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Le Web est une toile d’araignee de liens hypertextes qui relie les sites Internet du monde entier. Tous ces serveurs peuvent communiquer entre eux grace a des normes, des protocoles et des kilometres de fibre optique. Cette adresse IP, vous la demandez au serveur DNS de votre Fournisseur d’Acces a Internet (FAI). Maintenant vous connaissez l’adresse du serveur qui heberge le site Internet que vous cherchez a consulter, vous pouvez commencer a communiquer avec lui. Sur ce serveur internet le logiciel Apache, ou un autre serveur http vous envoie le fichier HTML correspondant a la page demandee.
Un AS ou Systeme Autonome est un ensemble de routeurs appartenant a la meme entite (fournisseur d’acces, de transit ou hebergeur).
Pour finir, je vous invite a consulter la carte du reseau mondial Internet et a regarder la video suivante qui explique de facon tres pedagogique comment fonctionne Internet. Interview avec Yannick SIMON DGA de Rue du Commerce – Comment referencer un site d’e-commerce ? Vul uw emailadres in om in te schrijven op dit blog en krijg een emailtje als er nieuw bericht geplaatst is. This is the story of how Leo Traynor met a Internet troll, and how we can use this as a launching pad to change the Internet. When are we, as the users of the Internet, going to stand up and say, “Enough”? When you see someone bullying someone else online, speak up, the same way you would (I hope) say something if you saw a bigger kid bullying a little kid at the playground.
Vote for politicians who understand the Internet and the laws that govern it, and who will make responsible decisions about trolling laws in the future and appoint judges who can adequately deal with Internet cases.

Reach out to people dealing with online harassment and offer words of encouragement and support.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Pour etre accessible chaque site web doit etre heberge sur un ordinateur qu’on appelle serveur. He and his wife were getting derogatory messages from trolls, and although they brushed things off in the past, things got serious when Leo started getting deliveries to his home.
Remember the story of feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian, who so angered the Internet with her kickstarter project that people threatened to rape her and kill her.
Back in 2007, developer and author Kathy Sierra famously cancelled her O’Reilly ETech conference appearance after receiving death threats on her blog, and other instances of online content creators dealing with trolls both online and off date back even farther. For most of us, this disinhibition means that we let our guard down and share struggles and triumphs with online communities even when we wouldn’t share those same experiences with our friends in a face-to-face setting.
Just like turning off a game, this manifestation of toxic disinhibition leaves the user feeling like they can turn it off because it isn’t real.
The Internet is the great equalizer, and people believe they can say things without disapproval or punishment.
I really encourage you to check out Suler’s full article for further analysis of toxic disinhibition. This doesn’t mean that you should delete all negative comments, but it does mean that you take responsibility for every word published on your site.
If this guy on Reddit can do it after laughing at a woman with facial hair, you can do it too.
Votre Freebox relie ainsi votre reseau local (vos differents ordinateurs et appareils connectes) aux autres reseaux via Internet.

Over tea with his troll’s entire family, Leo showed him the screenshots of the abuse, pulled out the pictures of the mail, and told the boy how scared and physically sick he had been. They even created an online “game” where the entire point was to punch her likeness in the face?
And just like shooting zombies in a video game, how can someone be held responsible for something they did in a game world? Admitting that you’re wrong is hard and uncomfortable, but it can make a huge difference.
Entre deux systemes autonomes le trafic est considere comme externe, il est route via le protocole BGP. Or how about the story of Patrick Frey Patterico, who’s critical remarks on his blog led to a SWAT team showing up at his house after phoney calls about him killing his family? All it takes is one bad egg and a few followers for an entire community to quickly dissolve. Where shaming others, their lifestyle, their person is a platform that often leads to profitable gains (gasp!) Where feelings are hurt and confidence is shattered. So that the world, both online and off, is a place I can proudly share with my children too.

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