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For our frequent customers Truck Transfer is pleased to offer a rewards program as a thank you for your loyalty to our services. No matter which service you choose, we emphasize security for drivers and vehicles, along with full compliance with state and provincial laws. For additional information please contact the Ontario Ministry of Finance at 905-433-6361 (for provincial land transfer tax questions) or the City of Toronto at 416-338-0338 (for Toronto land transfer tax questions). This information is sourced from Toronto Real Estate Board. Transfer of commercial property can cover a range of businesses, including retail, hospitality, clerical, industrial units. Transfer of commercial property is generally much more involved than the acts Conveyancing residential property and requires more specific knowledge. It is essential to communicate with your lawyer so he can be kept up to speed with a case every step of the way.
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A separate Toronto land transfer tax applies to Toronto properties only (An easy-to-use calculator and other options for determining the tax are provided below). Your individual land transfer tax calculation should be calculated and verified by your solicitor. Jan Gizicki, Broker and Eva Gizicka, Sales Representative assume no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information set out in this section. The negotiations concerning the leases are notoriously difficult; a lawyer of good business transfer will facilitate this operation for you.
Experienced prosecutors will issues of common interest and be able to quickly navigate compared to a person with less experience. The following chart is based on the Land Transfer Tax (LTT) levied by the Province of Ontario as at May 1996, and the City of Toronto land transfer tax, which takes effect on February 1, 2008. Whatever your business you need a lawyer specializing commercial property transfer to take care of yourself and not a lawyer conveyancing residential property.

A draft lease agreement must be executed well in order to avoid any confusion and any future dispute. You will be avoid unnecessary financial losses and wasted time by investing in a very good lawyer today. Please note the Provincial and Toronto land transfer taxes can be amended by the Province and Toronto City Council. Various traps appear in conveyancing commercial versus residential property, so it is vital that your attorney is experienced in the field so they know how to avoid all the problems that may arise at the time of the contractual agreement or further in the future.
Compare prices and find someone that you are completely satisfied to work with for a long and offers a price and a module to suit your needs time.

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