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Cutting Edge Design offers commercial outdoor audio and video system installation, based in Mukilteo a suburb of Seattle, Washington.
From rock speakers to weather proof TVs and commercial video signage, we have the commercial outdoor speakers and commercial outdoor TV and video systems you need for your unique space. At Cutting Edge Design our value proposition is our ability to find the best solutions for your outdoor space within your budget.
When you’re ready for the best outdoor audio or video system for your business, please call one of our friendly sales staff to schedule a free consultation.
We see a man walking down the street when he catches his reflection in a bus window, but the reflection shows a baby version of him. Evian wanted to give everyone the chance to try the experience for themselves and discover their inner baby. The Baby and Me campaign was developed at BETC Paris by executive creative director Remi Babinet, art director Agnes Cavard, assistant art director Felix Falzon, copywriter Valerie Chidlovsky, traffic manager Elise Herfort,art buyer Nathalie Gruselle, media strategy director Martine Picard, agency producers Fabrice Brovelli (TV), Sarah Belhadj, Annick Audoux (print), agency management Marielle Durandet, Estelle Colas, Gaelle Gicqueau, Isabelle Picot and Charlotte Bals, working with Evian marketing team Michael Aidan, Laurent Houel, Cecile Turkel, Alexis Thobellem. Media was handled at Havas Media International Direction Media by digital manager Benoit Radenne. Filming was shot by directors We Are From LA via Iconoclast with executive producer Mourad Belkeddar.

Digital work was developed at BETC Digital by creative director Ivan Beczkowski, art director Sokphea Pes, copywriter Emmanuelle Labbe, technical director Thibault Dargeou, agency management Karine Dargeou, Stephanie Mayer and Jonathan Casseron. What is The Inspiration Room?A global effort designed to influence, affect and involve creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration, particularly in the fields of advertising, design and film.
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With a depth of product knowledge and extensive catalog of products to choose from, we are uniquely qualified to design and install the outdoor audio and video systems your commercial space requires. I'm so glad I elected to use his services rather than try to do it myself or use someone else, e.g.
The format combines a channel-based audio bed with object-oriented sound to place and move specific effects around the theater, creating a breathtakingly realistic and captivating sonic atmosphere.
Surprised and excited he starts to dance, to discover that his baby imitates his moves and expressions.
Ten portraits of adults and baby versions of them will be displayed in train stations and metro platforms, facing each other, with the surprised adult discovering hers or his inner baby. In order to do this, BETC Digital teamed up with B-Reel and created a special app that will be available on iPhone, Android or Facebook from mid-May.

They've done lots of stuff for me in the past, but recently they installed new equipment for my WiFi. Sound designers and artists are free to mix in a 3D space, steering effects through surround channels and adding a seamless overhead dimension with discrete height channels. People around him on the street join the dance – all set to the cult tune “Here comes the Hotstepper”, remixed by Yuksek for evian, available on iTunes.
Upload your photo and the app will use advanced facial recognition software to create a baby version of yourself that you can share with your friends. Installation costs extremely competitive and he literally worked all day to make it perfect.

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