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Our work focuses on brand management, including competitive positioning, and the impact that marketing mix and resource allocation have on sales and profits.
As products and services become more difficult to differentiate, branding that cultivates a strong, trusted image can help build a larger, more loyal customer base.
We begin by mapping the market share and profit position of the client's brands relative to its competitors. Asking Smarter Questions is your go-to guide for the latest points of view, news, trends, insights, statistics and tools regarding data driven digital marketing. These days, it’s no big surprise to see companies actively tracking and communicating with individual consumers online, as opposed to the push marketing strategy from the days of old.
Coined ‘adaptive marketing’ by companies like Forrester Research, this form of direct marketing combines insights from data analysis with a customer-focused mentality to tailor product offerings and marketing strategy to meet the needs of customers while providing a truly unique brand experience. Give your business a competitive advantage by providing customers and prospects the information they want – when they want it – in the format they prefer.
Integrated Marketing Communications gives you the ability to deliver clear, consistent, and compelling messages across all available media channels into a continuous brand experience. Creative consistency in your integrated campaigns also gives your business the potential to get better results and reduce marketing costs. An integrated campaign allows you to provide prospects and customers with information in the format they prefer. Recognize the opportunity at hand and create a powerful integrated strategy to deliver the right message to the right audience in the right place. Let us help you explore new methods to leverage all elements of the communication mix – including advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, search, web and social media – into a single, cohesive, holistic approach. Mystique Brand Communications can provide you with a road map for effective integration of marketing approaches in an effort to deliver an engaging brand experience – contributing to revenue generation and real customer value.
Identify new ways to differentiate your brand by creating brand purpose and understand the power of the employee voice to humanize your brand.
To learn more about how an integrated marketing communications approach can help grow your business contact us today! A product could be branded with a name that has no association with the other products belonging to the organisation. If they want to shield the new product from any negative publicity associated with its other products. If they want to shield existing products from the new product just in case it generates negative publicity.

If they inherited the brand name (when they purchased another business) and decided to retain the brand name because it is an established brand recognised by consumers. When firms decide to choose an individual brand name they need to be aware that if consumers are not able to associate the new product with other successful products belonging to the firm, they will need to build sales from scratch. This is when an organisation produces competing products and gives each its unique branding. To overcome lack of loyalty, clothes washing powder manufacturers produce a large number of differently branded washing powders. Continue onto page 2 for further information about brand strategy including family (umbrella) branding, combined brand names and co-branding. Bain works with companies to structure such programs carefully to target attractive customer segments, create the desired image and strengthen the brand. Bain's approach to brand management, marketing mix and resource allocation more than doubles revenue growth rates. We then help clients apply that information to manage brand portfolios, from the development of strategy to tactical allocation of resources. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many other platforms provide an excellent vehicle for companies and consumers to correspond.
For example, some e-commerce brands provide products online that are customizable by the individual users themselves, allowing them to create a more relevant, personalized product.
With consumers personalizing a product to their own interests and preferences, they are less likely to switch brands. Coined by Malcolm Gladwell in his book ‘Blink’, it applies to customers who are offered too many different options. Understand that marketing is fundamentally a conversation between your company and its prospective customer.
By repeating the same creative treatment (headlines, key phrases and images) in each communication you ensure that prospects and customers receive consistent messaging each time they see one of the elements of your campaign. By using the same images and adapting the same copy for different media, you reduce production costs (copy-writing, design and photography). They can specify if they want to receive information via email, direct mail, text message or telephone. For example a fast food organisation may feel that a healthy food product should not be linked to its fast food business.
Multi Branding is used when customers are not loyal towards one or a small number of brands.

Properly managed, a powerful brand name, coupled with effective consumer and trade marketing, can be a formidable competitive weapon.
Check out our new series to learn the best processes for finding efficiencies across your business. But thanks to growing technology and data analysis capabilities, communication has recently stepped past this online virtual arena and into a complete overhaul of brand experience and product marketing strategy. If you’re an online shopper, you’ve probably noticed Amazon offers personalized recommendations based on your past views or orders. Rather than picking one option and purchasing, they are overwhelmed by the number of possibilities and just give up. And the key to effective integration is ensuring that each touchpoint with your prospects and customers reinforces the other – building one cohesive entity. This creative consistency helps consumers understand your key marketing message which leads to a great result and return on your investment.
It also helps optimize the marketing spend – online or offline – allocating funds towards the most effective approach.
Depending on how established an organisation is, there are a number of ways to brand a product. And if you’ve shopped Nike online lately, you know the brand gives shoppers the ability to customize their shoes using Nike ID.
By putting the power of the product in the hands of the consumers, it could wipe out the need for pre-defined demographics, thus ending mass production and mass appeal. If you plan on developing your brand experience and marketing strategy in this direction, you might want to consider the number of options you provide, as well as the position of your competitors. As with all good marketing strategy the chances of an effective product name will be increased if the product name reflects the results of research into the market place in which it will be sold. The Dutch airline KLM provides a Facebook-connected service that allows customer to pick their seats based on where their friends are sitting.
This new customer-focused marketing trend could revolutionize the way we cultivate the brand experience, but also the actual products and marketing strategy behind them.

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