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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Glaciers – Rise in temperature causes the glaciers to melt, resulting in increase in sea level. Melting of glaciers alters the balance of eco system in the polar region which includes – animals, plants.
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Politics has a huge influence on the regulation of business and spending power of consumers. Helianthus ist ein japanisches Baby Bekleidungshaus mit dem Slogan: "Baby wear other babies envy". BBDO Moskau mit einer weiteren Variante der Snickers-Kampagne „Du bist nicht Du, wenn Du hungrig bist“ fur Mars Chocolate. Advertising spending behind the Company's brands rose 5%, leading to market share gains across many of our core categories.
We also maintained our strong balance sheet and cash flow, which, along with the Company's positive growth momentum, led the Board of Directors to authorize a 9% increase in the quarterly dividend, effective in the second quarter of 2011, and a new share repurchase program providing for the repurchase of up to 50 million shares. We are finding that consumers are now more demanding of what they value in brand choice beyond price and are affected by a growing array of new influencers.
Effectiveness and Efficiency remain a key priority, reflecting the importance of changing the way we work together to generate new funds for growth.
Colgate has long believed that personal and collaborative leadership of all Colgate people around the world is critical to achieving outstanding business results, and we remain focused on developing all Colgate people and instilling a Leading to Win mindset.
In developed markets, we drive growth in a number of ways, including by working closely with global retailers to align our business objectives and fuel category growth, and partnering with the dental profession to increase recommendations.
Another way we are growing in these markets is by making selective acquisitions that complement and strengthen our higher-margin, strategically important businesses. Two key components of our program are (1) our traditional funding-the-growth initiatives, which have historically generated between $300 million and $700 million of pre-tax savings each year, and (2) reducing structural overheads.
Just as we are sharply focused on our key priorities that drive Colgate's business success, we determined that we must bring this same sharp focus to sustainability, identifying where and how we can make the greatest difference. While we expect economic and competitive challenges to continue in 2012, Colgate people have a long record of success in managing change and delivering results. As we move ahead together, I wish to thank all Colgate people worldwide for their personal commitment to achieving our goals with the highest ethical standards, and express appreciation for the support of our customers, suppliers, shareholders and directors. A complete reconciliation between reported results (GAAP) and results excluding the above noted items (Non-GAAP), including a description of such items, is available on Colgate's web site and on the Non-GAAP Reconciliation page of this report. Colgate Optic White and Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpastes and the relaunch of Colgate Total toothpaste contributed to strength in oral care. Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Whitening, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Multi-Protection and Colgate Total toothpastes, Colgate 360° Surround manual toothbrush, the relaunch of Colgate Plax mouthwashes, Protex Advanced Clean bar soap and Lady Speed Stick Stainguard deodorant contributed to market share gains throughout the region. Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Multi-Protection, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Whitening and Colgate Max White One toothpastes, Colgate 360° Surround manual toothbrush and the relaunch of Palmolive Aromatherapy and Thermal Spa shower gels contributed to growth throughout the region. Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Whitening, Colgate Total and Colgate Active Salt toothpastes, Colgate 360° Surround manual toothbrush, Colgate Plax Fresh Tea mouthwash and Lady Speed Stick and Mennen Speed Stick Waterproof deodorants contributed to growth throughout the region. The following is provided to supplement certain Non-GAAP financial measures discussed in the message from the CEO and the financial highlights section of this report, both as reported (on a GAAP basis) and excluding the impact of certain items (Non-GAAP), as explained below.
While the Company believes that these Non-GAAP financial measures are useful in evaluating the Company's business, this information should be considered as supplemental in nature and is not meant to be considered in isolation or as a substitute for the related financial information prepared in accordance with GAAP.
Represents costs associated with various global business realignment and other cost-saving initiatives.
In 2011, the Company recorded a $135 million aftertax gain on sale of a non-core product line in Colombia.
In 2011, the Company recorded a $21 million aftertax charge associated with a competition law matter in France related to a divested detergent business. In 2010, the Company recorded a $271 million one-time charge related to the transition to hyperinflationary accounting in Venezuela as of January 1, 2010.
