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StencylWorks is a free-to-download Mac and PC application that lets even complete 'n00bs' create their own 2D Flash time-wasters without any coding skills whatsoever.
It takes basic chunks of existing game code and turns them into building blocks that can be slotted together with the drag and drop interface: various shapes, balls, backgrounds and sound effects are all pre-loaded and a selection of templates allows you to create a simple platformer, top-down shooter or block-based puzzler. You can test your game at any time and tweak it endlessly until you’re entirely happy. But Jordan persevered, and says, 'Ia€™m happy with how my a€?useless handsa€? help me enhance my face each day.

Jordan tells FEMAIL, 'Showing the world my vulnerabilities was something I was worried about. Jordan, pictured (left) before her accident and (right) at home with her motherA 'At first if I wanted make-up on my mum would just put a light coat of mascara on for me but that just wasn't "me"', she tells us. Add graphics from your own computer or use StencylForge to download other people’s creations to use in your game. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

They can be anything from enemies and sound effects to building blocks you can use to create an entire game world of your own.
But my arms were too weak and I would struggle to lift things to my face to apply anything.'I kept trying and after months of struggles I was able to do some basics like mascara, even though at times I would get it down my face.

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