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Lisa Holt, formerly of brand communications firm We Do, has launched the Creative Alchemist – a team which it says boasts more than 35 years of design and marketing experience. The agency recently held an opening event to welcome clients to its new HQ and officially launch the website. May 3, 2016 By Khalid Al-Shami On March 30th Dennis Moore, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of the Denver Broncos football club visited the Business School at CU Denver and also Professor Lawrence Cunningham’s graduate course in sports sponsorship. Location: CU Denver Business School 5th Floor Laube Collaboration Commons 1475 Lawrence St.
TweetTwo tri-state off-site home builders in Iowa are seeing improvements in their respective housing markets, according to thonline. Doug Stimpson, vice president and general manager of All American Homes in Dyersville, in northeastern Iowa told MHProNews that business has increased 30 percent in the last four years, and already this year it is up five to ten percent.
Stimpson said his company, which employs 75, usually shuts down for six weeks in the winter, but this year that will be shortened two to four weeks due to higher sales. Burds Housing was founded in 1972, and offers both manufactured and modular homes which Brothers Todd and Tim Burds customize before sending the blueprints to factories where they are built. The majority of Burds business is within a 100-mile radius of Dubuque, and they see the opportunity to grow, in part, because more site-built homebuilders are retiring and no one is replacing them.
As MHProNews understands, many construction workers left the industry in the wake of the housing downturn, and contractors are finding the pool of available tradesmen thin. The Traverse City Business News tapped three marketing minds and asked for their 2016 take on the latest in digital marketing. The visual-based social networks are continuing to grow and Instagram has finally opened its platform for paid ads. Also, and this one is really exciting … real-time location-based marketing is getting hotter right now which is great news for small brick-and-mortar businesses. While it’s definitely nothing new video ads will be huge in 2016, because Google is making changes to finally add embedded videos to its search engine results. That question is always a tough one, because the answer is always different for each type of business.
Mobile is everywhere all the time; we are collectively addicted to our mobile phones and tablets, therefore websites, web content and digital campaigns must be optimized for these modern devices. Although email marketing can be an effective way to communicate a promotional message to a list of existing customers, direct email marketing to rented lists of non-targeted customers usually has limited impact and can be costly. Consumers’ research and shopping habits are changing, tech-savvy millenials are becoming influential buyers, and boomers are slowly aging out. Content marketing should definitely be a part of your marketing mix, but watch out for oversharing.
Content marketing is hard, building audiences is difficult, and metrics can sometimes be hard to determine.
In the digital advertising world, we must be aware of and responsive to ad blocking technology, especially with Apple’s iOS9 update. For the past 19 years we’ve asked our clients to nominate the top MACRO.CCS consultant for that year (they can only pick one!) Consultants are evaluated on the qualities essential to success such as communication, teamwork, effectiveness, technical skills, etc. Patricia earned our 2015 award while working as a Project Manager for the City of Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection. To commemorate Patricia’s great work with the City of Seattle, MACRO.CCS and Patricia’s team celebrated at the City offices. Student’s came prepared, studied up on the topic, and were ready to go with a long list of questions. During this talk Nick will discuss Convention over Configuration, demonstrate how Rails abstracts MySQL queries, and possibly include some live-coding!
And if you can’t make it, we have high hopes this event will be taped so we can post it here on our blog for your viewing pleasure at your convenience. Meditation isn’t just something you do as part of a yoga routine because your hyperbolically laid back and centered yoga instructor makes it part of the class. Research is coming to light now that demonstrates a clear connection between how we treat our mind and our overall health. There are a whole host of benefits associated with meditation, but perhaps one of the single biggest benefits comes from improved mental performance.
So grab a comfy pillow and sit cross legged as we dive into how you can use meditation to improve your interview skills. Meditation has been closely linked with a reduction in negative emotional states such as stress, anxiety, depression and an increase in peace. Another, unsung, benefit of meditation is a relatively new finding: meditation may improve parallel processing in the human brain. While it has been reported that multi-tasking can actually decrease your productivity levels, such a skill is still necessary in an interview.
So essentially what we’ve got is a simple method to improving our disposition during incredibly stressful times in our lives. We’re proud to support the US Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation by serving as a donation center this holiday season. We thought we’d have some fun this year and jazz up our classic logo for the holiday season.
