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This course provides students with a good knowledge and a sound grasp of the basic concepts of marketing and their application in real life.
This module helps students to develop an understanding and awareness of the environment in which a business operates, particularly from the economic perspective. This course sets a minimum standard of the acquisition of skills in recognizing and expressing data in numerical terms for the solution of marketing problems. This course enables students to recognize when legal aspects are involved in their work and to know how to communicate, with and utilize the services of legal advisers.
The course aims at developing the student’s communicative skills, fluency and critical thought. The module provides an understanding of the finance function in a corporate context which focuses on methods of internal management of funds and investment decision making together with related topics and an understanding of the underpinning theory. This course provides candidates with a sound appreciation of behavioral concepts and their application to Marketing. This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of human resource management (HRM) functions within organizations, including an appreciation of the roles of both HRM specialists and line managers in designing and implementing effective HRM policies and practices.
This course provides sufficient practice to students in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of marketing situations, both to develop their powers of diagnosis and as a contribution to the creation of firm bases for decision making. This course provides adequate knowledge to students to gain a level that will enable them to perform adequately in a single functional area within marketing by gaining a deeper knowledge of different theories and marketing practices. This module provides students with a better understanding of the routes and methods by which a business communicates with its stakeholders and various markets and the ways in which such routes and methods may be evaluated. This course explains to students how to develop the necessary skills to become a better manager: It focuses on the executive stance, executive success patterns, executive success skills and executive responsibilities. Moreover, our BSc is recognised by the CIM(UK) for direct entry on to the Professional Diploma in Marketing. The aims of this course are to increase and refine the strategic management skills of the students, most of whom are already in management posts. We pursue this aim through the experience, intelligence, and wisdom of our carefully selected Members of Staff, all of whom are in high managerial positions in Industry, Banking and Business. The course emphasises strategy formulation and implementation as it occurs in each of the functional areas and in the organisation as a whole.
While strategy formulation focuses on questions of direction, implementation investigates the most effective means of working in those directions.
You will examine management principles and market research, as well as advertising, promotions, and consumer behavior best practices. Marketing Management is designed to serve as an introduction to the theory and practice of marketing.

The theories and principles of organization and management, as well as their application in business and industry are thoroughly discussed.
Experience has shown that, since much business information and market intelligence takes a numerical form, only a few problems can be dealt with effectively without an adequate understanding of statistics and statistical method. Specialist ability is not sought but main attention should be paid to the sections of Contract, Trade Practices, Sales of Goods and Agency. It entails reading and listening comprehension practice tests, exploring texts and motivating students to take part in conversations and discussions of various lengths and levels. Different ratios are combined to assist students realize the necessity of different financial considerations regarding an effective decision making like ROI, budgeting, etc. Marketing is concerned specifically with the influences affecting customer and supplier behavior in a wide variety of roles and situations and it is, therefore most important for students to apply this knowledge this knowledge in their work. It aims to give the learner a solid foundation concerning a variety of HR aspects including management of personnel from the recruiting stage to retirement. It is designed as a course in understanding information systems and the technology that comes with them. From a number of different cases, students will empower their ability to judge and propose new actions. This course explains the importance of Public Relations in business by examining the types of media, corporate public relations functions and its application to the business environment.
By then completing the required CPD hours they can acquire the title of Chartered Marketer!
Superior management is the result of certain attitudes, knowledge, and skills that combined in unique persons to secure an organisation’s survival, growth, financial returns, and continuous adaptation to changing circumstances. Lecturers and Tutors are encouraged to be venturesome, authoritative and contentious so as to keep challenging all students involved. The collapse of the Eastern Socialist economies and the growing, stiff, competition from China and India has made managers in the advanced countries of Europe reconsider their marketing strategies. Strategy formulation is concerned with an analysis of the interaction of external (outside the firm) environmental factors, with internal (inter-firm) strengths and weaknesses, and with the goals and values of the organisation’s key managers. Through this program, you will strengthen your communication and leadership skills and analyze how to market in local and international environments. Students will improve their ability to develop effective marketing strategies and assess market opportunities, as well as design strategy implementation programs.
Additional this course will provide an overview of how economic factors affect internally and externally an organization. The functions of management (Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, and Controlling) and the different ownership with their strengths and weaknesses form part of the course coverage.

The course focuses on advanced concepts of information technology and the role that IT systems play in the business world.
The entire scope of the field will be examined with emphasis placed upon areas of specialization, media relations, and simultaneous multi-public workings. The aim of the course is to help turn managers into generalists, a requirement for any successful manager operating in global competition.
Major components of the course include networking, databases and data structures, data communication, risks of computerization and the use of the internet in an organization. To keep ahead of continuing shifts in environmental trends and maintain company policies and priorities appropriate to the Cypriot and world market places, managers must be able to formulate and implement successful competitive strategies. The school gives them a great base for going out into the working world.Angela BrownBusiness Administration - Marketing2013 Graduate WHAT OUR STUDENTS SAY:My experience working at Century 21 was awesome!
I got to apply so much of my marketing knowledge in this one month and enjoyed every minute of it.
With the help of research data and a solid understanding of consumer behavior, marketers get involved at the design stage to make sure products being developed are the ones people want and will be sold in places where they shop. Marketers monitor and incorporate the latest trends such as the newest digital media into their plans to ensure that they are reaching customers in the right way, and with the right message to build relationships with them. Back to TopProgram Description (Laptop program)NOTE: Students enrolling in this program are required to purchase their own laptop. For specific hardware and software requirements for this program click here.As the link between an organization and its customer base, marketers require creative and practical decision-making skills and clear and persuasive communication skills. This program will help you develop your business skills for a variety of job opportunities in a number of different sectors.
It will also offer a balance between the marketing-specific subjects and general business subjects required for success.
You will be registered in General Arts and Science – Business Preparation (GASB) for one semester. Upon successful completion of the semester and the applied mathematics course, you can apply to transfer to Business – Semester 2.

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