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Those that require services and the workplaces can either visit with or they may make contact through telephone or e-mail. Thus, a website that is placed at top position in one search engine may not exist at the same position in other search engines. But in not only photographs but in picture, the reminiscences might be sustained with development of technologies and science.
In 2009, we successfully launched our line of Infinity™ Therapeutic Massage Chairs and spa-quality personal massage products, all of which have been praised by the furniture industry. Are you planning to hire a professional video production company in the Bozeman area, yet are uncertain which company would be the best fit for your project or event? Taking time at the outset to provide a detailed description of your final video, as well as the promotional goals you want to accomplish, will help the producer provide a reliable quote for your project. Ken Glynn is a Bozeman-based video producer, web designer and internet marketing consultant.
As a wii owner, I was devastated to find out how much could be accomplished with half-hearted waggling. We develop custom e-learning, mobile, video, live training, writing, and performance solutions for the medical, healthcare, pharma, IT, and financial services industries.
Before you begin converting your content, you’ll probably want to develop an outline that maps out the entire mobile learning course. If you’ve ever thought working from home with small children beats driving to the office each day, you may be sadly mistaken.
Before I made the decision to enroll my youngest son in child care, it was quite a struggle to balance running a business with an infant in tow.
If your children constantly demand attention during non-business hours, do you really expect them to sit in a corner with a pile of crayons, coloring books, or an iPad for hours at a time while you work?
Even as an adult, I am sometimes easily sidetracked during work hours by phone calls, text messages, email alerts, social media (the ultimate time-suck), or a light bulb that suddenly goes off in my head — just to name a few distractions. Trying to find the right settings for video compression can be a tricky thing when it comes to streaming media.  You want the video to look as clean and clear as possible without losing any quality, but you also don’t want super large files that take forever to load over internet connections. Scott Downey, Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University, shot in front of green screen for an eLearning presentation. Scott Downey from Purdue University with the green screen keyed out and edited on a new background using an alpha channel in the FLV video file. Overall, it really does depend on your project and what sort of footage you are using.  Someone standing and talking to the camera won’t have as much data information to process as footage of a basketball game or a concert. For filmmakers, designers, photographers, and just about any kind of creatives, the public domain is an important resource, full of copyright-free materials that can be used and remixed to create new art. Alongside the freshly accessible materials, Pond5 produced a handy explanation of the public domain to help artists ensure their ideas fall within the legal realm of each different kind of public domain. One of the coolest things about this project is that, as with nearly any free resource, people will almost certainly find ways to use the Public Domain Project in ways we can’t predict. HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) started development in 2007, with the standard formally published by the ITU-T on June 7, 2013. What publishing this spec meant was that H.265 was firm enough that developers and hardware manufacturers could finalize their initial HEVC products.
According to Wikipedia, “On September 29, 2014, MPEG LA announced their HEVC license which covers the essential patents from 23 companies. Telestream has not released support for H.265, though it demonstrated HEVC support at NAB 2014 for its Vantage products. Wikipedia has a good writeup, though it gets more and more technical as the article progresses.
With the cost of video cameras and editing software coming down in price, it’s easier than ever to include video in your eLearning projects. Whether or not you choose to use video in your project will depend on many factors, including time, budget, and subject matter. Whichever way you choose to go, there will be advantages and disadvantages. Although the cost of developing video for e-learning has gone down significantly over the years, it is still a time and resource-intensive undertaking. If you’ve decided you will be going ahead and using video in your project, here are the high-level tasks you will need to accomplish. Below is a list of some of the basic considerations you will want to look at when planning your video project. Sound: You may need a professional sound technician who has wireless microphones and the equipment needed to make sure all the sounds are crisp and clear.
Logistics: Now that you’ve got your equipment, location, actors and sound and light technicians all sorted out, you need to schedule everyone to be in the same place at the same time for at least a few hours to do the recording!
Keep your instructional designer and SME informed of any last minute changes, so you don’t accidentally alter course information. Here’s the complete series of related posts (in order) on going under the hood with XML and its uses in learning technologies. An LMS, or Learning Management System is a software application that provides a framework for the course material, and takes care of all the back-end administration that is necessary to make the learning experience happen.
