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You can Download the Business Bill of Sale Form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. With the rainy season fully upon us, business has quieted giving business owners the chance to make strategic decisions before high season returns.
For the business investor, now is a great time for look around for business opportunities as sellers are motivated and there is still time to make a purchase and be ready to hit the ground running for the start of high season in December.
In Costa Rica, there isn’t a specific place to find out about businesses for sale or MLS listings. Businesses for Sale – The businesses who have listed on this site have paid to do so and in that regard I have found the quality of listings to be is good.
Facebook – Periodically, I see business owners list their businesses for sale on various Facebook pages like the local “Garage Sale” group pages. Many business owners don’t want their employees to know they are thinking about selling their business so they strive to sell without it becoming public knowledge.

Many are using this is the time for renovations, product improvements, making business changes or deciding it is time to move on. The site allows business owners to write an overview about their business and provide some basic information. These pages are usually followed by the locals in the area and can contain everything from items for sale to local news.
Costa Rica is a country where literally everything is for sale… If you see a business you are interested in, get the owners contact information and contact them directly to inquire about the possibilities. For example, warehouses, commercial property, hotels, restaurants, retail stores… Many of the real estate companies have websites with their listings. Often walking the street and physically scouting the area will give you a different sense of and appreciation for the place.
Often relators, lawyers, business professionals and other business owners may be able to steer you to some opportunities.
We are always here to assist you or conduct independent site and management visits on your behalf.

All of the businesses I have contacted and met with through this site have been legitimate and serious about selling. Most of the listings provide very little information so it is necessary to contact the owner in order to get information. It is a good idea to have some idea of the type of business you are looking for and your budget to help guide them. Obviously, it is better to get their card and call them to set up a meeting than to ask if the business is for sale in front of customers.

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