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When he’s not busy designing thermite cannons or wearable weapons that involve throwing flames, Colin Furze comes up with all sorts of clever ideas – or takes inspiration from his YouTube fans. In the last hangar off the runway in Prineville, Oregon, Sam Bousfield locked down one of the wings to his flying car. In a drive to improve safety by developing hi-tech fire resistant containers, UPS found it had also created much lighter containers, saving significant amounts of fuel.
If you're ever bothered by the blind spots in the typical car today, then you would hate to drive a flying car.
Terrafugia is still tweaking the design of its TF-X, an electric, semi-autonomous, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) flying car, which is slated to be tested in 2016 and 2017. This week, the company announced that it will soon begin flight testing with an unmanned, one-tenth scale model of the TF-X in order to gauge its hovering ability and collect flight characteristic data, which will drive the design choices on the final prototype. Eight engineering students from Singapore recently unveiled what could be the world's very first successful flying car.
Apparently inspired by the "Back to the Future" movie series, universities in Turkey and Japan have joined forces to build a flying electric car. This past May, Montreal inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru broke the world record for the longest hoverboard flight. Duru flew up to five metres above a lake for a distance of 275.9 metres aboard his homemade, propeller-powered hoverboard in a trip that lasted more than 1? minutes.
Now, the 31-year-old Duru and his company, Omni Hoverboards, are working on a secret, next-generation version of the device. Toyota has recently filed a strange patent that hints the company may be developing a flying car.
The patent was originally filed on March 2, 2014 and its abstract reads: “A wing includes an upper surface that forms a generally fixed shape and a lower surface adjacent to the upper surface. Terrafugia is threatening to move its TF-X small UAV flying car research and development work out of the U.S.
Massachusetts-based Terrafugia wants permission to fly three “small, working scale models” of the four-seat plug-in hybrid electric, semi-autonomous, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. The US company behind the 2012 Transition flying car has unveiled its vision for the future of flying cars. Ever since the dawn of the motor vehicle, dreams of empyrean automobiles have stirred the popular imagination. The Sky Commuter was a flying car prototype built by Boeing in the 1980's and was Boeing's attempt to be the pioneer in the ever-elusive flying car market. The Army Research Laboratory recently completed a nine-month feasibility study on using a hoverbike, which it calls a tactical reconnaissance vehicle, or TRV, for a variety of purposes, including helping soldiers escape ground threats, and said the results were promising.
Nasa has built a battery-powered, 10-engine plane prototype that uses electric propulsion technology to take off vertically like a drone and then transforms in mid-air into a plane.
Greased Lightning, also known as GL-10, is a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that has just successfully completed its first test flight.
Another flying car prototype made its debut a couple of weeks ago at the Aero Friedrichshafen show in Germany. WASHINGTON: A US-based start-up is developing a five-passenger 'flying car'-type vehicle that requires no runway to take off. Arizona-based Krossblade has created the concept of the SkyCruiser - an electric hybrid aircraft that not only switches between being an airplane and a quadcopter, but can be driven on the road as well. The Moller International (MLER) Skycar Volantor is a true flying car, similar to those seen in the movie "Back to the Future II" or "Fifth Element". A man who sued Disney for stopping him from producing an X-wing lookalike flying car has had his case dismissed. The US-based plaintiff, Delaware resident Joseph Alfred, was planning to work with a company called Terrafugia Inc, which he believed would be capable of producing the vehicle in question. Terrafugia has petitioned the FAA for an exemption from the limitations of the light-sport aircraft regulations for its Transition flying car to allow for an increase in the gross weight and stall speed. Back in the 1980’s a company called Flight Innovations started work on a vehicle called the Sky Commuter.
