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Study: Facebook Fans Who Interact With The Brand Page Make For Higher-Paying Consumers – How valuable are Facebook fans?
Snapchat Ads Are Coming Soon, Says CEO Spiegel – Snapchat, the startup that raised money this year at around a $10 billion valuation without any revenue, will start making money from advertising soon. Study Shows CTRs A False Metric For Mobile Ad Performance – A new mobile advertising study, commissioned by xAd and carried out by Nielsen, holds some important and perhaps surprising findings for marketers.
Whether you want to admit it or not, there are probably some things about content marketing that you just don’t feel like you have a solid grasp on. As part of our annual Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends research, we ask content marketers to reveal the components of the job that are challenging.
If you, too, are looking for ways to overcome these stumbling blocks, the tips that follow may help you find your footing. There are plenty of things you can do to maximize the engagement potential of your content. An obvious point: Your article or blog post should be extremely clear as to what it’s trying to say. A question: Not everyone does this, but questions make people think, and when readers reach the end of an article, you want them to be thinking about what you said – and what comes next. Joe Pulizzi often warns content marketers against doing too much at once, pointing out that many of the most successful media brands – including The New York Times, ESPN, and Huffington Post – started by mastering the conversation on one core channel before diversifying their content offerings. Focus your energy on producing the best #content for your audience on a single platform or format. Regardless of whether you are building your content kingdom on a single platform or boldly going where your brand has never been, remember that it may not always be necessary to start your content conquests from scratch. Take clips of audio conversations recorded for Q&As and interviews, add some narration for context, and publish as narrative podcasts. Turn a live presentation into a whiteboard-based masterpiece with the help of a graphic recorder. Failing to publish #content consistently is a sure sign that your #contentmarketing is doomed to fail. Keep an editorial calendar: This most steady and stalwart of tools in the content marketer’s arsenal is an essential component for managing the life cycle of our organization’s content marketing program. Establish a repeatable workflow: As Jesse Noyes points out, repeatable workflows save time and protect you from frustration. Gather your stakeholders: Write down the roles and colleagues who participate in creating and launching your content. Document your distribution points: These can include your owned channels and social media accounts, as well as the software tools and internal collaboration systems that are part of your distribution process. Align your process with your people: The goal is to marry the roles with the tasks that need to be completed. One easy trick for doing this is to look at your business funnel and identify the point where your team is struggling the most to reach its goals. Brand awareness: Are you a start-up that needs to build or increase your presence in the marketplace, or are you having difficulties distinguishing your business from your competition? Customer loyalty: Are you having trouble retaining your customers or servicing their needs? Of course, these KPIs primarily focus on the big picture – the general effectiveness of your content. For example, here is a downloadable template you can use to organize the performance data you choose to track. Measuring the ROI of your content marketing program requires more of a big-picture view than content-centric metrics like page views, blog comments, or social shares. Click-through rates for your calls to action: If a CTA’s click-through rate is low, consider changing the language, placement, or even colors of your content to see if that brings different results.
Lead-to-customer percentage: How many of the leads your content is bringing in are turning into customers? Cost per lead or cost per acquisition: This is the amount your company has to spend to bring in a lead and turn it into a customer. Average sales cycle duration: A sales cycle is the length of time it takes for a lead to become a full-on customer.
Average revenue per user: If the average amount each individual customer spends begins to dip, it may mean your sales and content teams need to focus on upselling or targeting leads at a higher price point. NewsCred’s head of strategy, Michael Brenner, offers some fantastic hacks content marketers can use to get the most out of their budget – no matter how small. Create or cover a list of the top people to follow on your topic or your favorite content sources. You can spend an intense few days to download tips, insights, trends, and get your questions answered at Content Marketing World this September.
Jodi Harris is the Director of Editorial Content & Curation at Content Marketing Institute. Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE! Great article, Just to add, while creating engaging content it is worth to put some efforts to know about trends.
I think this is a smart way to conceive of content creation and stay focused on brand priorities while delivering value to the audience. Owned Media – Media, content and assets that the brand controls, like websites, blogs, newsletters and brand social media accounts. As more online marketers are exposed to these terms most commonly used by Advertising and Public Relations Agencies, I think it’s useful to explore what they mean for content marketing and the options for marketers to best facilitate consumer information discovery, consumption and sharing.
