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My Corporate Identity Business Package includes 9 logo designs as well as unlimited revisions to refine your chosen concept until it reaches its full potential.
Hi, I'm Bronson Harrington, a location-independent virtual CEO and freelancer providing graphic design, web design, web hosting, webmaster and SEO consulting services to a diverse portfolio of international clients. About BronsonBronson Harrington: Freelance Website Designer, Graphic Designer, WordPress Expert, SEO and Marketing Consultant currently based in Costa Rica. While the terms “trademark” and “trade name” may sound similar, both have different meanings when it comes to your brand. For that reason, most businesses register trademarks to protect their brand and claim the phrase, logo, or name as part of their individuality. Before registering a trademark, you should make sure your product or service is eligible and it has been used or you intend to use it in commerce. Next, conduct a trademark search of your desired logo or catchphrase using the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) to see if the proposed slogan, spelling, or design is unique and is not already trademarked.
Avoid words that are merely descriptive of your product or service, such as Fun Travel Agency or Sweet Sugar Cookies.
Avoid a name that indicates your geographic location, or gives consumers the impression that your product or service is primarily geographic, such as Alabama Chicken.
Avoid a generic or vague logo design that offers no authenticity, such as a needle and thread for tailoring services. Once you have conducted a thorough trademark search, you can then apply for registration at a state or federal level through the United States Patent and Trademark Office under the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS). Trade names are used for advertising and do not have as strict guidelines when it comes to registering them. The government does not treat trade names as trademarks, which means that while you can operate under your trade name, you also won’t have the legal protection of a trademark.
Additionally, you cannot use your trade name to “function” as a trade mark by differentiating yourself, your products, or your services in a way that causes confusion with a previously registered trademark. According to the Small Business Administration, if you choose to register your business as anything other than your personal name, partnership name, or registered business name, than you will need to apply for a Doing Business As (DBA) name or fictitious name with the appropriate government body (county clerk office or state officials) to alert the government you are calling yourself by a different business name than your current personal one. For instance, if you run a sole proprietorship under the name Jim Smart, and wish to change it to Jim Smart Consulting, then you need to file for a DBA.

If you are considering changing your trade name to a DBA name, you may have to notify other government entities, such as the IRS, Secretary of State, as well as revise previous contracts (leases, service agreements etc.), licenses, and permits when you do so. When attempting to name your business or register a trademark, make sure you have done your homework and looked carefully to see if your name, logo, or phrase is eligible and unique enough to pass trademark registration. If so, having trademark protection and exclusive rights is valuable to protect one of your biggest assets—your brand.
Your business name and branding will be the first point of contact for most of your consumers and business partners, so make sure to take your time choosing the right name, and protecting it once you have. Enter your email address below to receive email notifications every time we make a new blog post!
Personal BrandingI recently had a very thought-provoking conversation on personal branding with a bunch of startup companies recently and felt the need to share the benefits of this powerful buzz word. Like many marketers who provide a service or product when we start out we have no idea if it will be successful. You see when you focus on a personal brand no matter what business or idea you create people follow you for your talents, character and track record good or bad.
With new business ventures on the horizon it’s very easy for me to influence my social and brand following to drive them to my new business ventures, ideas or concepts because the relationship has already been built. Personal branding gives you a protection on your character and defines you as a person first before product, service or company.
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We consider a business's logo (Corporate Identity) to be an important marketing tool that is vital for success.
In today's competitive business world, it is essential to differentiate your business from your competitors'. This corporate branding package also includes the design of a unique business card, letterhead and stationery for your business. In my spare time I dedicate myself to living a healthy, active lifestyle comprised mostly of training, surfing and travel in and around Central America. Trademarks help consumers to recognize your product, while service marks identify the service you offer.

It grants you exclusive use to that mark, and ensures that it is legally protected from infringement.
This means that your mark will be displayed on your products or in conjunction with your services.
Additionally, if you falsely attribute a region in your name when your product is not made or sold there, this is also grounds for trademark rejection. Many businesses believe that their surname alone is sufficient for trademarking, but it may be rejected on this basis alone, or because it has already been used (ie.
Your application then goes through a series of reviews, including whether it has met the minimum filing requirements, as well as a complete review, search, and examination by an attorney over a period of time. It serves an administrative function for banking, tax returns, or business formation and is generally considered your assumed name when you register your business with the government.
However, you can market yourself with a trade name, and even look into registering a trade name as a trademark, much like the Eastman Kodak Company did with their trade name (now trademark), Kodak®.
Once you have a DBA name, you can still use your personal name on tax returns and invoices if you choose. Personal branding has been graciously aging the marketing verbiage for years now however it has been quite the year for myself and my brand in 2012 and I felt the need to talk about it.
We can hope for success but there is no guarantee for this result and many startups fail… The biggest benefit for personal branding is protection of network, digital and intellectual property and web presence.
It cannot be registered solely to reserve the rights for future use, which is a common misconception about trademark filing.
I had started out in the online marketing game years ago with my personal brand and while I had focused on an international clients, 2012 was a breakout year for my personal brand in Vancouver on a local market scale.
It must be applicable to your specific product or service before you can file for registration.

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