It's been a decade and a half in the making, but now the time has finally come to see the USAF's new tanker in whole form, moving under its own power. Brent Saxsma is hoping to launch a Kickstarter campaign in two or three months in order to turn A DeLorean sports car — yes, the one from "Back to the Future" — into a hover car that could take off and land anywhere without a runway. MACRO Industries successfully installed new armor on a Youngstown C-130 Hercules the week of Nov. The Icarus is a wingless flying powersport aircraft concept that drives like a motorcycle and uses the magnus effect to fly. There's something about the idea of the flying car that continues to grab people's attention – at least to anyone sitting unmoving in traffic who just wishes they could take off and fly away. Making an idiot-proof flying car that anyone can pilot has involved years of painstaking research and may be the secret to the long-held dream of firing up the rotors, levitating and simply flying out of the bumper-to-bumper grind. Inventor Sam Bousfield figures he’s heard nearly every Jetsons reference out there, and every wisecrack about the carnage that would surely unfold if the average driver could take to the skies. A number of us can thank a cartoon character from the future, George Jetson, for instilling our longing.
It's 50 years since the Jetsons first predicted we'd be flying the family about in airborne cars. And now we are finally standing on the cusp of that long-awaited milestone, as the world's first flying motorcycle goes on sale.
The Pal-V One Helicycle is a two-seat hybrid car and gyrocopter that has the potential for making rush-hour delays a thing of the past.
By 2016, rich Chinese mainlanders could potentially own their very own Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, as US-based corporation Terrafugia turns East in search of partners that can help get their dream of inventing a flying car off the ground. Advanced Tactics is developing an autonomous helicopter that could land outside a battlefield, transform into a car, and drive into a dangerous area where soldiers need help. Greg Brown and Dave Fawcett are working on an design that they hope will yield something we've spent decades waiting for – a flying jet-propelled car. According to the film Back to the Future Part II, 2015 is supposed to be the year of the flying car. But if you're thinking that flying cars arriving as early as next year sounds a bit far-fetched, then you might want to check out proposals from Eduardo Galvani.
He claims his design, known as the Fly Citycopter, could be the air-borne method of transport we were promised by Doc Brown and Marty McFly's time travelling exploits. PARIS — In “Live and Let Die,” a black-clad James Bond silently flies in the night in a black hang glider and lands on a mountain. More than 40 years later, French special operations forces seek to do something similar, this time using a combination hang glider-dune buggy under development. The history of the future is fascinating, especially when with pressing play on a YouTube video can transport you back in time nearly a century to watch it happen. The idea of a flying car has been with us, in one form or another, for at least as long as we've had motorcars and flying machines. Though they were once a staple of sci-fi, a symbol of a future many had become skeptical they’d ever get to see, the flying car is finally on its way.
Aviation Week reports that United Parcel Service (UPS) “is ready to start FAA certification testing of an active fire-suppression system fitted to the cargo carrier’s new fire-resistant containers, preventive measures aimed in large part at protecting crews from lithium-type battery fires.” The fire-resistant containers are the center of attention right now, though. But if one report is to be believed, the flying car is almost here– it’s just not for the public. UPS is ready to start FAA certification testing of an active fire-suppression system fitted to the cargo carrier's new fire-resistant containers, preventive measures aimed in large part at protecting crews from lithium-type battery fires.
In a final pre-certification test in November 2013, the suppression system quickly extinguished a “Class A fire load test” that reached internal temperatures as high as 1,370F.
You see, when the Black Knight Transformer, made by Advanced Tactics and spotted by Popular Science, is in its fly configuration, the rotors are sprayed out and ready for take off.
The global economic potential of these machines is astounding; a recent study estimated the worldwide market for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) at $89 billion in 2013. When it comes to flying cars (or driving planes), the recent vehicle that most often comes to mind is the Terrafugia Transition.
It may seem like the Aeromobil made a quick entrance, but company co-founder and chief designer Stefan Klein has devoted 20 years to its development.
In the 1980s movie series "Back to the Future," Marty McFly used a flying car to travel through time. A new project by Lockheed Martin and the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, or DARPA, includes a flying "car" that will be a hybrid of an armored vehicle and a helicopter. Trey Johnson knows what it's like to drive an airplane down the interstate for 1,014 miles. You get all the honks, waves and fellow motorists dangling cellphone cameras out their windows to snap a photo. Research became reality today when UPS (NYSE: UPS) placed an industry-first order for 1,821 fire-resistant shipping containers. The containers are built with a revolutionary new panel material, MACROLite, a fiber-reinforced plastic composite similar to the material used in ballistic body armor.

