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This series of courses reflects the different levels of management and the various responsibilities involved.
These sales based courses are designed to address all the various sales approaches and remain focused on the issues of today. Whether the selling is on the telephone, face-to-face or at an exhibition, these courses are aimed at those who want repeat business.
How we treat others and how we are expected to Safeguard the more vulnerable in our society has become the focus of many changes in socially based legislation.
No one is suggesting that change is always easy but, if embraced, will almost certainly mean a more harmonious working environment and people are kept safe. Bracey Business Training prides itself on the ability to create specific courses for individual customers. Our portfolio is based on communication as the core skill but we are more than happy to talk to clients about their training needs. Our wish is to make both information and ease of contact as trouble free for clients as possible. Steve Bracey has been training for over 30 years and held senior management positions in well-known organisations. A Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, he started the company in 1990 and has rapidly built up a reputation not only as a presenter but for constructing and developing training programmes throughout the UK.
Steve Humpherson joined Bracey Business Training in August 2005 and brings with him a wealth of experience having worked in various industries and businesses. The following 13 years has seen him working in various posts for local and national government in the world of training. These standards have been instrumental in both retaining customers and developing new ones. The development of courses and clients has resulted in Bracey Business Training becoming a partnership with Steve Bracey and Steve Humpherson. You may not, except with our express written permission, distribute, copy or commercially exploit the content on this website.
To contact Steve Bracey, please call (07860 841347) or call (07946 308594) for Steve Humpherson. Cookie Policy: To help us better understand how our visitors use this site, we use Google Analytics. If you choose to accept cookies while browsing our site, we will assume applied consent has been given.
The demand and supply curves define the market clearing, that is, where the demand of the products meets its supply. It is possible for disequilibrium to occur when the amount demanded does not equal the amount supplied. Market clearing occurs in those market situations in which the amount demanded by consumers equals the amount supplied by firms. Leon Walras’ model is based on price as the force that motivates the adjustment process towards equilibrium.
The walrasian approach makes sense when prices are easily observed (a market with perfect information) and modified, being auctions of almost any kind a good example. At LUNA Business Solutions we provide a range of solutions to enable your organisation to manage and markets your services and products to maximum affect.
TrainingTraining, coaching and mentoring covering leadership and supervisory skills, developing strategy, strategic business plans and developing marketing plans. Business PlanningPreparation and implementation of strategic business plans to give your organisation the direction it needs to expand and grow.
Wide-ranging business support servicesOur experts can deliver practical support on all aspects of running your business.
Our clientsWe specialise is helping small and medium sized companies achieve their vision and goals. At LUNA Business Solutions we provide a broad range of services including business advice, management training, mentoring and coaching.
Our training programmes are designed to help business owners and manager realise the full potential of their business through developing strategic thinking, planning and effective implementation of their strategies.