In 2010, the Company recorded a $61 million aftertax charge for termination benefits relating to ongoing overhead reduction initiatives. In 2010, the Company recorded a $31 million benefit related to the reorganization of an overseas subsidiary. The restructuring charges relate to the restructuring program that began in the fourth quarter of 2004 and was finalized as of the end of 2008 (the 2004 Restructuring Program). In 2007, the Company recorded an $8 million aftertax charge related to the limited voluntary product recall of certain Hill's feline products. In 2007, the Company recorded $74 million of net tax adjustments consisting of the reduction of a tax loss carryforward valuation allowance in Brazil, partially offset by tax provisions for the recapitalization of certain overseas subsidiaries. In 2007, the Company recorded a $10 million aftertax charge associated with certain pension obligations in accordance with the Compensation a€“ Retirement Benefits Topic of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Codification. Engaging with consumers is at the heart of Colgate's focused global strategy, which drives the Company's strong performance and market share gains worldwide. Colgate Total toothpaste is winning with Brazilian consumers across all retail outlets and is helping to strengthen Colgate's market leadership in that country.
Colgate is driving engagement and building our leadership with dental and veterinary professionals to strengthen their endorsement of our brands. Collaborating with the Department of Health in the United Kingdom, Colgate has developed a portable, university accredited course for dental hygienists to extend their skills in helping children and their parents prevent cavities.
Hill's strong relationship with the veterinary profession is enhanced by products and programs that support pet health professionals' expert advice.
Across retail environments, whether small rural stores or large global chains, Colgate is working closely with its retail partners to share expertise and provide shoppers with the best value and service.
In emerging markets, where more than half of Colgate's sales come from small independent retailers, Colgate works closely with a broad network of wholesalers and distributors to ensure these shops receive an uninterrupted supply of Colgate products and the correct assortment of products across price points.

Colgate and Walmart are collaborating to combat cavities through "Building Smiles Together," a program that provides free dental screenings and oral health education to children in need. Years in development, the technology behind Colgate Optic White toothpaste represents a breakthrough for Colgate in the whitening category. When Colgate researchers learned that women view showering as one of the most pleasurable moments of their day, an innovative campaign relaunching Palmolive shower gels across Europe encouraged women to "Lose Yourself in a Relaxing Shower Moment." The campaign communicated with all the senses at many touch points and engaged consumers not only in the store and with traditional media but also with integrated digital components through interactive microsites. Notably, Colgate's global market shares in toothpaste, manual toothbrushes, mouthwash, bar soap, body wash, shampoo, household cleaners and fabric conditioners all increased during the year. During 2011, Colgate refined its global business strategies to accelerate growth worldwide. Last April, nearly 250 Colgate leaders from around the world gathered to agree on the key priorities to ensure that we reach our ambitious goals. Engaging to Build Our Brands means increased engagement with our consumers, customers, the profession and other influencers with powerful integrated marketing campaigns that take full advantage of digital and social media. We continue to encourage all Colgate people to find innovative solutions to business challenges, but we will put special emphasis on two areas, (1) innovative products that are incremental, breakthrough and transformational and (2) tailored go-to-market strategies that can accelerate and sustain our growth. By focusing on a number of specific areas such as pricing excellence and simplification, and exploring new areas, we will continue to grow funds to invest in our new products and the marketing activities behind them. Emerging markets, which in 2011 comprised more than half our global sales, have been an important part of Colgate's growth strategy for a long time.
For example, we educate consumers about the benefits of good oral health care and provide product samples with programs such as "Bright Smiles, Bright Futures".
In contrast to the robust growth environment in emerging markets, developed markets are experiencing low GDP growth, slow to no category growth and an environment of highly promotional excess retail capacity. Their endorsements are a key driver of demand and consumer choice, particularly in the developed world. Sanex is a very strong brand of premium-priced personal care products that we have long admired, and its desirability has been reaffirmed since we made it part of Colgate. In today's volatile cost environment, generating savings in all areas of our business is more important than ever. In just one example, we are using our company-wide SAP capability to reduce the cost of complexity in our manufacturing process. For example, we are doing more regional hubbing, bringing groups of businesses together, as well as implementing shared services, which simplify and standardize how business services are delivered.
