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A customer-centric definition of content marketing, evolutions in the viewpoints and a crowdsourced list of other definitions.
The most often used definition is that of the Content Marketing Institute: “the technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined target audience in order to drive profitable customer action”. This is the way Joe Pulizzi (read the interview and see below), originally defined it, even if the definition has been evolving too. In fact, at the basis, content marketing is a customer-centric and integrated approach, part of a broader marketing view. One of the key similarities in all the different ways of looking at content in marketing is that the customer experience and needs, preferences and questions of people and so-called target audiences are at the center. Below is our working definition, a list of content marketing resources and a list of content marketing definitions we made from different other sources (bottom of this page). Content marketing is an umbrella term covering a set of strategies, techniques and tactics to fulfill business and customer goals by using content across the customer life cycle and the business functions in a consistent, integrated and continuous way.
Good content attracts, informs, persuades, serves and engages buyer personas, prospects, customers and other target audiences across the entire lifecycle and relationship with your organization and brand.
Outside of the strict buyer journey context, it engages people and audiences and causes change and action, on the short-term, mid-term and long-term but with a clear focus on the latter. Content marketing is part of a broader mix and not the new buzzword but a methodical approach. The other way around, several ‘old’ and new principles and processes of content marketing but also of social business, web content management, web design, analytics, publishing and more can be applied to other marketing tactics to make them perform better.
As content marketing became increasingly popular and adopted by many people with many backgrounds, the focus in the definitions and approaches shifted more towards the quality and strategy dimension.
This same phenomenon was found in other countries, such as the UK and even in research in smaller countries such as Belgium, in which there was an apparent link with the fact marketers said to be ready to break out of the cycle of short-terminism.
When content marketing started becoming increasingly popular, it was believed by some that content marketing would be a passing fad, among others given the huge increase of content created. Other discussions that strated where more about what content as such is, and observers also started claiming content marketing is not new. Content marketing defined for today and tomorrow: overlaps and trends Several early content marketing adopters believe content marketing will just become marketing. J-P De Clerck is a Belgium-based but internationally active digital marketing and business analyst with global experience and proven results in consulting and business. By that I mean – how do we bring digital into the discipline of Marketing, without alienating traditional Marketing theory and strategy?

When you type What is Digital Marketing into google, you get a variety of results – on the left a screengrab from a clean-ish Internet Explorer, logged out.
HomeStrategie Marketing Publicite Quelle est la difference entre le marketing, la communication et la publicite ? Certains de ces outils et notamment digitaux prennent une place de plus en plus importante et cherchent a creer de l’interaction avec le destinataire du message. Faire de la publicite consiste a deployer un message promotionnel via un canal de communication comme par exemple une pub tele, radio ou encore de l’affichage. Agence de publicite mais aussi agence conseil en marketing et communication, vous accompagne pour accroitre votre visibilite. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly.
Notre equipe de professionnels du marketing est a votre ecoute pour construire avec vous la strategie adequate qui correspond a votre metier et vos contraintes.
C’est pourquoi nous comprenons et integrons a notre reflexion vos realites quotidiennes, les contingences de votre role de dirigeant. There are many definitions as content marketing is an umbrella term, covering different business goals and marketing practices.
A B2B marketer, looking to generate and nurture leads, for instance, might look differently at it than a brand marketer, looking to cause a shift of brand perception, or a search engine optimization practitioner, trying to increase organic ranking of content in search engines. It responds to the questions and needs of (prospective) customers during and after their buyer journey in correlation with direct and indirect business goals. In that sense, it’s essential to move away from a campaign-only mentality to a consistent approach. The debates around the definition of content marketing and even its value will not make the lives of your customers better nor will they improve your business. As a marketer you want to know what works and what your customers need, not the little debates over definitions. This is partially because people with different backgrounds all look at content marketing from their own perspective and individual goals: branding, acquisition, retention, SEO, demand generation, media strategies, etc. The focus on the term content marketing should not take our attention away from this simple fact, that is true since long before the term was invented: people ‘consume’ content, they use it to prepare a purchase, they like it regardless of their relationship with you, words and images are essential in human behavior and persuasion and content plays a role in virtually all marketing tactics.
We don’t consider marketing campaigns, even if multi-channel and customer-centric, with lots of content as content marketing either as 1) they have existed forever and are not an indication of content marketing maturity and 2) content marketing is an ongoing effort. As a 360° digital business customer and business value creator, he’s active on the crossroads where marketing, business, customer experience, digital technologies, IT and media meet since 1992. Is digital the shiny new kid on the block, or essentially the same thing, just a million times faster and – finally – MEASURABLE? Cela peut etre par exemple la creation de strategie de communication et le deploiement d’outils.

Il faut egalement noter que pour faire de la publicite, il faut au prealable faire de la communication. However, the rules of good content marketing and essential strategies and principles are very much alike in most cases. It’s not the same as using content in a systematic way for search engine marketing, PR or other forms of marketing alone either. Content marketing is not a holy grail, it’s a popular term for a way of working with content to do better. A good content marketing strategy is really a mix of different tactics and strategies, aligned with the buyer journey and overall marketing strategy.
US research from the Content Marketing Institute consistently showed the lack of strategy – and impact of it. One of the pioneers in content marketing, Doug Kessler, expressed this very well in an interview. Nevertheless, content marketing, regardless of definitions and terms, can be clearly differentiated in many ways from other marketing tactics and approaches. A definition and philosophy that deeply understands the sexiness and appeal of pull marketing (attracting customers to come to you) as opposed to push marketing AKA shouty advertising. On peut citer la creation d’identite visuelle, les outils digitaux ou encore la creation de messages. On the other hand the debate does matter in the sense that often you will read things about content marketing that aren’t correct because the definition was wrong to start with. No one is even forced to like or use the term, all that matters are good marketing practices and great customer experiences.
The latter part (can) also include service, sales, advertising, social sharing, cross-channel marketing campaigns, custom publishing, etc. Pleasant companionship with friends or associates: When we engage in Social Networking, we often show a side of ourselves that helps others understand what we are like to do business with. This helps complete the know, like and trust factors that all of us who market our services strive for because our clients need one or more of those components to decide if they want to do business with us.3. Corporate blogging is a good example as it is defined as a content marketing practice but also as social media marketing and inbound marketing.
You had no idea this would be so closely tied to Social Media when you added it to your dictionary, did you? These aren’t media to be used in a self-centered manner, only worried about our interests.

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