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Over the past few years I have implemented online lead generation systems for our brokerage and have become a big fan of lead generation using landing pages. At this point you know that being a player on the web is the right call for agents in virtually any area, but what happens when potential homebuyers actually end up on your site? To start off the discussion the right way, let’s talk about what a landing page is, as well as why making the switch to strong offerings on this front is more important than ever before.
So just how beneficial can well-crafted landing pages be as you welcome prospective homebuyers to your site? Now that you understand the true value of a proper landing page, it’s time to talk about how best to capture the huge lead generation potential – in some cases up to a 60 percent increase – found within these offerings.
Additionally, optimized landing pages also offer a variety of search engine optimization (SEO) benefits. Of course, talking over the particulars of landing page best practices is only part of the learning process. After taking a look at the landing page associated with the River City development in Toronto, you’ll notice a few distinct features. On the other side of the spectrum is the less than stellar example offered up by My Condo Pro.
As far as “game changing” additions to your landing page and common mistakes go, there’s a few things you need to keep your eye out for as you start exploring this digital territory.
First, winning landing pages have attractive imagery and video content that can help boost conversions and engage the viewer.
From here, breaking down the benefits of your offer in bullet points, or some other easily digestible format, continues the process of enticing the reader to take the plunge and convert. In terms of the “don’ts” that can turn viewers off in a hurry, putting too much text on your landing page, or having too many fields and questions for these clients to fill out, can undo all of the progress you’ve made on this front.
From realtors just entering the business to established names in markets far and wide, Top5Agent has helped many real estate professionals boost their leads significantly, all by implementing smart online presence tactics and industry-leading custom landing pages. The experts here at Top5 Agent help brokerages and agents alike create and utilize their online presence properly, all while increasing lead capturing potential by 40 to 50 percent.
To find out more about Top5Agent online solutions, including our killer Landing Page Creator, click here! As always when we bring in a guest who offers their product or services from AgentsBoost we NEVER take a cut or make a dime.

We believe that when one considers the combination of cost, comfort and convenience, there is no better apartment living choice in Yorktown and the Hampton Roads Peninsula than Four Seasons Apartments. Our wooded private grounds are complemented by a large swimming pool with oversized deck and children's wading pool, basketball and tennis courts, picnic and playground areas. Four Seasons Apartments are located in the midst of Virginia's Hampton Roads Peninsula, in centrally located Yorktown.
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First, this page has a clearly present and focused CTA and message that grabs the reader’s attention. On this landing page, there’s no clear CTA or message, and the sign-up form is located near the bottom of the page. Additionally, offering up eye-catching headlines that focus on building curiosity and intrigue around your value proposition – all while skipping the overt “buy this now!” language – also play a major role in the process. Utilizing clear, straightforward CTAs that only take up about a sentence or two of on-screen real estate also goes a long way with your landing page audience. Fortunately, if you’re able to make good use of this information and present a page that helps viewers find the right home, discover their purchasing power, evaluate home-worth, or delve into some other important topic or niche, there’s no reason why your landing page can’t join the ranks of the highest converting members of this field. Top5agent provides a variety of innovative web solutions for the real estate industry, including modern agent’s websites, integrated CRM, customizable easy-to-use landing pages, and social media and blogging content management.

All of our customizable websites are sleek, modern, and possess a variety of tools to engage visitors, capture leads, and convert these potential consumers into satisfied clients.
Four Seasons is in a good school district which was my main concern when I was originally searching for an apartment. If you’re firmly in the latter category, it’s time to take a moment and talk about why having a unique and engaging take on landing pages can help you capture even more leads. After filling out a few details and submitting this information, the user then makes his or her way to the other areas of interest on your site. The moral of the story here is clear; if you’re a realtor who isn’t directing consumers to the right portions of your site via specific landing pages as part of each ad or promotion, you’re leaving a ton of business on the table. These issues might not seem like much at first glance, but when it comes to your impact with potential clients and conversions, these stumbling points can end up being catastrophic.
Finally, having a lead capture form that helps track these sign-ups and bolsters your user information database ensures that you harvest all the data needed to continue to refine and optimize this process. Top5Agent also offers custom web development and design, web hosting, branding, and various pay-per-click lead generation programs.
Top5Agent also conducts free educational sessions for real estate agents and brokers that cover a wide range of topics, such as social media, lead generation and capturing, pre-construction landing pages, and branding best practices.
The 2 bedroom floor plan is spacious and I enjoy being able to sit on my balcony when I want some fresh air. When you pull out of your parking spot, it takes only minutes to be on I-64 and other major Peninsula highways.
If it takes more than five seconds to answer this group of questions, then something needs to change.
Finally, the aesthetically pleasing imagery helps wrap up the “complete package” offered by this landing page.
If you’re looking for customer-oriented services that deliver creative and effective results, look no farther than Top5Agent. However, if you pass this test, and work with someone who can put the rest of what you’ve learned here to good use, there’s no reason why you can’t capitalize on the increase in leads that come with a stellar set of landing pages.

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