Long before many businesses began talking about sustainability and social responsibility, Colgate recognized that how we do business is just as important as what we do. That led to a more focused global 2011-2015 sustainability strategy with measurable goals that align with our business objectives. We are confident that Colgate is well positioned for long-term sustainable growth as we are financially strong, are market leaders in many of our core categories around the world and have the right strategies in place to succeed. We have a powerful and sharpened strategy and a world-class global team deeply committed to getting done what we agree needs to get done.
A complete reconciliation between reported results (GAAP) and results excluding these items (Non-GAAP), including a description of such items, is available on Colgate's web site and on the Non-GAAP Reconciliation page of this report. Years 2007 and 2008 exclude restructuring and implementation-related charges related to the 2004 Restructuring Program. 2010 excludes a one-time charge related to the transition to hyperinflationary accounting in Venezuela and certain other 2010 items.
Management believes these Non-GAAP financial measures provide useful supplemental information to investors regarding the underlying business trends and performance of the Company's ongoing operations and are useful for period-over-period comparisons of such operations. In addition, these Non-GAAP financial measures may not be the same as similar measures presented by other companies.
In 2010, the Company recorded a $30 million aftertax gain on sale of non-core product lines in Latin America. These restructuring charges include separation-related costs, incremental depreciation and asset write-downs, and other costs related to the implementation of the 2004 Restructuring Program. The recent relaunch of Colgate Total toothpaste included new packaging and a new integrated marketing campaign focused on communicating Colgate Total's 12-hour protection against 12 oral care problems for a healthier mouth. In India, where Colgate has been selling its products for over 50 years, consumers ranked Colgate as the #1 Most Trusted Brand in the country in 2011, across all product categories, in the prestigious Brand Equity Survey published by The Economic Times.
In the dental office and in community settings across the country, the hygienists can apply the latest Colgate fluoride treatments, discuss other effective methods of cavity prevention and schedule follow-up dental checkups for kids.
Hill's "Million Pound Pledge" program not only builds awareness for Hill's Science Diet Light products but also underscores the importance of addressing pet obesity, a condition affecting one out of every two pets in America.
Colgate is engaging its customers worldwide by sharing unique shopper insights, providing innovative in-store marketing communications and merchandising techniques, and developing and executing joint business planning initiatives.
One way Colgate is enhancing its service to small independent retailers across China is by offering products in a mixed dozen.
Colgate's "Bright Smiles, Bright Futures" mobile dental vans will visit 230 Walmart stores across the United States. Colgate's consumer innovation centers, in strategic locations throughout the world, are focused on developing insight-driven innovation that provides value-added new products across all price points.
The unique formula contains hydrogen peroxide, the same whitening ingredient as strips, to make it easier to whiten as you brush. One microsite encouraged consumers to create their own dream bathroom and share it via social media networks, for a chance to win one for free. With "Driving Global Growth Smarter and Faster" as our theme, our focus was on what it takes to accelerate growth and stay ahead of the competition. We are also focusing on identifying deeper, more meaningful insights in order to establish stronger connections with all of our constituencies and create a deeper level of commitment to our brands. By being there early, we have built strong consumer loyalty and leading market positions in many of our core categories.
With this global initiative, Colgate has reached over 650 million children, and every year we partner with dental professionals and our retail partners to sponsor an oral health month in each of our geographies.

We try to "paint the store red" with strong in-store execution that increases the visibility of Colgate products.
In the sensitivity segment, for example, because people often go to the dentist and ask "what can I do about this pain," dental professionals' recommendations for Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste are driving market share gains against the long-established leading competitor in this segment. The brand's unique positioning around skin health is an excellent complement to Palmolive's natural extracts and skin care positioning as well as to our Protex brand, which focuses on antibacterial protection for skin. We have been very successful with our worldwide savings projects, and interestingly, the more we delve into ways to save and become more efficient, the more we identify additional sources of savings.
By drilling down and understanding the actual cost of individual stock keeping units, or SKUs, rather than using standard cost techniques which tend to average costs across multiple SKUs in a product portfolio, we are using the true cost of our products to drive simplification decisions and lower our overall costs. With shared services, our initial focus has been on accounting processes and procedures across Europe.
At Colgate, sustainability is not just a project or initiative — it's built into business decisions every day. More about our sustainability strategy, which remains focused on People, Performance and Planet, and our ambitious goals appear on the Sustainability Strategy page of this report.
