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Open - Closes the story you are currently working on and opens a story that has previously been saved. Preview - Opens the current story in the 'player' so you can see what the finished story will look like.
Picture tools - enable you to manipulate library images, imported images, backgrounds and text bubbles placed in the frame. A general rule is: use the same input method to type the script into the Cartoon Story Maker as you would in MS Word. NOTE: Some languages (for example Pin Yin and some Cyrillic languages) now use a font rather than an input method to type letters not found in the Roman alphabet.
Ask your IT support for help if you are unsure about setting up the correct input method for your LOTE.
Click on the 'Play' button to hear the sound.To change the sound click on the 'Edit Sound' button and repeat the process. Before you can add a voice recording you must plug a microphone into the computer, and make sure the record and play back settings on the computer are set to the appropriate levels. Click on the 'Play' button to hear the sound.To chnage the sound click on the 'Edit Sound' button and repeat the process. For clear recordings hold the microphone just below your mouth and speak in clear a loud voice.
The same general rules apply to imported foreground and imported backgrounds as apply to images from the libraries (see above). The frame below shows a background image found on the web and imported into the Cartoon Story Maker. 1: Take the photo against a plain coloured, evenly lit background with significant contrast to the subject.
2: Use the 'Magic wand tool' in an image editing program to select and delete the background.
Hint: If working with students it's a good idea for them to include their name or initials in the file name. Once your Cartoon Story is completed you do not need the Maker to open and view your story.
Once you have made your additions or changes click click on 'Save'(to save the changes) OR ''Save as' to save the changes as a new file. Images: Drag and drop library items onto the frame, or import your own digital photos or images saved from the web. Stories are saved on your computer as HTML page (webpages), and can easily viewed by others on any computer using a web browser such as Internet Explorer.

A character from the image library sits infront of an imported background image found on the web. Students can make them as a stimulating and engaging way to practice their language skills.
Students can place pictures of themselves in front of culturally authentic images: they can imagine they are really there!
When a cartoon story is saved a new folder will be created with the name and in the location specified by the user. Mit der Freeware Pencil konnen Sie, Dank einer Film-Zeitleiste, Bilderserien aneinanderreihen und zum Leben erwecken. Die Freeware zum erstellen von Zeichentrickfilmen ist Dank ihrer ubersichtlichen Oberflache, auch fur Anfanger ein hervoragendes Werkzeug. Die Freeware zum erstellen von Zeichntrickfilmen konnen Sie kostenlos beim Hersteller runterladen. A Tozzo Frios conta com uma vasta gama de produtos como: frios, laticA­nios, embutidos, enlatados, congelados e produtos a granel. If saving for the first time you will be prompted to name the story and select a location where the story is to be saved. Note: Stories must be saved before they can be previewed, a prompt will appear if there are unsaved changes to the current story.
By selecting an image and then clicking on the 'Bring forward' or 'Send behind' controls you can move an image infront of or behind other images on the screen.
To insert an accented letter into the text bubble place the cursor in the bubble and then click on the accented character you want. The recordings can be made on the spot using the built-in recorder or you can import pre-recorded (MP3) sound files. For example you can import digital photos, images from the internet or pictures you have created with another program into the Cartoon Story Maker and include them in your story.
When you have found the image you want RIGHT click on the image and select 'Save picture as'. Other types of images can easily be converted to one of these formats using a simple image editing program such as Paint or one of the many online image converters (search for 'online image converter '). Use the browse window to navigate to the image you want, select and click 'Save' (or double click on the image) .
A digital photo of a student has been placed in the foreground, as though the student were really there. With the photo of the student having a 'transparent' background it appears that she is standing in front of the Eiffel Tower.

For example, if your system uses English then don't use other alphabets, Chinese or Japanese characters or even accented letters in the file name. Enter a name for your Cartoon Story, navigate to the location on your computer where you want to save the file.
Cartoon Storys are saved in a new folder with the name entered when saving, and in the location specified.
This means you can save a partially completed Cartoon Story and then open it at a later time to complete. It is easy to use with simple controls so students spend less time manipulating tools and more time on the language. Check with your IT support that students are permitted to save these files in their folders on the server.
Die Funktionsvielfalt zum ist sehr gro? und Ihnen stehen eine Menge nutzlicher Werkzeuge zur Hand. Venha conhecer nossa loja pessoalmente ou acesse a pA?gina de produtos e confira alguns dos nossos itens. Do this by clicking on the image, or if it is a text bubble by clicking on the 'handle' (a blue line will appear around the selected item). You can move the Accent Key Panel by by clicking and dragging on the blue bar along the top. Completed stories can also be loaded back into the Cartoon Story Maker and edited or added to. Within a few minutes of opening the Cartoon Story Maker students can be typing text or adding their own voice recordings. If it is not installed on the computer, a prompt will appear allowing the download and installation of the file. Once a new 'input method' has been added to your system you can select with the 'language bar'.
Enjoy your Halloween; help your kids create their own animated movie with these amazing monsters. Move them around, record sounds for them, build different themes for all your animated movies and share it with friends. There is also a 'data' folder which contains all the images, sounds and text your story needs to play.

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