlington Long Course presentations. See the guys at Xosize, 282 Centre Rd Bentleigh to get sized up and grab a new wetsuit at a great price! But I have found that when you spend your money on something and have a firm date for an event, it can give you a gentle nudge to get the ball rolling.

First, sign up for an event that will be far enough out that it gives you time to train properly.
But I stuck with the plan and eventually made it a mile, then two miles and eventually a 5k. Surrounding yourself with successful people in the sport will allow you to learn from them, will drive you towards better results and will keep you motivated.
Exert a great deal of force (strength) over a short span of time (speed), and the result is power. So even if you aren’t racing, make sure you get along and enjoy a drink and great company in the sun. SuperSprint has introduced  a new challenge for competitors this season and this could be for you!
As used by 3 x IM World champion Craig Alexander Retul is the most advanced bike fitting system in the industry. When I started my triathlon journey years ago, I was 50 pounds overweight and could barely run half a mile without feeling like I was going to die. What they don’t realize is that getting started is easier than most people realize and way more rewarding. You might be excited to pick an event and want to get it signed up sooner rather than later, but if you don’t give yourself adequate time to train, the race probably will not bring you the joy that it could bring you. People starting out at a new gym, with no idea how to train in lifting weights often hire a personal trainer. I was completely intimidated in the water and dreaded my swim workouts, because in my head it was my weakest event and the one I knew the least about. I started out on a used bike my friend helped me pick out and I just started riding 3 or 4 times a week not knowing if I was going fast or slow.
A close friend of mine always teased me before my first few races because I am very competitive and set some very lofty goals for my first race. He transformed his own life after being grossly overweight to becoming a multiple time Ironman Triathlete and Boston Marathon finisher.
In open water swims, is it possible that the tendency to push through the pain, fatigue and protests from your body could get you in trouble, and that you might not know it until it is too late? But I had determination and heart on my side and once I came up with a plan, the rest, as they say, was history!
Well you are starting three new sports and the best way to set yourself up for success is to hire a knowledgeable triathlon coach to make sure you are doing things right. Until I found a local masters swim program, I was just stuck swimming lonely laps at a local pool by myself and not knowing if I was doing it right. That is until I found some local cycling groups and started going with them on group rides.
They were great because it didn’t matter what pace you were, they usually had someone that would run be running your pace. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a triathlete that doesn’t want to tell you all about their racing experiences.
I use my journey and the lessons learned to help people achieve goals they thought were impossible.
If you come from a background of running, then choose a race that has an easier swim and bike. This was a great way to learn from other cyclists about efficiency, cadence, speed, power, you name it.
So soak it all up, take the things you think you can use from their stories and then go out and make your own stories you can share with others. It’s important to remember where you started and what it took to get you to that goal. If you are a strong swimmer but have no history of cycling or running, then pick a course with an easier bike and run. The TrainingPeaks Coach Match Service is a great option that can help you simplify the process. Swimming is all about efficiency in the water, which is really hard to determine swimming on your own.
If you ride with a group of cyclists they are guaranteed to tell you everything they know about the sport. Even seasoned triathletes often forget how important picking the right race can be for your success. It might not always be right, but you can choose what works for you and what doesn’t.

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