One might argue that the line between B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business) marketing is blurry when it comes to online marketing. But B2B marketers, it seems, have become masters at content marketing, which can be broadly defined as the creation and distribution of compelling content in order to attract, engage, and retain customers. While B2B marketers are committed to content creation, they deliver the content in different ways. B2B marketers spend about 26 percent of their total marketing budgets on content marketing initiatives; however, smaller companies tend to spend a greater percentage of their budget on content marketing than larger companies. B2B marketers measure the effectiveness of content marketing mostly by the web traffic it generates, but sales lead quality has become an important metric as well. There is some indication that 2012 will be a year in which more B2B marketers understand the value of segmenting audiences and targeting content to individual segments. The study concluded that the most effective B2B content marketers a€?tap into a more extensive distribution network, using all distribution channels in the survey at significantly higher rates than their less effective peers.a€? This should come as no surprise.
It is a great post packed with a lot of valuable information,A  and I feel pleasure to read this post indeed. In the American workplace, few things are valued as highly, or pursued as aggressively, as productivity.
Admit it – if you’re reading this at work, you’d probably rather be somewhere else, and that’s exactly how it should be.
If you’re a content marketer, you’re likely familiar with the pressures of life in the trenches, but in today’s post, I’m going to show you another way – several, actually – of doing things.
Here are some tips (and marketing tools) that can help you get more done in the office so you can spend more time out of it. It’s amazing how much you can get done if you stop procrastinating and actually sit down to work. If you really can’t stop checking the headlines or sneaking a peek at Twitter when you should be writing, give RescueTime a shot.
This software program tracks your computer usage and shows you exactly how you’re spending your time. Before we go any further, it’s important to note that I’m not recommending you use RescueTime (or any similar programs) so you can become one of those insufferable people who need to account for every waking second of their day.
Don’t lose sleep about how many minutes of work you “lost,” or what you could have accomplished in a given period of time – use RescueTime as a tool to get some work done so you can go out and enjoy your life when 5 p.m. Although using a typewriter is impractical for content marketers, there’s a lot to be said for simplifying your writing environment. OmmWriter is a minimalist writing program that offers you the Zen-like peace of a completely unobtrusive interface. Nothing wastes more time – and thus pushes your deadline beyond the point of reason – faster than disorganization. Web Clipper can be synchronized across multiple devices, so no more emailing links to yourself or hunting for that graph you saw but forgot to save.
You’ve probably experienced “the zone” – that peculiar state of hyperconcentration in which time seems to slow down and you get more done than you actually thought possible. Getting – and staying – in the zone requires a certain atmosphere, namely one in which you can concentrate and eliminate the bustle of the environment around you. Despite its terrible name, Todoist is one of the best list management applications on the market. Available in both free and premium versions (Todoist premium has an annual subscription fee of $29), Todoist offers several excellent tools for keeping track of what you’ve got going on.
Although Todoist is robust and fully featured, it might have a little too much going on for the minimalists out there. If you’ve got any suggestions on how you can be more productive at the office, let me know in the comments. Great suggestions, thanks Brent.I've played around with HabitRPG in the past, but I never got too into it.
Like many other digital marketing agencies, we’ve been on the hunt for digital and content marketing talent on a continuous basis over the past few years.

Companies looking for agencies are in the same boat, challenged to find partners that can actually affect business goals.
In both cases, the ease of publishing online makes it easy for individuals and agencies to present expertise – whether they really have it or not. Since a lot of companies are maturing in their content marketing abilities, I think there are a few key skills that stand out in 2014 and beyond.
Customer Segmentation – The ability to identify customer segments through available resources is pretty important for any kind of customer targeting. Buy Cycle Stories – Understanding customer segments also means knowing their journey across the sales cycle. Multi-Channel Content Planning – When you see how customer segments move across the sales cycle, it becomes clear that single channel marketing like email, SEO, PPC, mobile, etc is a disadvantage.
Community Building – The intersection of content with social media cannot be ignored. I think any organization that can develop these skill sets amongst their digital marketing teams will bring a distinct advantage to the company. I don’t believe any single individual or organization has mastery in this mix of skills.
At a minimum, an individual or a company that is new to content marketing should have the planning, creation, amplification and measurement skills (with a strong emphasis in 2 or 3).
Beyond these more technical skills are character and personality traits as well as other skills like strategy, creativity and the ability to draw insight from data. With so many on- and offline customer touchpoints, the pressure to connect the dots can leave marketers feeling red in the face or blue with defeat. YetiData and Collective Bias conducted a four year-long study of a major grocery store’s Facebook page (150,000 fans), discovering that Facebook fans of the store on average bought 125 more items than a typical customer — a 35 percent rise. Many people have long known that the click-through (CTR) is not a very useful metric for display ads and mobile display ads in particular. Though it may seem like content marketing just comes naturally to some companies, it turns out that some struggles are universal.
