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I had been waiting for the new movie Cinderella to make its grand debut as badly as my 7 yr.
Well, we did not go see Cinderella on Friday the 13th but not because we are superstitious or anything, but because Friday was a school day for Valerie and she had some after school activities that day. This is me, my hubby Franco and my girls Valerie (left) and Sammy (right) :-) right before entering the theater. What I personally loved about this movie is that they kept it very close to the original story.
I liked that they gave us a little more info on the earlier life of Cinderella when she was a child and her mother still lived.
I also liked that in this movie they give Cinderella a personality of her own and that she gets to stands up for herself when she really needs to. Another thing that I noticed and I absolutely loved was the elegance and lavish scenes of the movie and the attention to detail the makers of the movie practiced. All in all to me, this movie is BEAUTIFUL, it is handsomely produced, and if you wanna go and get a straight forward Cinderella, you’re gonna get a straight forward Cinderella, lol.
Although, maybe some people would have thought it was yet another Disney musical movie and would have judged it wrong. If you have any questions about the movie or just want to connect and tell me about how great YOUR kids are, let’s connect on Facebook here. Your people are in pain (for whatever reason – you can help them with your expertise). I thought it might be helpful to share them with you in hopes you won’t make these 3 mistakes. If you think you might be engaging in self-sabotage around your list building efforts, you’ll definitely want to attend my upcoming list building webinar workshop.
She is so close to success, yet stops herself by continuing to learn, rather than take imperfect action.
There is no amount of learning you can do that will EVER compare to taking imperfect, scary action on a consistent basis.
Keeping distraction to a very minimum or eliminating it completely and focusing on that ONE most important task is key to being successful.
I LOVE the Subscriber Appreciation Day concept as well as the idea of taking imperfect action. Running an online business can be difficult and expensive; you have to worry about managing ad campaigns and monitoring your budget. When a potential customer visits your website for the first time, they likely have no idea who you are or how dependable your business is. It does not matter how great your product or service is, every company gets bad reviews on occasion. If you want to be truly successful, you need to be more than remembered; you need to become a household name, which is accomplished with a successful branding strategy. Many companies make the mistake of only considering how they can get their customers to hand over their money, which is a critical mistake. You must know how to build trust, which is not all or nothing; ita€™s a process that grows over time.
While there are many important factors to the success of your business, none are as important as earning the trust of your customers, without which you lose referrals and the potential to grow and expand.
We really do not discuss our Backlinking services but it is a huge part of Search Engine Optimization.

This would totally be a part of the movie that you would like, if you enjoy seeing the clothing people wore back in the 1800s. Like, for example, things that you may have already seen before from previous Cinderella movies were made to jump out and dazzle you because of the artistry and craftsmanship and the attention to detail they used.
One of the reasons I’m doing this is to get crystal clear on exactly what my subscribers need and want for a my upcoming live webinars about list building that begin in a few weeks.
Be Grateful for Technology and the People Who Consume Your Content – I felt so incredibly grateful for living in this time. It’s up to you to create with it and use it to launch your creation(s) into the world. With technology it can be easy to steer away from direct, live communication as instead lean on email, social media, etc. I agree and speaking directly with your people gives you insights you could never figure out on your own. I once did a 4 page yellow legal pad hand-written (once and photocopied the bulk) sales letter.
There are so many ways to grow my list out there I’m often jumping from one method to another to see what works. If your customers dona€™t think you put much effort into it, they will likely believe you handle all areas of your business carelessly.
This means your company, product, and mission statement become one in the mind of your customers. Internet users are bombarded with advertisements every day, and if you only come at them with more ads, they will tune you out. Some companies make the mistake of selling to each customer once and letting them walk away, but doing this is leaving money on the table. But it is also fragile, and while it can take some time to build, it can be destroyed in a second. Aside from working on her own business, she likes to use social mediaA and read travel books. This video is going to show you a couple of things we have done with our Back Linking Strategy.
We wanted to make it an early matinee movie date with our two daughters Valerie (7) and Samirah (3) because we knew that long lines and packed  theaters awaited us if we waited for after noon and evening shows. Living during this age of budding technology where we can create relationships with people all over the globe. While my boyfriend was watching the Super Bowl, I was wrestling with my new podcasting audio setup that made me sound like I was in a wind tunnel.
However just like a sales person, without direct live interaction there is only so much success that an be achieved. It sounds good in theory but I know I need to identify one or two strategies that will likely have the most impact and focus on those strategies for a few months before diverting my attention to a whole new strategy. But scheduling time to chat with your subscriber on phone seems like a better way to do it. Having a referral marketing program is a great way to reduce marketing costs and increase the profitability of your business. Having a professional website inspires trust and credibility, which will increase your sales and referrals. Many companies make the mistake of trying to hide their negative reviews, which is a mistake.

If you want to successfully brand your product or service, it is vital you provide quality service and live up to a powerful mission statement. A customer who buys from you is demonstrating they are interested in your product or service, which means they will likely buy from you again. Therefore, it is vital to be open and transparent in all communications with your customers; never lie or be dishonest. If I can’t make one blog successful, what makes me think I can make 3 blogs successful at the same time?
Referral marketing involves your customers telling their friends and family how much they enjoyed your service.
When a customer refers their friends to you, the referral is going to trust you more than if they had found your website on their own. Trying to cover up negative comments makes it seem you have something to hide; this is damaging to your reputation and will result in losing the trust of potential customers.
Always be truthful whenever answering questions, and never lie or exaggerate the benefits of a product to get a sale.
Always be open, honest, and transparent in all your interactions; make it a part of your mission statement. I’m relieved to hear that some are facing the exact fears I have about content and providing value to my subscribers. I am not particularly a procrastinator and a perfectionist in my regular life, so why am I such when it comes to blogging and my website and other creative projects? Not only does this gain exposure for your business, but it also inspires trust, which increases the likelihood of generating more sales. Sometimes, setting up a professional website requires training and experience; it is also time-consuming. Being open about your flaws, mistakes, and shortcomings will show your customers that you have nothing to hide, thus inspiring trust. But when done properly, it gives you a major competitive advantage over others in your industry. While doing so can work for a short time, people will eventually catch on, and your trust will be forever damaged.
Build relationships with your customers, and do everything you can to make them happy and feel valued. If you dona€™t know how to do it yourself, ita€™s vital to have a professional web designer; this ensures your website is professional and inviting. Receiving gifts will make your customers like and trust you, and the gifts dona€™t have to be expensive. While this might seem difficult and overwhelming, it can be simplified by remembering to treat your customers as you would want a business to treat you.
My thinking has always been, I might only get one chance and if they don’t like what they see the first time, how will I convince them to come back? You want to frame the conversation as you doing them a favor, which can be done by offering discount and loyalty rewards. I promoted a special in my jewelry line and increased my sales by 1,281% Thank you, Maritza!

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