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For the first time in more than a decade, new car sales in India have failed to post a year-over-year increase. Ford, Honda, Hyundai, and Suzuki have all invested heavily in the Indian market in recent years. 2013 was interresting year that BRIC countries surprised, i mean China?s growth was much bigger than everoyne expected, while Brazil, Russia and India all were down, who knows how 2014 will look like, in India fuel is more expensive than before, but few interresting things we can see in india. After years and yeaers that basically all major automakers are in India now having production plants, Maruti is still by far biggest player and actually in 2013 they didn?t lost market share, on other side, Tata is doing horribly they were years No.3 just behind Maruti, Hyundai but last year Mahindra raced them and this year even Toyota and it?s not like other companies have been doing great job, just they are really going down, maybe in few years they will be hardly top 10 with Honda, Ford, VW, Nissan, Renault all trying to catch up in India.
The Indian market is still too unstable and has not reached any form of maturity.I would be worried too if I was an investor.
They are exorbitant but India has a very good tax policy for developing their domestic car industry by making a certain type of car cheap and thus wanted. India sounds like a country where you want a Toyota or some other vehicle that is popular in all deserts and jungles without infrastructure, not a VW. Except some Tata dealers, almost every dealer has top-notch workshop facilities even in small towns. Most of the top 10 best sellers were probably designed in Japan with the exception of the Hyundai i10 from Germany and the Bolero and the Swift Dzire from India.
During the same seven months, Chevrolet's two bigger cars, the Malibu and Impala, have found 261,636 buyers, up 3% from the first seven months of 2011.
You'll find so much more than just Chevrolet sales figures in the three tables visible after the jump.
Instead, a sharp drop in sales spells bad news for carmakers with heavy investments in that important developing market.

If growth remains stagnant or declines, it could lead to retrenchment from manufacturers who previously bet big on the emerging economy. Main problem is the lack of infrastructure and other aspects of a mature market which are very much missing in India. That car is in no other market wanted and because it is only wanted in India it is also developed in India. Their Indian factory is running at 40% capacity and they apparently have several months of stock at the dealerships. Although this didn't prove to be the case in the month of July, at this stage of 2011, with seven months of car selling complete, Chevrolet had sold 173,070 compacts and subcompacts.
Conversely, Chevrolet sold 207,243 Equinoxes, Traverses, and Captiva Sports; 66,840 Suburbans and Tahoes, and 223,480 Silverado pickup trucks. Moreover, historical monthly and yearly sales figures for every vehicle currently on sale in the United States can be accessed, free of charge, through the first dropdown menu at GCBC's Sales Stats home.
I’m not saying india is a backwater (in IT and medicine they are superb), just wondering how sophisticated their car infrastructure is to deal witht the turbomotors etc.
Parts of India are still stuck in the 70s, I shudder at the thought of the environmental impact when they seek to live and drive like the rest of the world. This year, including 58 Aveos and 11 Cobalts, Chevrolet has sold 174,256 compacts and subcompacts. Click either of the three accompanying charts for a larger view where every small, midsize, and large car is sorted by July 2012 volume.
This past year in India saw a slowing of economic growth as prices surged, squeezing the purchasing power of the burgeoning middle class.

Ford in particular has spent nearly a billion dollars to expand Indian manufacturing capacity in the anticipation of future growth.
Their sister company, Skoda is not doing very well either and poor market positioning between these brands means that they are competing against each other.
The introduction of the EcoSport SUV helped lift overall December sales for Ford India, with a 2.84 percent increase over the previous year. Both Skoda and VW have positioned them selves as pseudo-premium brands, with same engines, same features and pretty much identical cars. But that sales increase came from a nearly 10 percent decline in domestic sales a 22 percent rise in exports.
However, they have an extensive support network and are known for their excellent customer service.
Loan rates have also risen, giving many consumers second thoughts about purchasing a new car. If Ford’s (or any other company’s) plans for Indian domestic growth don’t pan out, it could lead to all kinds of interesting arrangements in an attempt to maximize sunk capital investments.
The decline of new car sales illustrates the pitfalls of investing in emerging markets, which demonstrate strong aggregate growth but are often volatile in nature.

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