The Premier CIO Forum – Portland is a joint event hosted with the Portland chapter of SIM (Society for Information Management, an organization which our own Vickie Stovall has been an active Seattle-area chapter member of since 2002. This invitation-only event affords a fantastic opportunity to listen to, and learn from, Portland-area IT executives on topics from cyber security, IT leadership, archiving data, and cloud computing. So its not IT focused, but think of the embedded development required for a rocket… right? It doesn’t matter if you are searching for a job passively or actively, it’s wise to be organized and thorough to make sure that you are approaching each position prepared, with your best foot forward.
Most importantly: so you can monitor your success, and avoid wasting time re-applying to the same position may times.
This also helps so you have a quick and easy reference point for when you DO get calls back. Sending multiple applications into the same company can also result in you being ‘lost in the shuffle’. Breaking down office dress codes (business formal to casual) & deciding how to dress for your next interview. While Microsoft may be notorious for judging candidates for being overdressed at their interviews, MOST businesses do not follow this doctrine. As we’ve mentioned before, your interview is your chance to market & present the best version of yourself in order to land a new job. Before we jump into specifics, we wanted to give a quick look at what each dress code means. Everything else being equal, one company may title you Vice President while another titles you Manager.

And though you were hired as a web developer, your duties morphed over the years, while your title (perhaps more related to pay grade than duties) remained static. Realistically, titles are generally unimportant, except as an organization’s internal status indicators. Or if you’re the hiring manager, how do you attract the person you need when the company’s titles don’t fit the job? Last week we celebrated our 25th Anniversary along with clients, candidates, and friends at The Columbia Tower Club. I remember moving borrowed furniture into the office space on Bel-Red Road on the Friday before we opened doors: March 13, 1989.
A bit of history: MACROSTAFF came into being in 1991 after EDS tried to hire MACROSEARCH to market their nascent staffing services. Our history has been rich with solid relationships with great organizations and great people. The more preparation, the less buggy, and the more professional and successful your next Skype interview can be. Sometimes – even when you have the skills, steady work experience, aligned career goals,  similar cultural values – you don’t get the job. At the bare minimum: shower, pay some attention to your hair, and dress in clean, well-fitting clothes. Curious how Washington state communities are preparing to protect themselves from cyber attacks?  If so, please make sure to save the date for the next Association of Women in Computing – Puget Sound Chapter meeting on February 19th, at 6pm, in Seattle. Having been in business nearly 25 years now, our team has seen some interesting things happen in interviews. We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, filled with the people (and food!) you love. So as a job-candidate how do you evaluate the company culture? We suggest a two-pronged approach. Research: This is crucial to better understanding the business and coming across as an informed, interested, and active participant in the interview. Finally, websites such as Indeed and Glassdoor can also prove useful to gain insight into a company and its employees.
A sunny Seattle summer day, a nice round of golf, and hobnobbing with your fellow technologists? The shift from demand for IT contractors to demand for direct-hire employees generally signals an accelerating economy. Over the past couple of years, we at MACRO.CCS have noticed a large push for internal IT employees and away from contractors. Overview:  eHarmony was one of the earliest, fastest growing and still one of the largest online dating sites. This presentation, by eHarmony architect Ryan Barker, will start with a brief overview of of the various architectures spanning the last 13 years, followed by an in depth analysis of the current hybrid SOA + Hadoop based architecture. Our founder, Marjie Peterson, has always held an active position in the business community over the years. Graphic of globe, news and agenda icons has been used to design this power point icon template. His first stop was the CU Denver Marketing Club lead by Senior Marketing Instructor Mary Lee Stansifer. He added, “The improvement in the overall economy and the lower interest rates have certainly helped. This technology helps to target your customers at the point of engagement – when they are physically at your business.
If a business hasn’t already switched its website to a mobile-optimized site, 2016 will be the year to do it. If a business has a limited marketing budget, I would first take the time to understand your customer and work on having a well designed, user-friendly and informative mobile-optimized website.
