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Eric Worre, one of the best trainers in our profession, has a brand new network marketing book out and YOU should definitely get it!
We were blessed to receive an advanced copy from Eric and can safely say it is an awesome network marketing book and if you are serious about your craft, it is a must have. But, before you get your copy, you MIGHT want to listen to this interview I did with Eric yesterday. In the interview, Eric details how he is giving away some awesome bonuses for those that buy 1 copy or 25 or more copies. Just 25 books, which people will need for their team and their prospects, at Amazon’s $10.80 ($270) and they will get a whopping $2,182 in FREE gifts! Ray, you and Eric are truly great assets to this industry with all the very useful noncomplicated and highly valuable information you provide us on a continuing bases. Can’t wait to get my copy because this man absolutely knows his stuff and always has something of value and inspiration to say. Engage Global is a new Network Marketing company that launched in November 2014 and the timing is perfect to get in on this exciting opportunity.
Engage Global’s flagship product MMF® (Military Micronutrient Formulation) has already changed the lives of thousands of people. The Engage Global Business opportunity offers the chance to build an organization around a quality product with real, tangible results. Engage Global offers an incredible product and compensation plan to build a business around. Engage Global utilizes a flexible auto optimized 3?12 matrix with multiple re-entries, expansions and matching bonuses to go around. Sampling this product works because of the quick, tangible results people feel when taking MMF. Engage Global is also announcing a 2nd generation bonus paid from the Fast Start Packs ($50) and Fast Start Builder Packs ($100) sponsored by your personally-sponsored members. As you can see earning a bonus on what your personally sponsored members are doing can add up very quickly leading to some very nice bonuses!! The customer program offers substantial incentives for both the member and also the customers themselves!
Plus, you also earn $10 for each and every box purchased by customers that your personally enrolled customers refer!
Also, as mentioned on #1 in the flyer above, you and your customers can get their MMF monthly autoshipment FREE! Simply refer three Customers who buy the same amount of MMF that you order in your monthly autoshipment and your MMF is FREE!!
Engage Global and Military Micronutrient Formulation is going to change the world of supplements and network marketing forever.
The market is wide open, by taking action and building a team now, you’ll be setting yourself up for substantial long term residual income! Becoming passionate about MMF is the best way to start, which is why we’re offering a FREE 15-day sample of MMF for those seriously considering the business opportunity! Simple, we are 100% dedicated to your success and will do whatever it takes to help our team members succeed.
Although your success greatly depends on you taking action, learning, and implementing what you have learned, choosing the right Engage Global team is very important to your success. You will also get a personal link on our distributor page so you can use this website to share with your prospects.

We believe no-one should join a Network Marketing company unless they would be a customer whether they were selling the product or not. Which is why we’re offering a FREE 15-day sample of MMF for those seriously considering the business opportunity! Facilities Management Advisors understands the power of social media marketing in driving improved brand recognition, customer loyalty, engagement, customer relationship management (CRM) and overall growth performance. We build powerful social media campaigns for organizations focused on generating a positive ROI.
Developing a community around your company with a strong engagement strategy reinforces your brand and overall value proposition. An effective blog that is visually pleasing and includes positive content is one of the most effective tools to engage both your clients and prospective customers on a regular basis.
At FMA, we will expeditiously design an effective blog that strengthens your brand, generates business leads, while effectively engaging your clients. While it is essential to design a blog that is professional and aesthetically pleasing in its overall appearance, it is equally important to maintain well-written content.
Effective content is an important element in driving traffic, demonstrating industry expertise and overall product knowledge, while adding value to your subscribers and readers alike. We work with each client to develop well-written articles that attract attention and add value to readers. Of critical importance to any viable social media campaign, twitter enables a company to more effectively engage its audience. As with other forms of social media, twitter contributes significantly towards brand recognition, industry reputation, lead generation and overall competitive position. FMA works with each individual client in launching a customized twitter campaign, which includes overall design, interaction strategy, and best practices in sustained use of twitter to achieve desired outcomes. Various social media outlets provide valuable data relative to the overall success of an organization's social media campaign. Our experts help each client understand the relevance of the data, which trends to evaluate, and how best to adapt and adjust social media strategy to maximize the results. We provide our customers with cost effective, fully customized solutions that drive value and generate sustained results.
No matter what setbacks or difficulties you have had in the past in your network marketing business, leave them there. But most important, you must take action after absorbing all the information you collected.
Let’s face it, there are a lot of naysayers to network marketing and in total agreement with Eric, it ISN’T perfect, but it IS better! Instead of winging it and treating this like a hobby, IF you decide to be in this profession, BE an actual business owner, BECOME a professional!
Share this on Facebook and tell any network marketers you know about this launch and the bonuses we are offering by sharing this link with them. And if you’re not continuously learning, you’re falling behind, so get reading!
British amazon site only has the kindle version and US site has been out of stock for a while.I sent them an email and they say they are not sure whether they will be getting any new stock!!!! Due to MMF’s unique background and clinical validation, it sets a new standard in health supplementation unmatched by anything else. The lucrative compensation plan follows this high standard and is levels ahead of the competition.

NO other company has the science, third-party verification’s and human trials to back it up. The opportunity to change peoples lives and create residual income that grows month over month is something you’ll be glad you decided to be a part of.
This statistic is astounding compared to other products and companies and practically unheard of in any industry. A personally sponsored Fast Start Member enrolls a new member with a Fast Start Pack ($500) you will earn a $50 bonus.
A personally sponsored Fast Start Member enrolls a new member with a Fast Start Builder Pack ($1000) you will earn a $100 bonus. You will have access to exclusive tools and resources only available to our team and many other benefits. Our subject matter experts have significant experience in driving explosive traffic, greater level of generated leads and increased sales performance. Further, as your network and circle of influence with your various clients expands, your brand is likewise further advanced throughout your clients' network.
A blog affords the company the opportunity to maintain ongoing interactions with the client, generating bilateral feedback, while increasing awareness of critical subjects and areas of interest relative to your particular industry.
Our experts will support this effort in contributing initial blog posts relative to your industry and areas of interest. The use of twitter allows a company to further develop its community, including existing and prospective clients, industry professionals, and casual followers.
Tens of thousands of home business owners have already benefited from this revolutionary information, and now you can safely do so as well.
He has personally made over $15 million in network marketing and has built teams as large as 500,000 people. Eric goes on to detail 7 skill sets you will need to create a successful business and I highly suggest you study them and embrace the TRUTH that lies within the pages of this book.
This book is such an awesome resource that we think every network marketer on the planet should grab a copy. How cool would it be to help Eric Worre hit the top ten of all of Amazon with his brand new network marketing book?
We are Freedom Leaders for Engage Global and know what it takes to succeed in this industry. A team of leaders who will assist you, answer your questions, and provide you the support you need to grow a profitable business. Literally, ANYONE can be successful at THIS profession and you cannot say that about a lot of other professions. Getting this book in the hands of more people around the world is a GOOD thing for our industry and profession. It is because of this that to add to Eric’s bonuses, anyone that buys more than 25 copies, we will send a physical copy of my audio CD Maintaining Your Power AND…I will also give you (2) 30 minute coaching sessions! The reason I am doing this is to support my friend Eric and give this book the very best chance possible of hitting the top ten on all of Amazon to help show the world the power of OUR profession!

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