SCORM stands for “Sharable Content Object Reference Model,” and is a set of technical standards that define how Web-based online learning content and LMSs communicate with each other. The Tin Can application programming interface, or API, (also known as The Experience API or xAPI) is the next generation of SCORM. XML is the workhorse of metadata and the semantic Web, the means by which we describe the meaning and context of information on the Web. Most ebooks, including the Kindle (with minor proprietary variations), are based on the open, XML-based EPUB standard. And those are just a few of the ways in which XML helps people and computers work more closely together to improve the meaning and the context of information. As you recall from our previous post, SCORM is a set of technical standards that define how Web-based online learning content and LMSs communicate with each other. Thanks to the imsmanifest file and rest of the information defined in SCORM’s XML files and APIs, any LMS that supports the SCORM standard can successfully store, display, and track any Web-based online learning content written to the same standard. In our next post, we’ll look at one more example of how XML is used to create the metadata that describes the meaning and context of information, this time in an ebook. XML is a markup language much like HTML (HyperText Markup Language), the language we use to display the words, pictures, sounds, and video that make up the Web.
Of course there are lots of tags, and lots of complexity in how those tags can be used and nested, but the underlying scheme is straightforward. HTML and XML are similar in nature, both being markup languages, but they have a couple of key differences. XML, on the other hand, is not designed to display data, it’s designed to provide meaning and context for data, so the markup is used to do that.
In our previous Metadata post, we gave an example of a person using a Web site that contains a monument’s latitude and longitude so that person can locate the monument while walking through a park. XML provides meaning and context for data, and provides it using plain text, so it can be easily written and read by any application (as well as by people).
Also, XML tags are not predefined; you or an outside organization can define the meaning of the tag and link to its definition.

In the next two posts, we’ll look at a couple of examples of how XML is used, first in SCORM, and then in an ebook, to create the metadata that describe the meaning and context of that information. Metadata is not a new concept; librarians have been using it for years in card catalogs to manage their book collections.
Unlike the card above, of course, today this information lives in servers and is easily searchable, not only because it’s computerized, but because the Library of Congress previously defined the types of information it thought necessary to collect about each book, allowing searches within a specific category. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Web itself had a real digital card catalog and not just a brute force text search, which often returns completely irrelevant (and occasionally quite entertaining) results?
Metadata standards such as the Dublin Core not only specify searchable types of information about a resource, they contain a clear definition of that information.
At Tamara Leigh LLC, we believe that video education is crucial to a comprehensive marketing campaign. Short videos that highlight your company’s expertise on a particular subject will make your brand a trusted resource for customers.
We can animate text, photos, graphics and even live video into a dynamic slide show, accompanied by appropriate music and finished off with a compelling call to action. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. After the event is protected, it will be modified and eventually it’s going to be sealed and delivered to the customer.
Our extraordinary success is powered by a management team with over 60 years combined experience in product design, manufacturing, and supply chain logistics.
Infinite Therapeutics backs the product set with complete end-to-end solutions, from pre-sales support to post-sales technical assistance. It can be difficult to know who to trust, particularly if you are researching companies online. These details then become the basis of a production contract, serving as a constant reminder to the producer to ensure that the production is on-target with your requested features from start to finish. With your production budget, and business brand on the line, it's worth doing some homework before signing a contract.
Consider any existing learning materials that you want to integrate, as well as new ones that you feel that should be added to your new mobile learning course.
My children are definitely the apple of my eye, but they can be a handful anytime I sit down to complete an important task. After years of following all sorts of tips to minimize distractions, I finally figured out how to successfully accomplish tasks without pulling all my hair out. The green screen allowed us to key him out and onto any background that we wanted and create an alpha channel on the video. It takes more data to process footage that is changing rapidly, so you might have to tweak your settings a bit to see what works best for you. The legal intricacies of copyright and public domain, however, can be daunting, and finding specific pieces of footage, for example, from organizations like the US National Archive can be a tedious and user-unfriendly experience.