Engagement seems like an easy enough concept to comprehend, but not everyone describes it in the same terms. But content variety is a more complex issue, since it’s often driven more by a fear of missing out than a true need for greater content diversity. Instead of blindly pursuing variety, Joe recommends that you first focus your energy on producing the best content possible for your audience on a single platform or format. A much more efficient way to increase your content volume and add diversity is to curate the content you’ve already published and rework it so that it fills a new purpose. Add a few relevant screenshots, photos, or other illustrations, and voila – a video tutorial.
In fact, failing to publish content on a consistent basis is one of the surest signs that your content marketing is doomed to fail. They also provide visibility and accountability across your organization, as key stakeholders know their responsibilities, their deadlines, and how their efforts contribute to larger organizational priorities.
They also should include some flexibility so they can be shifted to reflect your organization’s reality.
For example, if your goal is greater brand awareness, upticks in your content downloads, website traffic, or social media chatter are strong indicators that your efforts are effective. There are many types of info you can collect for each piece of content; focus on gathering only the information that you plan to take action on. But if your content program on the whole is failing to help your organization achieve its marketing or business goals, it may be time to revisit your strategy and reevaluate your goals. Your content is meant to engage, educate, and entertain – but, above all, it’s meant to bring in customers. A decrease in cost-per-lead or cost-per-acquisition means your program is likely on the right track. If you’re losing customers at an unreasonable rate, then your content team may need to place a greater emphasis on content that speaks to retention rather than acquisition. Or, if you have the same CTA in different places and one is performing better than the other, you may want to further promote that piece of content to drive more traffic there. A low number indicates the need for a tighter sales funnel, a deeper look at the quality of leads your content is attracting, or perhaps more targeted content that will help the sales team close more and faster. It goes without saying that this cost should be far less than the amount of money that customer is spending. While the initial length of a sales cycle is relative to your product and process, the shorter your average sales cycle becomes, the better your content marketing ROI. A steady or increasing customer retention rate means you’re on track, while an increasing churn rate (the amount of customers you lose) should sound the alarm for more customer-focused TLC.
In our 2015 research, we found that larger firms – which typically have more substantial budgets for content – cited each of their challenges at higher rates than their smaller counterparts. It’s a bold move, but if done consistently, you can rank for your competitor and negative keywords.
The important thing is that you don’t give up or let minor frustrations snowball until they overwhelm and discourage you. Make your plans today and use code BLOG100 to save $100 off of the main event and all-access passes.
I teach Content Marketing Strategy and Tactics at the Rutgers Business School and share a plan for building a variety of engaging content consistently that can be found in the YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands. The pro for paid media is it’s ability to be implemented pretty much on-demand, the ability to have some degree of control and also that it scales.
Brands are increasingly behaving like publishers with editorial staff managing content creation steams.
Because of the nature of social sharing and engagement on social media sites, Shared Media can propagate across an individual’s network to others, and so on and so on. We respect your privacy.NameThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on integrated content, search, social media and influencer marketing. We respect your privacy.PhoneThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
B2C and B2B marketers essentially use the same kinds of tactics which, increasingly, rely on social media. The most popular content delivery tactics, according to the study, are article posting (79 percent), social media excluding blogs (74 percent), blogs (65 percent), eNewsletters (63 percent), case studies (58 percent), in-person events (56 percent), videos (52 percent), and white papers (51 percent).
Brand awareness ranks first (69 percent), but customer acquisition (68 percent) and lead generation (67 percent) are not far behind. Over half (62 percent) of all B2B marketers say they will spend more money on content marketing in 2012.
As for the competitive environment, 40 percent of B2B marketers think they do a better job of content marketing than their competitors a€“ although 41 percent admitted that their greatest challenge is producing compelling content that engages customers and prospects. YouTube, however, had the largest increase in 2011 in terms of adoption rate (a 47 percent increase). While the most popular way to segment an audience was by company characteristics (50 percent), marketers are increasingly segmenting based on the profile of the decision maker, which includes such things as department and job title (57 percent in 2011 vs. These days, covering all bases with content makes more sense than restricting distribution to only a few channels.
On average, Americans work more hours than just about any other industrialized nation in the world.
For some, however, the cult of productivity has become an all-powerful idol, and one that businesses all over the country fervently worship.