A complete reconciliation between reported results (GAAP) and results excluding these items (Non-GAAP), including a description of such items, is available on Colgatea€™s web site and on page 21 of this report.
Years 2007 and 2008 exclude restructuring and implementation-related charges related to the 2004 Restructuring Program and other items that pertain only to 2007.
The Company uses these financial measures internally in its budgeting process and as a factor in determining compensation. In 2007, the Company recorded a $29 million aftertax gain on sale of a non-core product line in Latin America. We are obtaining deeper and more meaningful consumer insights and using them to strengthen product development, packaging and the communications we deliver through our integrated marketing campaigns. The consistent and continuous marketing support, which involved traditional advertising, digital innovations, sampling, contests and in-store programs, drove strong market share gains for the Colgate brand, which reached a new record high for the year. Colgate builds consumer trust and loyalty through a variety of global initiatives, including its "Bright Smiles, Bright Futures" oral health education and community outreach program, which has reached over 650 million children in 80 countries, and by sponsoring Oral Health Month around the world, often in partnership with retailers and local dental associations.
Colgate helps educate dental and veterinary professionals about the science behind Colgate and Hill's products by being deeply involved with academia, professional organizations and conventions, and public health activities to improve oral health and pet health around the world. Programs such as this one strengthen Colgate's relationship with the dental profession worldwide and, in the United Kingdom, helped to strengthen Colgate's Toothpaste Brand Recommended Most Often ranking from 51% to 54%. The program reinforces the American Veterinary Medical Association's position that obesity is the most common preventable health condition in pets. These activities ensure the right product assortment at each location and help to make shopping a consumer-friendly, enjoyable experience, which drives increased sales for both Colgate and the retailer. As the name suggests, multiple variants of toothpaste are pre-packaged together in the same shipment.
The vans are staffed by volunteer dental professionals who provide free dental screenings, oral health education, treatment referrals and a "Building Smiles Together" kit that includes educational materials and a free toothbrush and toothpaste.
Marketing personnel work closely with scientists and other researchers, as well as external organizations and academia, to ensure we have the technology in place to meet both short and long-term consumer needs. Colgate Optic White toothpaste provides whiter teeth in one week, with results that improve with daily brushing. Today, these markets have robust GDP growth, a large population with low product penetration and even lower consumption, good category growth rates and loyal consumers.
As for product mix, we are organized to innovate specifically for emerging markets through deep consumer insights captured at our consumer innovation centers, four of which are located within emerging market geographies, along with four supportive, companion global technology centers. We believe there is great opportunity for even more savings as we take this model to other regions and broaden its scope. We recognize that a broad approach to sustainability, encompassing our long commitment to the environment, but also extending to the long-term well-being of the people and communities we serve, is the truest expression of our Company values: Caring, Continuous Improvement and Global Teamwork. These innovative marketing programs deliver our brand messages using a combination of traditional media outlets, in-store communications and newer digital outlets, including social media.
Pictured here, celebrity spokesperson Alison Sweeney, host of television's The Biggest Loser, attended the program's kick-off event in New York City to announce a national call-to-action for pet owners to get their pets to lose one million pounds of weight in 2011. These packs facilitate faster distribution and enable shop owners to enhance their assortment of Colgate products, better addressing shopper preferences. Beyond new products, innovation is embedded into the Company's culture to encourage new ideas and improved processes throughout every aspect of the organization – from the supply chain to marketing to finance and all support services. Offering value and convenience for consumers, Colgate Optic White captured over 4% of the U.S.
We achieved our profit goals, with diluted earnings per share increasing 4%, despite continuing increases in material costs, an intense competitive environment and volatile macroeconomic conditions worldwide. Our proven strategy, which has led to consistent success around the world, will continue to drive our worldwide efforts.
With its robust market shares, Sanex has strengthened Colgate's positions in the shower gel and deodorant categories in several key countries in Europe and our overall personal care business throughout the region. However, we have refined our four strategic initiatives so that we can operate smarter and faster, continuing to build on our global strength. This innovation helped drive our share of the mouthwash market in China to a record high level in 2011. Colgate people worldwide are sharply focused on: (1) Engaging to Build Our Brands, (2) Innovation for Growth, (3) Effectiveness and Efficiency, and (4) Leading to Win.

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