Developed by inventor Moulton Taylor, the unique Aerocar could not only fly it was designed to drive on roads, too.
As well as providing average speeds for many of the junctions, also provided is additional data (when available) such as speed limits, traffic incidents, information given on electronic displays, road work information and any hazardous weather conditions. Some tangled parachute lines, a seriously aft C of G and some kind of air turbulence ganged up on a Maverick flying car to send it spiraling into a schoolyard in western Canada in early May. A nine-year-old boy received the ultimate endorsement for his business idea - a vote of approval from Sir Richard Branson during the billionaire’s visit to the UAE. Grade-four student Ellis Baker pitched his “flying car” to Branson during his visit to Dubai on Tuesday. Even though its first flying car is still at least two years away, a Massachusetts aerospace firm has unveiled a new design for a future product after that, one more akin to a helicopter than a plane. Like its winged Transition flying car, its first product that is now scheduled for delivery in 2015, Terrafugia's TF-X would drive like a car on the ground, then take to the air like a plane.
Army officials have been talking for almost a decade about new vertical takeoff and landing aircraft to replace its aging fleets of helicopters. Prototypes for the new platform — interchangeably called joint multi-role or future vertical lift — could be flown as early as fiscal year 2017. MACRO received a Thank You plaque for the successful completion of CDR for the KC-46 Tanker program. When Bruce Tomb realized that flying cars weren’t on the imminent horizon, he decided to make his own.
Developers of a flying car say they're about $80 million closer to giving your morning commute a real lift. For years, Moller International has been working on a way to make the old science fiction dream of turning tires into turboprops a reality. Their SkyCar, designed for speeds of over 300 MPH at altitudes as high as 36,000 feet would seat four people and isn't trying to replace commercial air travel. With these successful test results, we have proven that it is not only possible to build a flying car, but also that it can be done within existing international rules for both flying and driving. When “The Jetsons” introduced us to flying cars, we all assumed that we’d have one by the time the 21st century rolled around. Flying cars seem to be gaining traction as a popular idea, with a new flying car making its public debut at the world's biggest airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The manufacturer describes the PD2 as being "designed to perform as an aircraft first and a car second." One look at the design and you can tell that for sure.
MACRO Industries, Inc sponsored John Brown University Eaglenauts Lunabotics event in April of this year. Drivers can switch from the road to the air in minutes at the wheel of the world's first flying car - which is on the market at a sky-high price of ?800,000. The two-seat automobile can reach speeds of 60mph on land and up to 110mph at 12,000 feet, despite being more than 60 years old. Aviation Week - "Flying Humvees" being designed by AAI and Lockheed Martin have made it through to the second phase of DARPA's Transformer (TX) program - but the sheer scale of the challenges in producing a fly-drive tactical vehicle is becoming clear. Transformer is not simply a roadable aircraft - it is a four-seat vehicle that must be able to drive off-road, survive small-arms fire, and rapidly reconfigure into an aircraft that can take off and land vertically and be flown without pilot training. If you're one of those people who's always wondering why the flying car hasn't been invented yet, you're too late. Over the last year, scientists have been trying to perfect a real flying car — which is for the best, since an imperfect car has caused a lot of trouble in the past. Raise your hand if you used to secretly wish flying cars were a reality when watching movies like Back to the Future, Fifth Element, or even the TV show, the Jetsons.
While we might have just thought about the idea of a flying car, Paul Moller has dedicated the better part of his life trying to make the dream a reality. Moller, developer of the Skycar flying vehicle and other vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, said it has signed a memorandum of understanding with a joint-venture partner in China to develop, manufacture, distribute and sell its products in China.
Successfully tested in 1947, the Airphibian was the first roadable aircraft to be certified by the Civil Aeronautics Administration.
