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Other than that it's the same old Focus, same kerb weights, same interior space, same slightly-too-small boot.
Inspired by Arthur Honegger's Pacific 231, a composition about a steam locomotive, Converse's work was a celebration of the 10,000,000th Ford to be manufactured and was split into five movements starting with Dawn in Detroit and ending portentously, with May Night By The Roadside.
It isn't, because this is a mass-market car selling to canny fleet managers and the public alike. So there are hatchbacks, saloons and estates, in six trim levels with a choice of six engines all with at least two power outputs and five- and six-speed gearboxes plus a semi-automatic.
The tailgate and bonnet are simpler pressings, while the grille and front and rear lower panels are cleaner, with far fewer vents.

The dashboard is smoother, made of better materials, with fewer confusing buttons (partly thanks to the introduction of Ford's Sync2 voice-activated control system).
The seats are trimmed in better man-made upholstery and the centre console has been subject to advanced beverage storage engineering that some folk might dismiss as mere cupholders. There are also two new engines, a diesel and a petrol, both turbocharged and displacing 1.5 litres. It hasn't, but the body moves around more over bumps, the wheels seem to have more travel and the whole car feels more lively. Comfort is undoubtedly better, especially over small nibbly bumps that in the previous car would feed their way into the car as vibration, but the handling has lost a smidgeon of its precision in the process. The steering doesn't feel quite as scrupulously accurate and the body control, while still good, doesn't quite have that tied-down quality as before.

Ford needs only to remember the awful accountants' special, the Mk5 Escort, which prompted the great engineers' revolt and a sea change in the way the company engineered its cars. Like Tennyson's Ulysses, Ford engineers need "to strive, to seek and not to yield" to the demands of accountants or marketing wonks, who would soften and cheapen this remarkable car. The new Focus is like the old Focus, great handling, useful and good to drive, but Ford needs to watch the competition because it's incredibly strong TELEGRAPH VERDICT Four stars out of five THE RIVALS Mazda 3 from A?16,693 Consummately brilliant family hatch with a chassis balance that pleases the family and the enthusiast. Top models get a clever twist-beam Watts linkage suspension, interiors are classy, engines are economical but noisy.

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