Google is not going away and will likely continue to dominate, but new players are entering the environment as consumers are looking for alternatives to lower the Google dependence. If your website and digital campaign content connect your brand to your customers, the spend will have more impact and get better results. Defined by Joe Pulizzi, the originator of the term, content marketing is “an approach where instead of distracting our audience with advertising that’s not relevant to them, we’re going to create valuable, compelling, and relevant content on a consistent basis and build and audience over that time in order to see some profitable customer action.” Traditional media is seeing a shift to online, consumers are seeking information on their own, and consumers are turning a blind eye to digital ads. The consumer landscape is constantly changing, so how brands reach them will have to change, too. Marketers should now be setting sights on developing more effective and consumer-aware digital ad design. The marketing strategy will really depend on the set goals and objectives that need to be achieved.
In their nomination, the client also explains why they think this consultant should be our Consultant of the Year. In nominating Patricia, her manager gave her five stars in all categories, citing her creativity, initiative and determination as keys to her effectiveness in helping the department meet their goals. Tickets are $35 for non-AITP-members, $28 for members and will be for sale for the next 24 hours.
This series invites professionals from the Seattle area to come talk to the class and demo new technologies that these students might not get exposure to otherwise – helping them stay relevant and competitive in the market place once they have graduated.
The concept of meditation has come a long way in Western culture , shifting from something that only Eastern cultures “do” towards a mainstream health acceptance and practice.
This is particularly important when you begin to talk about interviewing for jobs or starting a new one.
Now just imagine for a moment that when you sit down for that interview with someone who is ostensibly grading you, that, rather than feel anxious and jittery, you instead feel calm and at ease. You’re dealing with expected & unexpected questions, while monitoring your eye contact and overall posture, trying to think of good follow up questions AND actually ingest what you’re learning. These benefits aren’t limited to interviews of course, so look into ways that you can incorporate a little meditation every day and you never know – it might just be that extra kick you need! Check out this new LA-based start-up, HeadSpace, that was recently featured in a list of top LA tech-startups.
Plus there are morning and evening networking events affording you the opportunity to hob nob, and enjoy a beverage, with others like yourself in the IT industry.
We’ve scoured Pinterest and the rest of the internet to bring you these awesome, witty, tech-focused costumes. Studies show that the average internal recruiter spends 5-7 seconds  looking at each resume. Thanks to folks like Steve Jobs, jeans and a T have become standard attire for many development shops; swap that T for a button up flannel and you’re ready for that big presentation meeting! Names vary depending on who you ask, but the above titles (Business Formal, Business, Business Casual, Smart Casual, and Casual) should at least provide a good guideline and starting point. That is, until you decide to look for another position;  and then the question becomes: How do you describe yourself, knowing those who read your resume often offer only seconds of their attention, and it will focus on your title?
I was thirty eight years old, married with two children ages 3 and 1, and I’d just bet my house.
At collections she was a tiger, and clients who first encountered her on collection calls were shocked to later learn that in person she was petite, charming and lovely.

Marc Esterly, in HR at Safeco, essentially trained me in my first years of recruiting at Robert Half. We decided to use some of our internal IT staff as consultants, so at the end of our first decade, MACROSTAFF Projects Group (now MACRO.CCS) came into being. Over the years we have worked with (and are grateful to) many of the best known names in business – Weyerhaeuser, Safeco, DecWest (Digital Equipment), Microsoft, Children’s Hospital, Regence Blue Shield, University of Washington, BECU, Adobe, Activision, etc. Annually we ask our clients to nominate our best consultants for an award (with recognition and a bonus). Granted, it can be rather buggy and choppy, but in the end it serves as a good tool for face-to-face time with candidates who live far from our offices in the greater Seattle, and Los Angeles, areas.
Play it safe and dress in standard modern business attire: This means slacks or a skirt, paired with a button down shirt or blouse. Things that pleasantly shocked and surprised us, leading us to further appreciate the relationship we had started with that technologist…. We encourage you to read it, learn from it, and improve your own interview skills in preparation for your 2014 job search. If you, or a friend, are interested in having your photographic artwork featured on this year’s MACRO.CCS holiday card, please see the below document for details on how to submit your entry. Even in an “informational interview” setting, well-prepared and aligned professionals can find themselves with offers –sometimes with jobs created just for them. When things are bad, companies hire more contract personnel as it requires less long term financial commitment. This means no access to our emails, our calendars, or our database of contact information at the moment. Machine learned dynamic code generation scala models, JMS and REST based services, spring wired Hadoop jobs and various back end processes all producing and consuming a protocol buffer based data model.