In terms of R&D, Unit Rail is developing a “potential game-changer” for concrete- and wood-tie customers: the Tie Armor™, which is produced from “Macro Composite,” a proprietary material that’s very durable, abrasion resistant, non-conductive, stable in extreme temperatures and UV-resistant, Unit Rail officials said.
You can take the man out of the plane, but you certainly can’t take the plane out of the man – case in point, former pilot Valery Bulgakov who hails from Russia who actually spent a huge chunk of his own time to build this prototype of a flying car. Henry Ford’s “sky flivver” took to the air in 1926 and came crashing down a couple of years later in a distance-record attempt that killed the pilot. The Convair Model 118 was also known as the Hall Flying Automobile, two prototypes of which were built and flown in 1947 before the project was scrapped.
Designed and built by Moulton Taylor in 1949, a company called Aerocar International ended up manufacturing six Aerocar models but the vehicle never entered production. The military got a taste for flying cars in the 1958 when this VTOL “flying jeep” was designed by the Curtiss-Wright company for the U.S. Another modern flying car under development, the I-Fly Maverick sticks out from the competition with its colored, masted flex wing, giant parachute, and airboat-like rear propeller.
For his latest stunt, he created an amazing HoverBike that can actually lift a person off the ground and fly around. But a new Toyota patent offers a solution to a classic flying car problem — awful blind spots and a vehicle that's too wide for roads, parking spaces and garages. While not the largest UPS hub, our Anchorage facility does play a key role in our international operations as a jumping off point to Asia. The current prototype of the personal flying machine can lift a 70 kg person and can be airborne for five minutes.
Scientists from Geli?im University in Turkey and Nagasaki University in Japan are preparing to unveil a prototype of the car in the coming months, Turkish media outlets reported.
Watch as he takes CBC's Reg Sherren into the workshop where he is building it, and then to a Quebec lake where he puts the new prototype to the test for the first time.
The phrase has become shorthand for innovation, but also an emblem of a future that never came. Of all the flying car concepts that we’ve seen, the design of the Sky Commuter actually doesn’t look half bad.
The 21st century was meant to have skyways instead of highways, with vehicles buzzing overhead, weaving through skyscrapers and gliding into skyports.
Although we’re a little behind schedule, there are a number of companies out there seriously working to bring flying cars to market in the next few years. Nasa is hoping that the plane could be remotely-controlled and used for mapping and long-endurance crop surveillance, as well as a personal air vehicle for up to four passengers. Rather than having one cabin, the unusual two-seat, high-wing design has two fuselages arranged side-by-side. The vehicle had been proven to work when piloted by remote control, but this time Moller wanted to be in the cockpit himself for a manned flight. What makes the Skycar different from other so-called flying cars is that it avoids a runway by taking off and landing vertically (VTOL).
The development of the car would be funded through internet-sourced investors, all of whom would receive a free ride in exchange for funding of $10,000, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
A notice of petition for exemption has been published by the FAA, allowing for public comment on the issue until January 20. It was founded by some ex-Boeing engineers who wanted to develop a two-passenger car with the ability to take off vertically and fly. The KC-46A is based on different elements of different variations of the Boeing 767, and once fielded, it will represent a massive capability increase in American aerial refueling and transport capabilities.
It is equipped with a modified Rotax 914 engine to provide power to four rotating cylinders for lift and a rear propeller for propulsion. We have already looked at the Terrafugia and the Aeromobil 3.0, which have both proven that what was once thought of as pure flight of fancy could soon become reality. Of course, that's not really possible, but it doesn't keep people from trying to make it a reality. Students of aviation history might look for inspiration to the Autoplane prototype built in 1917 by the flight pioneer Glenn Curtiss. Army, and these helicopter-cars could provide a futuristic way to provide medical care on the battlefield. Now they're looking to turn those dreams and drawings into working prototypes, using Indiegogo to help raise funds and, more importantly, awareness.
Visionaries have included Glenn Curtiss and his 1917 Model 11 Autoplane, Henry Dreyfuss's Corvaircar of 1947, Molt Taylor's 1949 Aerocar and Henry Smolinski's Mizar that mated a Ford Pinto to a Cessna Skymaster wing and engine in 1971.