Employees regularly boast of how early they come in, how late they stay, and how little vacation time they’ve used. It also offers optional features such as site blocking for specified periods of time, alerts, goal tracking, and other productivity tools. As I said in the introduction, I want to show you how to get things done while you’re at work, not find new ways for you to stay late and get even more done. In addition to being an incredibly prolific and talented writer (with more than fifty books and counting to his name), Berry is a farmer and a passionate advocate for agriculture who still makes time to tend the fields of his farm in rural Kentucky every single day. If you write using Google Drive, you’re only a tab away from a world of enticing distractions, whereas navigating the needless complexities of Microsoft Word can feel more like a punishment than anything else.
In fact, much of OmmWriter’s UI actually fades from view while you write, leaving you with just a calming background, a cursor, and an optional ambient soundtrack.
I’ll often do the lion’s share of a rough draft in OmmWriter before taking it into another program for polishing and restructuring. Specifically, I’d like to recommend the Web Clipper tool, which makes Evernote even more awesome. It allows you to save literally anything you can find on the web – images, text, video, multimedia, .gifs of cats – into easily accessible bulletin boards for later review.
If you find and clip something on your desktop, you can access it from your phone and vice versa. It’s a magical place, and one that lame self-help productivity “gurus” are always talking about. Unfortunately, with most modern offices being open plan (despite the seriously negative impact such environments can have on workers’ mental health), it’s hard to eliminate external distractions.
This might not sound that exciting, but it’s remarkable how the simple sound of rain and the occasional rumble of thunder can drown out office noise. For example, you can specify the site to play the low-key hum of an early morning coffee shop, or the more boisterous background of a university coffee shop at lunch time.

It’s a cross-platform tool that integrates with virtually all the programs you need it to (even Mozilla’s aging email client Thunderbird), and can sync across multiple devices.
Add tasks, set reminders and flag items by importance, then simply swipe across each task to strike it through and mark it done (and then experience the immense satisfaction of a complete to-do list). Hopefully, these tips and tools have given you some ideas on how to get more done in the office so you can spend more time with the people you care about, doing what you really love. I haven't tried OmmWriter, but for general distraction-less writing, I often use Draft, which sounds similar.
I'm kind of a productivity nerd, so I wanted to throw out a couple of additional things which really work for me. It takes the entire campaign planning & collaboration process online so you don't miss anything.
Increased demand and competition are driving the need to find people with skills that can actually create impact, vs.
Sadly, there are few knights in shining content marketing armor, like our friend to the right.
That means using anything from interviews and surveys with existing customers, sifting through web analytics and conversion data, social media monitoring and other demographic, psychographic and behavioral data sources. The ability and experience of mapping what questions buyers have as they move from awareness to consideration to purchase are essential for creating a content plan. No social media marketer can succeed without content and the same is true with community and content marketing.
OK, I just made that up, but it speaks to the importance of content promotion for awareness and exposure.
The ability to plan, implement and optimize content performance in conjunction with marketing automation software like Marketo, Eloqua or Infusionsoft is a distinct competitive advantage. Monitoring social media, news media, web analytics and conversion data are absolutely essential skills for any kind of digital marketer and especially for a content marketer. It’s also important for business marketing managers to develop these abilities and to inspire and nurture these skills within their organization. Most marketing organizations seem to emphasize one area over others and can still be successful.
What would you say are the bare minimum for an individual (according to their role) or a content marketing agency?
For example, awhile back we surveyed some experts to get their thoughts on what makes for engaging content and found that no two definitions were alike. In fact, it may even be distracting you from creating the content your audience needs and wants most. If the purpose of your content marketing efforts is to generate leads, monitor metrics such as form completions, email list subscriptions, and conversion rates.
Knowing how many leads are brought in with your content and how this equates to business value is what matters most to the C-suite.
Jodi has developed and managed print and digital content projects for marketing, entertainment, automotive, health care, and biotech publishers, as well as for entertainment industry and media brands. The growing popularity of social advertising on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (YouTube as well) adds another option for marketers to gain presence in channels where consumers and buyers are spending their time. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely on a beach somewhere doing absolutely nothing. The study is based on a survey of 1,092 B2B marketers worldwide with the majority from North America.
Some of the other means for content delivery include webinars, microsites, eBooks, and podcasts.