For instance, Facebook’s iBeacons are relatively new and are just entering the market due to a recent mass rollout.
I would be cautious of jumping on the bandwagon unless your brand is very much targeted toward the millennial demographic and you have a content strategy in place. Once a business is established on the web then work on building a paid digital campaign through social media platforms to reach your target market. As marketers we value the importance of search engine optimization and we recognize a searcher can accomplish the search goal through alternative (new) tools. Outstanding website content will naturally enhance search engine optimization, and as with traditional media, solid creative copy direction will make that connection with the customer.
Storytelling will continue to be important in 2016, and consumers will be expecting to hear more from brands. The Interactive Advertising Bureau just shared a set of technical guidelines that will help marketers create advertising that works within these ad blockers’ expectations, focusing on design that is “light, encrypted, ad-choice supported, and non-invasive.” It is important to follow trends, but also know when to adapt your strategy to changing trends. While some media may offer a lower CPM (cost per thousand impressions), for example, it may not be an effective tactic for your particular client. Digital platforms must be designed to be responsive to whatever device consumers are using. All consultants nominated are honored by us as MACROSTARS; one is selected Consultant of the year. Assuming Meditation actually DOES improve parallel processing, it could really give us an edge in an interview scenario in being able to access the information that we need, when we need it, and enabling us to answer questions with poise and clarity. HeadSpace provides personal-meditation training through an easy to use app and web interface.
And another thought: how do you search for a job that’s perfect for you, while ignoring titles? As Safeco spun off its software business, Agena, Marc joined the new company and stayed a client for many years, until his retirement.
Sometimes it was nothing you said.  Non-verbal cues, small movements, looks, and tones, gave your prospective employer pause about your ability to fit into their group or do the job well. But while you’re working hard to sell yourself, it’s vitally important you don’t forget to vet the interviewer and company as well. From these pages you can learn about interests, personalities, or even how important their work is to them. If you find yourself nodding your head in agreement, you might want to plan on using some of that PTO you’ve been hoarding all year to join us at the 20th Annual Seattle SIM Golf Tournament , Monday – August 19th. When the economy starts to improve, purse strings loosen and businesses start hiring more internal employees who can be with them through their immediate project needs, then support and maintain systems once they have been implemented.
If you bring someone in-house, you can typically save money in the long run, as well as have someone there who knows your system intimately, to support it. Every pair of users that are introduced to each other must pass through psychological compatibility models.
However, just like all traditional marketing, you must still adhere to the practice that you’re sharing the appropriate message to your target audience when they need to hear it (message, audience, timing). We think most people will agree that an interview or job search is a nerve wracking endeavor. Coming into an interview session with a calm, cool demeanor   indicates confidence and signals that you can perform under pressure. If we can glean just the tiniest edge here from meditation, and combine that with the aforementioned decreased stress and worry, we really have the potential to make a great impact on the interviewer(s). What might these non-verbal communication cues be, and how can you eliminate or minimize them? You want to show you’re serious about this potential job and have respect for those interviewing you.
After all, while you want the offer – you also want to make sure this is not just a job, but a place you will thrive in your career. Years of matching and communication data is combed through to generate models that predict communication. Businesses can use this opportunity to send out promotions, customer loyalty messages, or just encourage visitors to like their Facebook page. Mobile consumption is overtaking desktop, so if your content is not optimized, it will likely not be seen. It also can help improve your communication skills, allowing you to succinctly and clearly impart your professional abilities to your interviewer. You will be far more (positively) memorable if you take a little time getting polished before your interview. What problems do they seem to be encountering that might relate to the job you are interviewing for? Over the years eHarmony has evolved its models to more and more sophisticated models that require an ever increasing amount of data, both during training and even more critically during the match creation process.
Consumers will not stick around for long on a site if they can’t easily find what they’re looking for (or aren’t guided to it).

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