Technically their creators prefer them to be called “roadable aircraft” now, though it’s a minor distinction.
Scientific American reports that two “transformer”-type vehicles in development, for government use. Designer Stefan Klein has created a dream that took over 20 years in the making, a car that can fly. But when the transformer is in drive mode, the rotors are tucked in to its side to make it look like a normal car.

The aircraft has completed several fully automatic test flights in which it carried out take-offs, flights to and from a specified location and landing back at its point of origination.
But that street-legal flying car has experienced years of delays, and the Aeromobil 2.5, a much sexier-looking flying car designed and built in Slovakia, recently made its first test flight. Transformer TX can't travel back in time - that we know - but the vehicle could be ready for testing as soon as 2015, according to Lockheed officials. The implementation of these unit load devices (ULDs) represents a milestone in aviation history, offering unprecedented protection from intense fires. Burn testing conducted by UPS and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and observed by the NTSB, has shown that a ULD with MACROLite panels can contain a fire with a peak temperature of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit for more than four hours.
Much of the collected data comes from automatic sensors placed at various points around the motorway to monitor vehicle speeds. Canada's Transportation Safety Board turned over the investigation to the manufacturer of the aircraft, ITEC, to come up with the cause and the company's COO Troy Townsend traveled to Kelowna, British Columbia, a week later to conduct the probe. But instead of requiring drivers to find a runway, they could merely head to the local helipad -- or a parking lot -- and take off using tilt-rotor technology.
The recent kickoff of a technical demonstrator program marks a transition from dialogue to actually putting an aircraft in the sky. A broad area announcement for the joint multi-role technical demonstrator was put out in August 2012.
With the help of some friends, Tomb created “Maria del Camino.” She’s an excavator topped with a 1959 El Camino, mounted on a hydraulic array that lifts it high off the ground.
For more than 100 years, people have dreamed of the freedom of a flying car and many attempts have been made to realize this dream, but now it has truly became a reality.
And, while you’re at it, you’re also going to need both a driver’s license and a pilot’s license, as well as both car and airplane insurance. The PD2 from PlaneDriven is a modification of a Glasair Sportsman kit airplane with the addition of a separate 50-horsepower "drive unit" attached to the back.
Not only does the idea of flying across roads just sound cool as hell, it actually is starting to become more and more practical in a world that is quickly becoming over-congested with very limited space for cars, trucks, and other roadway transportation. He has gone through many major prototypes over the years, with one of the most publicly promoted models being the M400X Skycar. 30, 2011, a 7-person jury comprising of journalists, engineers, businesspeople and professors announced Carplane® winner of this year's top business idea award. This model won’t take to the skies in a way you imagine, as it is meant to be low flying, where Valery has dubbed it the ‘V.
This biodiesel-fueled roadable aircraft developed by British company Parajet uses both a paramotor and a ParaWing so that if the engine fails, the pilot can glide the vehicle safely back to the ground. His most recent effort is on the far right and uses four ducted fans encasing the propellers to improve aerodynamics and avoid slicing through passing pedestrians and other vehicles. A long list of challenges has held back flying cars since their initial creation almost a century ago. Anchorage averages 90 inbound and 90 outbound flights a week and is home to nearly 1,000 of our employees. The student inventors, who hail from the National University of Singapore, call their creation, the Snowstorm. A method of morphing a wing includes morphing a lower surface between a stowed shape and a deployed shape.
As venture capitalist Peter Thiel famously lamented, “We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.” Read more here.
The original Boeing Sky Commuter concept utilized three fans connected to a gas-turbine engine as its power-base and relied on a helicopter-style drive shaft to maneuver around the roads and the skies. CBS News correspondent John Blackstone covered Moller's attempt for the "CBS Evening News" as part of a story on the pursuit of a flying car. In addition to its VTOL capability, the Skycar fits in a single car garage, is designed to fly at over 300 miles per hour and can drive on the street to a nearby Vertiport (Heliport) where it will use the automated highway in the sky called HITS, now in development by the US government.