To ensure our client receive the best possible and comprehensive support, we work with a select number of strategic partners to ensure our clients receive the guidance and advice they seek and receive it in a manner that suites them best. We offer a completely free initial review of your business so please contact us and see how we can help you to achieve your business objectives. We provide a range of independently accredited management training courses aimed at senior and middle managers, team leaders and supervisors who wish to develop themselves and their organisations. QMS Resourcing Services offers complete range of solutions and services to meet your Quality needs including a comprehensive web-based QMS toolset, consultancy services, managed services, training, hosting and recruitment. Just finished delivery of a 3-day course entitles Creative Reasoning and Decision Making at West Thurrock. Luna Business Solutions is currently delivering the first of hopefully many IOEE accredited courses. We are pleased to announce that Luna Business Solution has been granted the status of Recognised Training Centre by the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE). ROI- Pierson’s Customers have found training has saved them 25% – 50% of time for requirements gathering and quality assurance efforts. Experts in reducing defect costs and implementing best practices for Agile and Waterfall methodologies. Experts in “hands-on” Business Analysis & UAT Training, Mentoring and Consulting Services.
Pierson’s business analyst training for eliciting, analyzing and documenting business requirements is unique because the instructors are seasoned practitioners and authors.
The User Acceptance Testing and Quality Assurance Testing classes offers training in the methods and procedures that the business analyst and quality assurance testers would use while they are engaged in the Integration Testing, System Testing and User Acceptance Testing Phases of an IT Project. The Agile Training is designed to teach the business analyst, project managers and product owners how to gather requirements, sprint planning and estimating for agile projects.
Pierson provides requirements management process analysis and process improvement consultants to assess your software development process to determine your adherence to industry standards and best practices. Experian has trained over 150 people with Pierson, including Directors, Technical Leads, Business Leads and entire IT project teams. Pierson is currently training over 300 people at Hallmark in best practices and industry standards using JAD techniques, UML, Unified Process and Facilitation. Pierson trained the Verizon DSL Division Product Managers, Project Managers, Technical Leads, Requirements Leads, and Architects in a UML process for a repeatable requirements and system specification process.
Whether an Individual is called a supervisor, team leader or manager; they all have the difficult task of managing people while, at the same time, having to fulfill their own tasks and duties. Collectively they are not for the 'hard-sell gift of the gab merchant' but for modern sales people with understanding of customer needs and attitudes. To this end, we have ensured that we have a number of first-class Associate Trainers who can be called upon for specialist subjects. This being the case, we use any spare time to generate new ideas and training opportunities. The client list now includes small businesses, multi-nationals, local goverment and housing associations.
The company can also offer a number of experienced Associate Trainers with various subject expertise. Nor may you transmit, store or copy any of its content to any form of digital, electronic or print medium. If we are unable to take your call, please leave a message and contact details, and we will come back to you at our earliest opportunity.
Registered Office: Waterside Cottage, Horsebridge Lane, Whittington, Kinver, South Staffordshire. You can, at any time, change your browsing settings to not accept cookies, but we ask that you allow us to use these valuable but anonymous files so that we may improve our visitor experience in the future. At this point we have what is known as, an equilibrium point, with its corresponding price and quantity of equilibrium. In market clearing the equilibrium point has its corresponding equilibrium quantity and an equilibrium price.
In moments of an excessive demand, prices will rise and against an insufficient demand a decrease in price will take place.

When prices can hardly be modified (let’s say, because of adjustment costs such as menu costs), and when it’s easier to modify quantities (when there are excessive inventories), the marshallian approach is more reliable.
Indeed, there are some scenarios in which market clearing can get messy, forming something like a cobweb. Our customised services are equally suitable for small and medium sized businesses as well as larger organisation. The training courses can be customised to meet clients specific requirements inline with their industry and geographic regions. Organisations that consistently achieve results excel at preparation, planning, and execution. Prosper specialises in employing practical yet innovative and collaborative coaching techniques to ensure maximum learning takes place during every training session. It is the only web-based educational and professional networking community for anyone thinking about starting or running their own business and those who support them. The course was attended by senior and middle level managers from the National Assembly and Federal Judicial Services Commission in Nigeria. The course entitled Strategic Business Planning is being delivered at City University London. At LUNA Business Solutions we are offering a 50% discount on our management training courses, if booked by end of February 2014. Pierson has also provided Hallmark with methodology consultation for implementing a repeatable process for Capability Maturity Model (CMM) certification. This series of courses addresses the need to communicate well with customers and colleagues and the importance of perception. Bracey Business Training offers a complete range of people skills training and we pride ourselves on tailoring content to ensure that our customer needs are met.
All this ensures that Bracey Business Training can still provide our customers with the promise made at the start of business in 1990; Quality and Personal Service Ensures Customer Satisfaction. In situations in which the quantity demanded is higher than the quantity supplied, the market is suffering from an excess demand. The process of tatonnement or “groping” will happen until the equilibrium price is reached and then transactions will begin to take place. The available quantity will be sold at the different prices that consumers are willing to pay for, until the actual equilibrium is reached.
Our fundamental objective is to help and support organisations to achieve their goals and objectives in an efficient, cost effective and timely manner.
Each course includes a mixture of teaching and workshop activities designed to encourage learning not just through listening but by applying the learning during the course. Our training staff are highly experienced, dynamic individuals with an implicit knowledge of innovative and tried and tested management techniques.
The class focuses on the concepts and fundamentals for Agile Projects including conducting scrum meetings, building a backlog, prioritizing, estimating and sprint planning. Pierson also provided mentoring helping Carmax achieve instant acceptance and success in their pilot projects.
Added to this, we will not only be blogging but, in the near future, we shall be on Linkedln.
Strategic business planning is a key component of an organisation’s future growth and sustainability.
Prices will have to gradually adjust through different market mechanisms until the equilibrium price is met. At Luna Business Solutions we offers a number of support services to assist you to achieve your business goals. The business analyst training provides a business analyst toolkit of materials for implementation. We offer a completely free initial review to asses the strengths and weaknesses of your business and identify areas for improvement.

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