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Take your “Steps to Complete”  in the Marketing Plan Overview you created and make them into goals for the week. Download and Print off the Weekly Book Marketing Plan for as many weeks as you’ll be marketing your book. If you need any help making these workable goals to achieve your publishing success please contact us at PageMaster Publication Services.  We’ve got seminars and coaching times available to help you.
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One of the biggest challenges we see authors and self-publishers face today is a finished book product that they are excited about but that, unfortunately,  isn’t market-ready. Most people don’t realize that a strategic book marketing timeline can be the secret to executing a successful marketing campaign. Your book marketing timeline should serve as your road map, master document and bible for your marketing campaign. The truth of the matter is, holiday marketing should start in September for books being promoted through the entire holiday season. Booktopia - Developing Your Integrated Marketing Communication Plan by David Waller, 9781743072479.

In a highly competitive market it is vital to effectively communicate the message of your product, service or idea. These are done in person and online, so you can be here in Edmonton or anywhere else in the world. Especially because it’s vital that authors and publishers come up with a plan that’s right for their book. This is your “why to buy”, “why to pay attention”, “why to visit your book sale page”, “why to attend your author event”. This can often be the case in spite of the fact that the author has spent thousands of dollars with a self-publishing company, editorial & design teams, and on book marketing and PR.
With so many competing titles and promo options out there, what eBook marketing tips will help to get your book in front of the most readers?
A huge book PR campaign launches and the author gets a great interview – but the book is only available at one (or no) retailer because it was just released.
The starting point for effective marketing communication is an integrated marketing communication (IMC) plan. They are listed in order at the bottom of every post in the series – I’ve got to love automation. Amazon book reviewers are excited about posting a review but can’t because of availability.

Developing Your Integrated Marketing Communication Plan is a highly practical workbook that takes students through the process of creating of an effective IMC plan, step by step. For people who are Kindle junkies (and I fully admit to being one), this seems to be a good idea on paper. The second most challenging aspect of marketing your book is actually the most fun (I think). On the flip side, a publisher releases a fantastic book but budgets for a year for a major PR campaign – making it too late to secure good publicity for the book. It’s time to start thinking about your book marketing plan for the holidays – which are right around the corner. Accompanied by quotes from seasoned professionals, handy hints and a case study this book will help you and your marketing message succeed in our contemporary business environment. Topics include: understanding the market (situation analysis), establishing objectives, preparing a promotional budget, targeting a specific audience, developing an appropriate communication message, planning a creative strategy, selecting the most effective media, and organising evaluative controls on promotional activities.

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