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WARNING: If you made changes to your profile, save the changes first and come back before clicking on the link.
According to the pages that I manage, the code for badges is not specific to pages, it's a global thing on Facebook. We’ve all seen the grammatical snafus made by others and brutally met with the real-time critics. While I’d love to see our language preserved, my heart does go out to those making an honest mistake or those relying on the autocorrect features. The scammers today target your contact lists either through creating fake accounts that mimic real people’s accounts or just create a profile that is believable. 1) Only accept friend requests from either people you know or who have interacted with you in some way online or offline.
1:  Visit your personal Timeline (click your name) and then click on the Friends tab under your cover photo. 4: Click the little down arrow next to each section that you want to change from Friends to Only Me.
Actually i been searching how to hide my friend list, but i couldn’t find till i came across through this site.
I want to make it so a friend of mine cannot see when another friend like or comment on my page…is that possible?
Hi thanks for the advice which worked straight away on my sons fb page, however there is no option like this on my fb page. You need to either unfriend them or add them to the Restricted Friend List – go to their profile and click on the Friends button and click Add to Another List. When I make these changes on my personal page does it post to friend’s timelines that I made changes? When I post a link to my to a group I belong to, some of my friends’ profile pics appear (those who have liked my page). I have a work friend that loves to poach my friends on Facebook she has friended at least 40 of them not only that but I have noticed that she loves to mention me in conversations with these friends and usually drama follows. That is because THOSE 11 people have their own friend lists hidden so you can’t see them. Some people might say that having Facebook and Stupid in the same title is a bit redundant. When I started web development, Vincent Flanders had a web page called, “Web Pages That Suck“. Now, Goldman-Sachs is relying on a Facebook Page generated from user-editable Wikipedia content to be their face on Facebook. Once you finally get yourself on Facebook, don’t just blaze into Zuckerberg’s domain and then dissappear. According to Jim Singer at AT Kearney, most of the world’s biggest companies that ARE on Facebook simply don’t respond to customers.
Doesn’t that seem counter-intuitive for a gaming company that is supposed to be all about interaction? Quite possibly the greatest example of poor customer service on Facebook is what Nestle did back in 2010.
There are a multitude of ways to style and tweak your Facebook Page to make it look very cool and stylish, here and here, but content is STILL and ALWAYS WILL BE KING. If you’ve automated your social networking to blast every network you have with the same content, why should we Like your Facebook Page?
If you’re looking for way to make your Facebook Page much more engaging, I suggest 5 Great Ideas To Make Your Facebook Fan Page Interesting, by Angela.

Like any other tool in this world, Facebook Pages can be abused, misused, underused, and even misplaced.
Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app. But seriously, I did think of asking you if it was male or female when I posted that picture!
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There are many Facebook fan pages around that aren't being run very effectively, mainly because the people in charge aren't sure what they can do to be more interesting to their fans. When it comes to your favorites, whether we're talking about DC or Marvel, there are probably a few things that really stand out about them. Whatever your ability as a photographer, it can be hard to find the time to start a big photo project. I don't see a way of creating a badge for my group.Any old school techniques I could use?
This has caused issues with SLiteChat but a simple work around can resolve this problem for you. We’ve all laughed at the mistakes of others AND winced as we saw our own less-than-correct comments float out into the realm of public ridicule. Your (not you’re) 1st grade teacher can hold their  (not there or they’re) head high once again!
Maybe they are a member of a group you are in, or commented on your fan page, or they attended an event where you were or otherwise know you.
You can go to the person in question and click on the Friends button – then UNcheck the Show in Newsfeed option. The only way to come close to that would be to exclude that 1 friend from even SEEing the posts.
I was just wondering, if your friends list is hidden can your friends see any new friends you add, ie news feed etc? Go to your profile, click the Activity Log button on your cover image, then click the little gray MORE on the left sidebar under Comments, and then click Friends.
So could you plz help me out and more over i m not at all getting notifications from friends regarding their activities (like posts,profile pics changes etc.. I had a friend who would go through my friends list and request people off my list he didn’t know. Only you are seeing it – everyone will see something different based on who of THEIR friends have liked your page.
I don’t want to ruin a good work relationship however it is starting to involve my personal life. You would need to wait till they like or comment on something to delete them if you don’t know their names to search for them. I thought he was arrogant at first, but no, really, the pages he highlighted really sucked!
Some very large companies headed by some (allegedly) very smart people don’t even have a Facebook Page. So you can go on there, ask questions, make suggestions, make complaints, do whatever you want and you promptly be ignored.
Go on their Facebook Page and you find post after post, often with more than 200 comments and not one response from anyone at Nintendo. You need to remember that a Facebook Page is another extension of the customer service you would give in your regular place of business.

People were protesting Nestle’s support of suppliers that were unethical and using altered Nestle logos.
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Your news feed is full of people sharing fascinating links, wonderful videos, and other interesting tidbits.
In the Relationship Status section, click it to select your status from the drop down menu.
If you want to add a partner, type in their name and that person will get a request to approve the relationship. Since I like to make friends on Facebook, I thought that adding my badge would be a good idea. She brings entrepreneurial expertise to SageRock as well as 15+ years experience in strategic business planning and integrated marketing campaign management. I first became aware of this problem when I noticed some people involved in a multi-level marketing company started friend-requesting my teenage daughters. But you can edit this setting so that you are the only one who can see your list of friends. For more information on this issue, visit Facecrooks’ article, Fake Facebook Profiles and Pages.
Whenever I make changes I always chose “me only” but am wondering if I ever chose to make something visable to friends again does it broadcast it on newsfeeds like new information or does it just happen to make it visable if they visit my personal page? If they have theirs set so that no one can see their friends except them, then they would not show up in the friend count.
There are definitely a lot of things that qualify as stupid on Facebook, and the harsh reality is that there are a lot of stupid people on Facebook. Mega investment bank company and beneficiary of lots of your money in bail-outs, Goldman-Sachs, is one of those companies. Look, even someone trying to be clever by intentionally being boring can only get 160 likes in 3 years. They were people I had accepted as Facebook friends because part of my niche in the direct sales world is the segment of MLM distributors. Once they have access to your friends’ Facebook accounts, they will often have access to their contact information, personal information and even birth date and year, if your friends have  not set their privacy settings up to protect that information.
Or do what I do and simply reply that although you appreciate them reaching out to you, you are limiting your personal Facebook and would prefer to connect on your business page, and give them the link. Usually things are Friends only so only people who are your friends AND her friend would see. Come on folks, there’s over half a billion people on Facebook, some of them, statistically speaking, have to be stupid! If it is someone who has a legitimate reason for wanting to be your friend they will reply with more information or an explanation.
And to still allow you to mark it as Only Me but not actually have it be visible to Only You … Makes me wonder what else we think is private (or semi-) but isn’t. You can also edit it to change the title (You may not want to change the HTML though!) Once done with the placement, make sure to click Save at the top-right corner. I gave up and just figured it is a “glitch”, but hought I would ask since I am here if anyone else has had this problem ?

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