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The Globe and Mail and La Presse remain atop Canada’s newspaper circulation mountain, according to the latest report from the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM).
The daily’s Monday to Friday papers have a total paid circulation of 239,700 (105,862 total qualified and 345,562 total average). In third place is La Presse‘s Saturday edition at total paid circ of 171,293 (168,850 total qualified and 340,143 total average), while its weekday paper ranked fourth overall at 122,862 (153,497 total qualified and 276,359 total average). As Marketing‘s Chris Powell reported back in March, the organization said the move would satisfy media buyers’ need for more frequent and timely data in a bid to make its Media Intelligence Center the industry’s “most robust” audited cross-media data.
See below for this week’s top news stories on B2B marketing as voted for by our followers on Twitter. When you’re looking for a tool, software, or piece of technology to solve a specific marketing problem, where do you go to find it? The problem with this model? It looks at marketing technology from a technology perspective, not a marketing perspective. Experiential has come a long way from the sample driven add-on it once represented, it’s become a key player within brands marketing communications and this growth looks set to continue with Pearlfinders Gobal Index 2015 report indicating a 54 per cent increase in experiential activations in 2014 with further growth planned this year. Part of this can be explained by the fact that our lives have become more and more linked to a screen, live experiences have been elevated to a higher importance with human contact and shared experiences which we then share on our many screens become engrained into everyday life.
To remain relevant, marketers must embrace their inner digital geek and look beyond their geographical borders. It’s 2015 and brands have figured out how to best use social media for business.
However, the same trends that created this environment have continued to develop and unless brands adapt, their efforts at digital engagement will be washed down a drain. Marketers must update their strategies for social media. You have probably heard that a good way to learn is to read, but the best way to learn is to do. And so in June 2005, I decided to put together everything I had been learning at university about marketing, advertising, public relations, graphic design, and programming. For example when I called the Daily Post in Rotorua I told the journalist how I grew up in Rotorua and was always going to hot pools and that’s when I built the website. For the Waikato Times I told the journalist how I was loving Waikato University and building this site put everything I was learning together and how it was a shame their weren’t many hot pools in the area. I’ve stumbled across that site a few times and often wondered who was responsible for it. The 6 Steps in The Creative Process: This will be awesome, This is hard, This is shit, I’m shit, This might be ok, This is awesome! Mobile internet advertising is set to become the third-largest advertising medium behind television and desktop internet, overtaking newspapers in 2016.
Steve King, ZenithOptimedia’s worldwide chief executive, said: “Mobile technology is rapidly transforming the way consumers across the world live their lives, and is disrupting business models across all industries.
Inevitably, the internet remains the most attractive medium for advertisers though spend in the channel is slowing as it becomes more widely used. Television still remains by some distance the dominant advertising medium, pulling in 39 per cent of spend in 2014.
Do you find it hard to choose an appropriate channel for communication with potential new patients? Various types of printed media also allow you to tailor your marketing campaign to your budget.

Another positive aspect of newspaper advertising is that people choose to truly read a printed ad. One of the main advantages that have kept newspaper advertising alive is the perceived credibility of printed media.
Advertising your chiropractic services through newspapers keeps you safe from being associated with bias and controversial information.
When making a decision to purchase a service, people rely more heavily on newspaper information than any information in other media. The longer your ad stays in people’s memories or drawers, the higher the chances that they choose your chiropractic services. It may seem to you that ads in electronic media have the greatest reach, but many studies prove these beliefs to be wrong.
You can also support your chiropractic ad with PR publications which will bring additional value and further support the message you want to convey. Readers are highly focused and engaged in newspapers because they value and trust the content. Giving your potential patients the time to connect with your message creates an emotional bond with them. Having in mind printed media credibility, reach, and life span, placing an ad in a newspaper can help you add value to your brand.
The Vancouver Sun‘s Saturday edition sits at fifth with 109,934 in total paid circ (42,865 total qualified and 152,799 in total average). If you are an existing print subscriber and you have not yet created an account and password for your digital access, please select “Create an Account”.
The last decade was filled with trial-and-error attempts to succeed as the operating environment evolved. Spend rocked 20 per cent in 2014, while the report predicted a further 15 per cent between 2014 and 2017. While some brands are shifting more of the TV budgets into the virtual space, they still regard it as key for extending reach and driving brand awareness and sponsorships. The only change expected between 2014 and 2017 is for the UK to overtake Germany to take fourth place in 2015. Depending on your needs, you can choose to advertise in anything from small neighborhood papers all the way to national newspapers.
There are many levels of advertising rates that depend on the newspaper’s circulation, the size and position of the ad and other aspects.
Therefore, you can be sure that your newspaper ad will reach the readers who are really interested in your services. Here are some advantages that make newspapers the right choice for chiropractic advertising needs. The newspaper industry maintains the highest level of standards regarding supervision and verification of facts because it is built on reader trust. Although newspapers secure you some initial level of reader trust, you should maintain that trust with the design and content of your ads. They browse through ads out of curiosity and keep the ones they think they might need in the future.

People will have time to study the details of your ad and seriously consider contacting you.
You can easily tailor your ad campaign according to your budget since newspapers offer a variety of ad sizes and rates. Combining advertisements with special publications will ensure that your communication will be perceived as more trustworthy by potential new patients.
This gives you the opportunity to engage in detailed explanations of the services that you offer.
The feeling of closeness that newspaper ads create, help these readers to feel the story, which further leads to an increase in trust. You can additionally strengthen your brand even further by having advertisement in a specific magazine that covers information connected with health or wellbeing. Display, buoyed by the advent of automated advertising via programmatic, is the fastest growing internet sub-category (up 18 per cent), spread across traditional display, online video and social media. By 2017 ZenithOptimedia forecasts this total to more than double to $89.5bn to account for 44 per cent of all internet send and 15 per cent of total ad spend worldwide. It’s tipped to grow by around 2 per cent through to 2017, a clear reflection of how its place within the media mix is slowly shifting. Newspapers offer advertising in specific sections which are appropriate to your chiropractic services. Remember, readers make their choices very carefully when it comes to serious issues such as health-related services. Using newspapers as a channel for your ads, you can achieve effective promotion to a specific audience in your surrounding community.
The opportunity to keep the printed ads ensures more exposure and longer period to impact the readers.
An average newspaper issue has a broader reach than an average program on the most popular radio or a prime-time TV program. Another good advantage is that you have the opportunity to save on other out-of-pocket expenses such as the design of the advertisement. While advertising in electronic media takes a lot time spent in production, with newspapers you can refine your ad and keep your message current at any time. Traditional display (banners) is set to climb 10 per cent a year between 2014 and 2014, according to the report, compared to a 28 per cent per cent jump in online video and 28 per cent for social media.
This means that mobile will leapfrog radio, magazines, outdoor and newspapers to become the world’s third?largest medium by the end of our forecast period, claimed the report.
This is an advantage that TV, radio, and even some forms of online advertising can not offer. You are not competing with other flashing ads or notifications on the side (as you would online).

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