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Whether for ecommerce, corporate, or a community site, we develop your website to promote your brand, raise positive awareness, increase membership, and sell products and services.
We use social media to help you succeed -- by focusing on and entering and maintaining a range of social media initiatives, finding and engaging influencers, prospects, customers, and friends across a wide range of relevant social networks.
The Edison Innovation Foundation asked us to modernize Edison’s image—to make it more contemporary and to drive contributions to Edison historical sites. I recently organized a bike night with Stuart Parr at his Art of the Italian Two Wheel exhibit at 285 Madison Avenue in Midtown NYC. As New York City mass transit costs increase again for the third time in six years, it's interesting to note that the MTA ridership is still a shadow of what it once was. With over half of NYC Condos $5,000,000 and above purchased by anonymous shell companies, New York City has become a haven for the wealthy elite to hide their money in Manhattan real estate.
In the late 1950s, advertising legend Bill Bernbach came up with the idea of pairing art directors and copywriters into teams.
So, the Metropolitan Opera is currently in the news due to the ado over the staging of The Death of Klinghoffer (hooray, opera is socially relevant!). Did you know that bulls cannot see the color red, and matadors attract them simply by motion? If there is one thing I learned while living on the Upper East Side many years ago, it’s that York Avenue is quite a hike from the subway (at least as far as hikes from subways in Manhattan go). Since I moved to New York City about six years ago, I've always felt I've walked more than I did in a small town Indiana college. And here is why:  The sheer volume of businesses and services available in a city within walking distance dwarves the accessibility of the suburbs. I think anyone in an urban area understands this implicitly, but the team at the Sightline Institute has illustrated this by actually graphing the area in which a commuter can cover in a mile's walk. Strikingly gives you a number of default layouts, with a ton of features to insert your own branded graphics, links to projects or articles you've published, and to optimize your page for SEO. As you can see I've added a number of my own social media profiles, as well as my professional websites, and my Ducati motorcycle photo blog.
Here are a several amazing infographics of NYC, reflecting the building height in relation to land value, and mapping Manhattan's development index, according to price per square foot and zoning regulations in relation to property values. LAND VALUE Bill Rankin, 2006"Tax assessments are a tricky data source, since they do not measure market value — indeed, there are even tax-assessed "values" on public buildings and parks.
UNDERDEVELOPMENT 1:a theoretical market Bill Rankin, 2006In a hypothetical "perfect market," this map would be a consistent yellow-green.
UNDERDEVELOPMENT 2:relation to zoningBill Rankin, 2006In response to my original map of "underdevelopment" in Manhattan, urban planner Josh Jackson emailed me from New York with some ideas for a map which would show development in relation to FAR.

In this rather shocking video, Derek Muller of Veritasium exposes proof of the fraud behind Facebook Ads. This chart should make something very clear; social media is most definitely not just for the young. Average user age per siteBased on the sites in this survey, the estimated age of the average social media user is just under 37 years old.
And here is the full chart with all the sites, sorted by average age:What about gender?This whole article so far has been about the age of people using these social networks and online communities. Most male-dominated site? Slashdot (87% males) is the standout, followed by Hacker News (77% males) and Stack Overflow (76% males).
Most female-dominated site? Pinterest (79% females) is in a league of its own, followed by Goodreads (70% females) and Blogger (66% females). Here below is a chart with the male-female ratios for all 24 sites included in this survey. All of these maps, highlighting the derivation and diaspora of language, were fascinatingly created by Reddit users.
A combination of egocentrism and overzealous real estate agents has led to an overabundance of Manhattan neighborhoods. Every now and then, it’s nice to take a break from the serious side of your occupation and learn about the more trivial side of marketing. In browsing the Met’s site, I discovered that they keep an amazing public-facing database with details of every performance dating back to the 19th century (why can’t every orchestra do this?).
That fact can sometimes help keep housing prices down, at least until the 2nd Avenue Line comes in.All that hiking got me wondering: What residential building in Manhattan is farthest from a subway station entrance?
The urban consumer is much more likely to walk to work or the grocery store, because it's so much closer to home.
Now it’s time to examine the male-female ratio, or gender balance if you prefer that word.Based on the United States demographics data (from Ad Planner) there is a clear gender imbalance on many of these sites. Finally, we provide analytics to help you keep track of your visitors and provide them with the best experience. Since then, the art-copy team structure came into existence at most, if not all, agencies.They maybe working towards a common goal, but as a creative species, copywriters and art directors are not all that similar. How about that the Great Wall of China cannot be seen from space, filing a missing person's report with the police does not require a 24hr absence or that historical Vikings never wore horned helmets? Lots which were underdeveloped would be torn down and built up again with higher densities.
It’s easy to get lost when digging through this kind of data, but we hope we managed to present it in a way that gave you a decent overview of the situation today.To us, one big takeaway from this report is that there’s a place for everyone in today’s social media landscape.

Their differences are best highlighted on a Facebook page titled CW versus AD where Caio Pena (art director), Henrique Parada (art director) and Leticia Hanower (copywriter) share their cool, quirky illustrations on this subject. Anyway, let’s look at the Met’s history of performing operas that have been composed within 25 years. The year Queens, New York was settled and its coordinates are included.The Bronx Map Print includes the city's neighborhoods filled with a JHill pattern. In other words, people who legitimately like your page are less likely to see your posts if you have a number of fans who don't interact with your content. However, when you look at all the data together, it becomes clear that women rule social media. Their record was much different, with regular stagings of operas by Puccini and Wolf-Ferrari in the early 20th century.Maybe that’s not fair to the Met. Yet the team at  Information is Beautiful  debunked these prevalent myths, with the sources and origins scrupulously researched (below).
To do so, I merged two data sets, the MTA Subway Station Entrance data set and PLUTO, which gives information on all lots in NYC.
How many composers were just straight-up dead when the piece was performed?The Met’s Composer Gala, 1983:If we look at the median year of composition, we can see that it has barely budged in the last century. Or is media and literature inherently deceptive, relying on misleading tropes to create a believable framework?
The Taco Bell Chihuahua—Remember “Yo quiero Taco Bell”?—was actually a female dog named Gidget, who passed away in 2009.7.
Most striking here is the way German opera increases in popularity right up to late-1910s and the late 1930s, when the trend suddenly reverses course.
Mobile video is the fastest growth area in marketing, with eMarketer expecting smartphone video viewers to reach 87 million by 2014.8. Google Ad Sense ads have a click fraud rate of roughly 10%, which Google admits in its Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center.9.
The Met is an American opera company!" Well, frankly, American composers are more or less a rounding error at the Met. To their credit, it does seem to be improving a bit.Lastly, how about a graph of female composers performed at the Met? Mountain Dew’s “most racist commercial ever” was created by Tyler, the Creator, co-founder of the hip hop group Odd Future.

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