Since they existed solely in physical form within the National Archives, about 5,000 of the film clips had been nearly impossible to access for most filmmakers. While using the free picture of President Obama is fine for an editorial about presidential recreation, for example, it would not be legal to turn it into an advertisment for billiards tables. The reason media professionals need to learn about this is that it will, fairly quickly, replace H.264 as the codec of choice for the web. While Apple does not comment on future products, the fact that they added HEVC to FaceTime means that they are doing more than just thinking about adding support.
However, if you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see a number of related websites that can be helpful to learning more.
Below is some useful information to read if you are thinking about taking your eLearning to the next level.
Scriptwriting may seem easy but it can actually be quite difficult and time-intensive to create realistic dialog. It’s difficult to edit out ambient noise or interruptions post-production, so aim for the cleanest take possible right from the start.
If you’re doing this from a home office, make sure any children or pets are in another room.
The MP4 video file format is accepted by most e-Learning authoring tools and is supported on nearly all modern computers, tablets and smartphones.
It can capture formal as well as informal and social learning and performance as it actually happens, inside our outside an LMS or Web environment. The next line defines it as a package file, as defined by the Open Packaging Format bit of the EPUB standard.
Finally comes the spine, which tells your ereader the order in which the content should be presented.
SCORM is composed of three sub-specifications, one of which is the content packaging section, which contains an XML file called imsmanifest.xml. Next comes the metadata tag, describing the list as part of the SCORM standard, version 1.2. The metadata in the XML files discloses the meaning and context of the information in the elearning modules, and the LMS processes it as appropriate.
Second, the tags you use to mark up your words and pictures are all predefined; you have to use the right tags if you want to get the right result.
The meaning and context of the data is conveyed both by the tag itself and by the linked definition of the tag, called an XML Name Space (xmlns). Almost every book on the market in the United States today has metadata associated with it in the form of Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication information, including author, title, ISBN, subject category and subcategories, number of pages, length of the physical book, Library of Congress Control Number, and cataloging numbers. For example, if you wanted to find a book by an author named Joe Homer, you could search on “author,” and skip all the other books about the Greek poet Homer, the books about Homer Simpson, and books about famous home runs in baseball history. A Dublin Core date, for example, is defined as YYYY-MM-DD, so 2014-03-09 means March 9th, not September 3rd. One purpose is to help computers better understand the meaning behind a Web resource, so that they can do a better job helping you find what you want. Consumers want to watch and learn about a product or service rather than rely on reading brochures.
Creatine Marketing will work with your business to prepare these short videos; 30 to 90 second snippets of useful information regarding your product or service. Show off your business and endorse your products or services using the most compelling form of media. The point is to make it entertaining enough for the users that they will want to share it with their friends and family, who will in turn share it with their friends and family. Once the student learns to apply what has been taught in real life situations, it’s time to analyze what has been learned. The organization gets pros and the means who are able to perform the task in the most expert style. When he asked me why I felt as I did, I explained to him that not only were the Democrats and Republicans cut from the same cloth, two sides of the same coin, so to speak, but that Nancy Pelosi, that all powerful congresswoman from California, had said as much when she proclaimed that impeachment was off the table. We are dedicated to increasing the well-being of our clients and to providing the absolute best in customer service.

This is by far the easiest way to determine the professional competency level of a production house. Does the company's website feature testimonials from past clients that can help you determine the level of service, punctuality, and attention to detail that you can expect when hiring a company?
One thing is for certain: the return on your video investment will be much greater if you ask the right questions at the beginning. This outline should also feature your core learning objectives and goals, as these will serve as a guide moving forward. It’s almost as if they have an internal switch that flips on any time the cover of my laptop opens!
It all depends on your project and what sort of files you are compressing to.  In this blog we are going to be discussing using Flash Video Files (FLV) within Articulate Storyline. If you are using alpha channels, this is a very difficult thing to navigate around, so be careful.
Today, royalty-free video marketplace Pond5 launches the Public Domain Project in order to solve this problem, opening up to the public a massive, thoroughly-organized treasure trove of about 80,000 copyright-free video clips, photos, sound recordings, and 3D models. The Public Domain Project directly digitized the footage themselves and combined it with 5,000 more copyright-free clips, making an easy-to-use marketplace that unifies a huge portion of the country’s historical resources. H.265 was designed to reduce cellular network congestion, improve compressed image quality, and decrease bandwidth costs when streaming media. Second, because in order to use HEVC we need full support for encode (compression) and decode (playback). If you don’t currently have the necessary equipment, will you be purchasing (new or used) or renting the equipment? It pops up all over the place, specifying contents and navigation in elearning, in ebooks, and on the Web.
