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One positive benefit of growth is that it helps a business to reduce costs through economies of scale. By lowering costs, an organisation increases its profitability and becomes more competitive. One way of analysing the various strategies that an organisation may use to grow the business is with Igor Ansoff’s (1965) matrix.
Market penetration - involves selling more established products into existing markets, often by increased promotion or price reductions or better routes to market, for example online. Product development - involves developing new products or services and placing them into existing markets. Market development - entails taking existing products or services and selling them in new markets. Diversification - involves developing new products and putting them into new markets at the same time.
Enterprise has focused most of its growth strategies on market development, product development and diversification. Below are external web links provided by Enterprise Rent-A-Car in relation to their business activities.
Subscribe to our newsletter for current business news including lesson plans and activity ideas. If you learnt more about Marketing and product strategies for growth from this Enterprise Rent-A-Car case study, why not share it with others? In 1998 Cadbury Trebor Bassett rebranded its Cadbury chocolate lines aimed principally at children: Buttons, Fudge, Curly Wurly, Chomp, Wildlife, Taz and Freddo. These products could not all become one brand, because of their very different brand characteristics. Cadbury LAND capitalises on children's love of likeable characters placed in a world of their own. In Cadbury LAND, each character contributes in an endearing way to the making of 'their' product. Below are external web links provided by Cadbury Schweppes in relation to their business activities. If you learnt more about Branding strategies to create value from this Cadbury Schweppes case study, why not share it with others?
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At a moment when humanity faces unprecedented challenges to the ecological, social, and economic balance of our world, making a compelling business case for sustainability can seem ironic. Business leaders face a simple mandate: Deliver economic returns to owners and investors commensurate with the perceived risk of your market and industry, or find a new job. Sustainability – as a conceptual framework for the organization of priorities and allocation of resources – provides a unique platform for reducing costs, identifying and managing risk, enhancing brand, and driving innovation. In late 2009, the MIT Sloan Management Review and Boston Consulting Group jointly published an exhaustive survey on how business executives and other organizational leaders view the value to their enterprise of sustainability strategies. At Brightworks, we find ourselves hired by clients ranging from universities to public agencies to global corporations to help them understand and prioritize how these sets of values can serve them. The business case for sustainability sorts cleanly into seven major groupings of benefits which we call The Business Case Seven. Improves how customers, regulators, investors, communities, value chain feel about your organization and its products or services.

Create products and services for burgeoning market that cares about ‘green;’ reduce the environmental footprint of production process, waste stream and product. Reduction and elimination of hazardous or toxic materials in supply chain reduces regulatory exposure and risk of worker or customer health impacts. Green companies showing premium valuations; Green buildings showing improved lease and sale value, lower vacancy.
Increasingly, public agencies and institutional investment funds require a sustainability filter for their investments as well as product and vendor selections. The Business Case for Sustainability provides a clear framework to enable firms of all types – business, government agencies, and institutions – to evaluate and prioritize opportunities to create value and mitigate risk through sustainability strategies.
Brightworks exists to serve clients who find the Value Proposition compelling, within the business case, the ethical case, or both.
A common method used to review changes in the internal and external environment is a SWOT analysis. Management accountants look at this data and balance short and long-term plans and goals to ensure sustainable growth. Below are external web links provided by Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in relation to their business activities. If you learnt more about Developing ethical business strategies from this Chartered Institute of Management Accountants case study, why not share it with others?
This bright and engaging A3 ePoster looks at how Tesco takes its visions and values and creates strategies to help grow the business in a variety of ways.
Since it was established in Germany in 1949, by Adolf Dassler, adidas has been synonymous with the sporting industry. Within the marketing function of any organisation there will be key goals, or objectives, to be achieved.
An organisation’s marketing mix is its own way to uniquely position the brand and drive sales. This marketing case study demonstrates the importance and application of the marketing mix. If you learnt more about Planning effective marketing strategies for a target audience from this adidas case study, why not share it with others?
What was needed was a new 'umbrella' that gave them some togetherness whilst preserving their separate identities. Dudley Sidebottom represents the child consumer and his chocolate-related adventures offer the route by which everyone can enter and enjoy Cadbury LAND.
For the prospect of doing business in a world wracked by Katrina-scale hurricanes, resource scarcity -- like the recent drought-induced grain shortages in Russia, and the political instability that such shortages always create, seems unsettling at best. Similarly, government agencies, public institutions, and NGOs all share the same ultimate challenge: Create lasting value for your constituents, or step aside and let the competition take your place.
No other business priority offers as rich a set of benefits over time - benefits that create, enhance and preserve lasting value for all stakeholders. The study – a survey of 1,500 business, government, and NGO leaders concluded that, "practitioners with more knowledge about sustainability… tended to consider the economic, social, and even personal impacts of sustainability-related changes in the business landscape. These values echo through all of our projects and form the core of our approach to helping organizations understand how sustainability can help them succeed, and then take action to capture those opportunities.
Good planning enables businesses to put together more accurate forecasts for the future direction of the business.
SWOT looks at the internal strengths and weaknesses of an organisation and at its external opportunities and threats.

Organisations that have the best prospects of emerging with success from a recession are those that manage to cut costs and improve efficiency whilst still investing in the future.
The poster uses an easy-to-digest diagram, highlighting key points from Tesco’s case study which support the curriculum and help you achieve.
Today, adidas is a global public company and is one of the largest sports brands in the world.
However, in increasingly competitive markets innovative methods of promotion can create a competitive advantage.
Organisations want to see a return on investment (ROI) for the money they spend on a promotional campaign. For adidas, this includes understanding what its consumers want and producing innovative products that fulfil these needs.
This is because the business is expanding into areas outside its core activities and experience as well as targeting a new audience.
Children feel comfortable with all this, because they have enjoyed something similar before in other contexts.
But because quarterly reporting requirements punish long-range investment strategies that may compromise short term profits, a clear articulation of the business case for sustainability becomes the requisite entry point for any serious discussion about sustainability or business strategy. The SWOT analysis is used to show the results of an audit of internal and external factors. As part of this process, they must also consider the ethical impact of any strategic decisions they make. As soon as your order has been processed, you can download and print your poster, so there’s no waiting around for delivery. It is a household brand name with its three stripes logo recognised in markets across the world. Promotional activity is used to communicate with consumers about the brand and its products. The main purpose of a marketing strategy is to set out the means by which agreed marketing objectives are to be achieved. In particular, they look at the probability of other events taking place that could help or hinder the business. This is a delicate balancing act, but one for which CIMA management accountants are trained and thrive upon. Every aspect of its promotional campaign, both online and offline, was continuously monitored and measured. Thus, Buttons is 'a bit dizzy and giggles a lot', Wildlife is 'an eccentric old buffer' and Fudge is 'a bit of a loony'.
He then uses both financial and non-financial data to make business plans to minimise risk and exploit the opportunities identified. For example, the current pessimistic economic climate will have major implications for a business.

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