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Do you have a plan that aligns your customer and shopper based initiatives?  It will help you make more effective decisions across all business functions.
Here’s how.  The goal of a brand vision is to drive sales and profits by building a strong, differentiated brand – yours.
But most importantly, strong brands help make the sales team’s job easier with sell in and the retailer’s job easier with sell through.  In other words, everybody wins. Purpose.  Your purpose is a single statement that embodies the company’s mission and desired perceptions. Brand strategy.  This is the masterbrand architecture that defines the relationship of your brand to other sub-brands, product brands and services. Think of the framework as a four level pyramid.  All levels should be supported by research, not guesswork. 1st level (or the pyramid’s base) focuses on your brand’s attributes.  These are tangible and can be seen or touched.

2nd level is your brand’s functional benefits.  Once again, these are tangible and are  demonstrable benefits that ladder up from attributes. 3rd level identifies your brand’s emotional end benefits.  This is the “feeling” that comes from your brand, the voice through which your brand touches the consumer.
4th level (or the pyramid’s capstone) identifies the bigger idea and tells what your brand “signs up for” in the lives of your core consumers. Sum it all up with a single sentence that reflects this thinking: “Brand X is…” (the line that summarizes your brand essence). No brand vision is complete without being able to clearly define your core consumer and key market segments. Once you know more about your consumer you can begin talking to them in their terms, understanding their emotional connection to your brand and the path to purchase they follow.
Effectively managing the brands in your portfolio will maximize your return on investment, speed up product launches, and most importantly create clarity for customers.

Brand portfolio design (or brand architecture) orchestrates the relationship between each of your brands, sub-brands and products, and their respective relationships to the corporate brand.
From understanding these influences we provide naming and identity recommendations to ensure the brand architecture is clear to consumers and will stand the test of time. Understanding of the overlap or independence of each brand's customer base, with consideration of their financial scale & profitability. StrategyKering – Evolution of a global luxury brand companyKering is one of the world’s largest luxury goods holding companies.
Download sample chapter.Learn More DRIVE IMPACTMartin Roll enables global clients to deliver business impact and drive long-term value.

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