Youngstown is the second base to receive a test version of the new system, designed for easier and more secure installation and better protection for aircrew members. It's not entirely a dream, either, because a company from Slovakia called AeroMobil has a solution that actually appears to work. Bulthoff -- one of the leading researchers on the 'MyCopter' project -- it's a serious question.
And tens of millions of motorists who have been stuck in traffic jams stretching toward the horizon must also feel a need to know: Where are the flying cars? So if you’re tired of the travel-go-round that goes from booking your tickets to leaving for the airport, checking in your baggage, spending quality time with a TSA agent, boarding, and finally arriving, and you’d like a process that means driving your car and then flying it, you’re ready for The OverDrive, a flying car that uses a Corvette engine and a 33.4 foot wing span to take you from the highways to the airways.
The (obvious) catch: if this ambitious project does get of the ground, it won't come cheap. They come in various flavours, from civilian plane-cars like the Transition to military troop transports like the Transformer, but they all combine the mobility of air travel with the ease and safety of “roading” (known to regular humans as “driving”).
Lockheed Martin and the much smaller Advanced Tactics are each working on potential designs, both with government DARPA backing. Delivery of the new containers will begin this September and is expected to be complete by early 2014. That time frame would give a flight crew ample time to land safely in the event of an in-flight fire.
Also known as Taylor Aerocar, this car features foldable wings which quickly makes the change from a flying car to a road vehicle and vice versa. This means accurate, up-to-date reports can be provided which is normally faster than other mediums, such as radio.
Her body is adorned with thousands of drilled-out holes, and her hood sports a portrait of the robot woman from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, which shines when the light hits it.
For road use, its entire aft section, including the tail and wings, was detached and rested on its own small wheels. It's a 5,900-pound (2,676-kilogram) armored vehicle with rock-crushing off-road capabilities, a 5,100-pound (2,313-kilogram) payload capacity and … wings?
But it’s fun to imagine that once upon a time, Jed Clampett tooled around in one of these mini-copters, with the fuselage doubling as a moonshine still. It’s also got a emergency ballistic reserve parachute in the event everything totally goes to hell. One problem is putting the wings on the side of the car, which blocks driver sight lines and makes the vehicle so wide that it's difficult to park and drive on roads. The lower surface curves towards the supper surface in the stowed shape and curves away from the upper surface in the deployed shape.” Read more here.
Should consumers expect to see this new driverless model, known as the TF-X™, zipping around in the sky sometime soon? A typical quadcopter won't cut it, so his machine has 16 separate motors and props, with a cluster of lithium-ion batteries to power it.
Now, a new contender called the Black Knight has appeared to vie for the honour of being the US military’s first roadable aircraft, debuting with a fully successful flight test.
Occasionally, a promising announcement would get our hopes up, but our skeptical eyes cut right through it. From a temperature standpoint, UPS says the fire approximated what would be experienced in a large-scale lithium battery fire caused by thermal runaway.
Since weight is of the essence, the computer-optimized frame is made of lightweight 6060 aluminum. Within minutes, its rotor is unfolded, its tail is extended, and then it is ready to take off. The Airphibian was quite airworthy, and on a dare from Life magazine, inventor Robert Fulton once used it to travel from his home in Connecticut to Manhattan to attend a Broadway show. Off in the far side of the hangar sat his original wooden mock-up of the chassis, a three-wheeled aerodynamic lozenge right out of a manga enthusiast’s idea of a speed racer. The final piece of the puzzle is the control system, and Crijns chose the MultiWii Autopilot, a well-known product that adjusts the power on each motor to keep things straight and level. The Pal-V is very easy and safe to fly, thanks to the advanced gyrocopter technology, which allows for take-off and landing in small spaces. He encouraged me to climb in and get a feel for the feng shui of the driver’s seat, the view out the windshield, the sense of balance. But what he really wanted me to see was that this thing was real—that the flying car is no longer in that jetpack realm of promising technology that never quite arrives. Called the AT Black Knight Transformer, it combines the vertical take-off and landing of a helicopter with the off-road driving capabilities of a truck.

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