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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A Cover Dissolve is an excellent interactive event publicity product with a changing picture. The Picture Dissolve is a neat interactive mailer and marketing product - pull the tab and the picture in the window dissolves into a new picture.
90% use multiple screens sequentially to accomplish tasks over time.98% move between devices that same day. Beinginvolved with products and services pre-launch, helped bycrowdfunding platforms and new manufactuing technologies.

It is in the form of a pop-up house and the video shows it jumping out of its mailing pack.
This is why the Picture Dissolve interactive mailer will make your message really stand out.
The simple interactive involvement from your customer of opening the cover activates the picture-changing mechanism. These products really are the ideal direct marketing products for illustrating change. It has been popular in medical and pharmaceutical marketing, for products in the chemical industry and for marketing building and construction materials for example.

To assist with that, we have a selection of styles of dissolving picture card with varying degrees of creativity to help to make your promotion unique. We shall build a solution that empower simultaneous and sequentialusage.Smartphones keep us connected.

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