The good news for suppliers in this space is that 62 percent said they used outsourcing for content marketing in 2011, up from 55 percent the prior year. The real key for B2B marketers in 2012, though, will be to increase their understanding of what customers and prospects consider to be the most compelling content a€“ and how these constituents prefer to receive it. He is the author of three marketing books, The Breakaway Brand (co-author, McGraw-Hill, 2005), Business-to-Business Internet Marketing (Maximum Press, 2003) and Internet Marketing for Technology Companies (Maximum Press, 2003). They spend more hours at the office, take fewer vacations, and even go to work when they’re sick.
Even in casual conversation, many Americans simply can’t help mentioning how hard they’re working. This school of thought doesn’t mean you have a bad work ethic, it means that you see work as what it is – a means to an end. However, when you factor in constant distractions such as email, meetings, and the insidious temptation of internet browsing, writing a blog post can quickly become a task that spans several days, if not a week. However, you still need to actually write if you’re going to publish new content, so what can you do? I personally don’t use this free program for every writing project, but when I need to make some serious headway, OmmWriter is awesome. It doesn’t support image insertion, hyperlinking, or other features you’d expect from a word processor, but it excels at removing obstacles between you and that all-important first draft. This is great if you get paid by the hour, but if you’re salaried (or a freelancer), this is death.
You can also add a Web Clipper button to your web browser, allowing you to quickly and easily save everything you need for your next smash-hit content project.
You can also set music to play in the background if the rain alone isn’t enough to block out the sounds of noisy coworkers – yeah, those guys. Then check out Coffitivity, a similar site to Rainy Mood that offers you the (possibly) soothing ambient noise of a coffee shop. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of your favorite coffee place without having to worry about your laptop being stolen while you go to the bathroom, Coffitivity might just be the answer.
Rather than beat yourself up over your limitations, embrace it and get on with your life by using a to-do list program. I've never used the app-blocking functionality, for example, but seeing usage trends change over time can be a wake-up call to improve how you're using your time.Draft looks interesting, but it seems better suited to teams, with the version control functionality etc.
Definitely one of the more interesting applications of gamification - most sites opt for the lazy "badges" approach. To be truly competitive, I think they need to be present along with creativity and analytical skills. Being able to take customer segmentation and buying cycle insight to create a multi-channel content plan is key for delivering the best answer experience for target audiences. Empathy with the target audience as well as the communities they are influenced by is an essential consideration for content marketing. Noise levels are high and it’s a shame (as well as a waste of money) when great content goes unnoticed. Optimizing content performance is a process of initial hypothesis, plan, implementation and then analysis of KPIs (key performance indicators) to adjust messaging, creative and calls to action. Localytics, a mobile marketing and analytics platform, took a a closer look to see how mobile app engagement has intensified over the last 12 months. A new infographic from Oferpop makes a few predictions about 2014 holiday marketing trends.
Nonetheless, if you boil down their responses to the fundamental elements, a few key themes emerge. The appearance of brand messages and content within paid media can work together with social sharing and organic search. Still, only 39 percent align content with a particular stage in the buying cycle, and 12 percent do not tailor their content in any way. Being able to plan and promote content that engages and grows a community is very valuable skill.
Identifying, engaging and managing promotion resources is an important skill in order for the investment in content creation and curation to pay off. While many of these skills are important to an intentionally successful content marketing effort, the measurement and performance optimization piece is in the top 3. Brand content to serve both broad and niche audiences is not immediately scalable, but can provide long term growth benefits without corresponding growth in costs. The "Ask a Copyeditor" function is interesting, though - something that more than a couple of major news outlets could certainly benefit from these days!Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Direct Marketers, Email Marketers, Advertising Pros and experienced Content Marketers in particular seem to have these skills.
Stories help make an emotional connection with customers and the ability to both anticipate the customer journey and creative ways to communicate your brand value are highly valuable for content marketing. Not everything that can be integrated should, so the ability to prioritize according to resources, timeframe and goals are just as important as the planning skills.
Whether it’s integration with email, social networks, social ads, SEO, paid per click, sponsorships, influencers, retargeting, blogger outreach, public relations or any other type of amplification method, the ability to promote content is a skill that is as important as any other or more for a digital marketer.
Answering those questions are an ongoing part of any content planner’s experience and are essential for successful content marketing programs. So it brings awareness to what you're doing if you habitually go to Facebook or something without thinking about it.Another one I love is HabitRPG.
Beyond planning of content types is familiarity with the tools to help manage their function from content marketing software like Kapost to curation software like Curata. I think maybe this makes me a special kind of nerd or something, but it gamifies your to-do list and your daily habits.

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