The XML manifest file describes how the parts of the course are organized, and lists the associated resources. And while it is constantly evolving, it is well known to both Web developers and browser developers, so generally what we code is rendered properly. For example, an image may contain information about its size and resolution, and a document may contain information about its length.
Just specifying that the word Homer is a part of the author’s name, and not a part of a title or a subject, makes your search that much more effective. A number of groups have developed and continue to evolve standards for the incorporation of metadata into Web sites. While this may appear trivial, the automated search of metadata by computers requires that the exact meaning of each data element be agreed upon, documented, stored on the Web, and linked to, so it is obvious what metadata definitions are being utilized.
Let’s say you do a search for the term “Chicago Fire.” Are you looking for the TV show, the conflagration that burned down the city in 1871, or the Chicago Fire soccer club?
Video remains the most compelling way to tell your company’s story, and they also rank high on search engine results pages. In fact, our customer’s success using training content as a marketing tool provides proof every day that people online love to buy, but hate to be sold. These videos can show off your company’s desire to pass along valuable insight that keeps visitors on your website longer, and cements your credibility with the consumer.
Don’t just rely on brochures to market your products—show your target audience that you are serious about promoting your company, and that you believe in what it has to offer.
By withholding information on how subconscious projections can enter dreams, Nolan creates a level of suspense about Mal, as the audience wonders who she is and why she’s ruining everything for Cobb.
Oxygen and fuel (biodiesel, gas, or solar) are combined by the cell to produce electricity with no (or minimal) emissions. Does their website show samples similar to the project that you are interested in producing?
If you have determined that a company produces high quality work and delivers the product on-time, then cost is your next concern.
Therefore, in order to reach them and offer them the chance to develop skill sets or broaden their knowledge base, the learning must go with them via their mobile devices. An added benefit of creating this outline is that it will give you the opportunity to gather all of the content you currently have and critically review it.
But, if you are just creating video files without alpha channels your best bet is converting your footage to MP4 files and publishing your files with the HTML5 option selected. Artists can pick and choose from the helpfully labeled and tagged files to find just the right picture or clip to give their work some historical context, or to create a whole new artwork with its own unique meaning. All the clips are embeddable and many are byte-sized, so we may even see them sprout up as new memes and reaction GIFs, and hopefully many more projects we haven’t thought of yet. There’s nothing worse than compressing your latest opus only to discover that your clients can’t play it. And if you unzip it, you will find a folder with a whole set of other files and folders filled with XML files, XHTML files (a stricter version of HTML), image files, and maybe even sound and video files. Thus, a key component of any type of metadata is a specification of the individual types of information to be collected, and a definition of each.
One of the first is called the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative; two other current standards of interest are Microformats and RDFa.
On the other side of the square you will enter the Kalverstraat, the place where all mainstream brand names have one or more stores. There are several wedding cinematography firms available if folks residing in and around Toronto need providers to have any events protected.
And most people are sure when they notice the function that is finished to feel entirely satisfied.
The deals are offering the customers the items like the 160GB i – Pod classic, Garmin nuvi 1340, Acer Netbook, etc. Then, you will determine if certain parts still have a place in your mobile learning course or they should be left out.
Do the actors need to be wearing any specific type of clothing (business suits, casual jeans, etc.) and how should their hair and makeup be done? All these files are stitched together—you guessed it—through the magic of XML, doing it’s semantic job of providing meaning and context to all that surround it.
It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to educate you customers about your products or services.
Also, if you are working with a team, make sure that you are all on the same page and that the project’s goals are well defined and communicated to all of you. And thanks to the rise of smartphones and other mobile devices, video can take your company’s story to wherever your customers and employees are – giving you an edge on the competition. Get their input on which eLearning elements can easily be integrated into the mobile learning course, as well as how much time they require to complete their respective tasks.

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