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Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash and all versions of Java together, are responsible for around 66 percent of the vulnerabilities in Windows systems. First of all, ensure that you have indeed downloaded Adobe Flash and installed it properly on your Windows computer and updated it to its latest version. If you tune into matchday commentary using Google Chrome, then please note that the latest browser update may mean you have to update your settings to continue to enjoy the match. Subscribers can enjoy commentary of every game wherever they are, with the service available on mobile, tablet and desktop. Add that to highlights in sparkling high definition and plenty of behind the scenes content…you’ve got an ideal package for your dedicated Bluebirds fan.

Cardiff City Football Club is pleased to confirm that terms have been agreed with Feyenoord for the permanent transfer of Lex Immers. If you are using Internet Explorer on Windows 8, then Flash has been integrated and its updates are offered automatically by Windows Update.
Here you can select Disable, Enable Adobe Flash Player and also check the Always allowed check-box, if you wish. From the drop-down menu, select Ask to activate, Always activate or Never activate, as you desire.
Keeping your third-party plugins such as flash player up to date helps Firefox run safely and smoothly.

Others should ensure that their Flash Player is always up-to-date, as Adobe frequently needs to release updates to patches vulnerabilities in it.

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