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Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. As we enter 2015, theA latest stats on use of digital media and technologyA all point to the growing importance of creating a digital strategy.
The need for businesses to compete to reach and engage their audiences as they use digital devices is clear and well-established. To help businesses create or refine their digital strategy, Dan Bosomworth and I created the RACE planning framework to summarise key activities that need to be measured.A This infographic gives a brief explanation of each part of the customer lifecycle and highlights the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help review strategy effectiveness. For 2015 we have updated our RACE digital strategy infographic to give a stronger focus on strategy development rather than inbound and content marketing which was more the focus of theA originalA from 2012. We developed our RACE Digital Strategy framework to help businesses scope out their investment in digital technology and media. It's one of 10 infographics which are designed to be useful - to help businesses map, plan and manage their digital strategy. If you're not familiar with RACE, these are the four main stages of the customer lifecycle and how a digital strategy and different forms of technology can support businesses to improve the efficiency of the funnel. The marketing funnel remains as the most common way to manage customer engagement and to set targets and review performance. A digital strategy defines a focus for investment in digital technology and media for an organisation to engage audiences as they use digital devices. The growth in use of digital devices by consumers as they select and buy A products has changed consumer buying behaviour to such a degree that a digital strategy is now seen as essential by many. A digital strategy and digital marketing strategy are very similar, so it's not worth getting too hung up on the terminology or differences, however they can mean different things to different people within an organisation, so it's best to standardise.
So, alternatively, a digital strategy focuses on making the right investments in digital technology rather than digital media.
Hi Dave, would you please explain that satisfaction and loyalt is a KPI for effectiveness or efficiency? An Integrated Digital Strategy clarifies how you differentiate your online presence and drive revenue with your website, mobile, social media, search, email marketing, apps and online advertising. To win in the digital economy, explore new approaches and learn by experimentation, while focusing on crucial capabilities and overcoming any gaps. Do we have a dynamic digital strategy that generates value and considers new business models? Does our marketing strategy take advantage of new technologies to enhance our traditional campaigns?
Addressing these questions and formulating an integrated digital strategy will ultimately make your businesses relevant in a digital era while growing opportunities and profits, as well as scaling efficiently in the process.
Revenue Architects is here to help with our digital marketing assessment using the  DXI or DIGITAL EXPERIENCE INDEX.
The Digital Experience Index (DXI) is based on eight interdependent dimensions: Brand, Visibility, Design, Content, Usability, Functionality, Conversion and Amplification. The UK government has been heavily criticized for the way it is attempting to control the way in which people use the internet -- blocking porn, unfettered surveillance and so on. In an article entitled UK Digital Strategy - the next frontier in our digital revolution (a document replete with language and references akin to an elderly parent talking about some aspect of modern culture they don't quite understand), Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey explains that he is looking for "ideas from public and industry on the UK's digital strategy".
Being government-written, it is rather self-aggrandizing in tone, with the minister trying to take partial credit for the explosion in the digital economy. There's an unpleasant tone of one-upmanship when he says "other countries are hot on our heels but we want the UK to be synonymous with digital". This is perfectly illustrated by the plan "to deliver superfast broadband to 95 percent of the UK by the end of 2017" -- with no hint of how it will be achieved, or what happens for the remaining 5 percent. Vaizey wants so desperately to sound like he knows what he's talking about and that he knows what’s going on. As more of our lives are conducted online, the need to keep ourselves safe from criminals and terrorists increases. In case you hadn’t guessed by now, the government doesn’t really know what it's doing, particularly when it comes to the world of technology.
On the one hand it's somewhat reassuring that people are being asked how we should move forward.
You've only got until 19 January, so be quick (although it would be nice to think that ideas sent in after this date would not simply be ignored!).
You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. Sharing advice on selecting and using these tools to get better results from digital marketing was one of the drivers behind setting up Smart Insights and we'll soon be launching a marketplace to feature these tools - get in touch if you'd like to be featured in our new directory. However, the range of tools to gain insight is daunting and this has been highlighted again by the new Gartner Digital Marketing Transit Map - newly updated for Spring 2015.
It's a great complement for Scott Brinker's Digital Marketing Landscape map which you may know - I personally prefer since it has clearer groupings of technology categories and specific tools shown by popularity. To the south are the “business districts” that connect with other parts of the organization: IT, sales and service, general marketing, business intelligence and general advertising, which is often outsourced to agencies.
The stop in the center, labeled “digital marketing hub,” is the central station where all of the functions converge. In the northeast are services concerned with engagement quality: creative and user experience. Maps like this can help in reviewing tools available against what you currently have in place as part of reviewing your use of insight, so I hope some may find this useful - let us know what you think?
Dave … glad you made sense of those because I was going crossed eyed with the joining up of all the different dots, inc.
We have the experience and the list of happy clientele to prove that we can help increase your bottom line.
20 years ago, if you wanted to find information on any given topic, you would need to make a pit stop at the local library. Information is so easy to access these days via the use of technology like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Wikipedia etc. If your product or service is a solution to a problem that consumers face in your industry, there is a very good chance that people will find you via search engines.
So if anyone asked me “why is content king?” I would also answer “content is king because it’s the way people find you online”.
Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting. The television revolution that began half a century ago spawned a number of industries, including the manufacturing of TV sets, but the long-term winners were those who used the medium to deliver information and entertainment.

When it comes to an interactive network such as the Internet, the definition of “content” becomes very wide. But the broad opportunities for most companies involve supplying information or entertainment. One of the exciting things about the Internet is that anyone with a PC and a modem can publish whatever content they can create.
The Internet also allows information to be distributed worldwide at basically zero marginal cost to the publisher. For example, the television network NBC and Microsoft recently agreed to enter the interactive news business together. I expect societies will see intense competition-and ample failure as well as success-in all categories of popular content-not just software and news, but also games, entertainment, sports programming, directories, classified advertising, and on-line communities devoted to major interests. But to be successful online, a magazine can’t just take what it has in print and move it to the electronic realm.
If people are to be expected to put up with turning on a computer to read a screen, they must be rewarded with deep and extremely up-to-date information that they can explore at will. A question on many minds is how often the same company that serves an interest group in print will succeed in serving it online.
For example, the Internet is already revolutionizing the exchange of specialized scientific information.
Over time, the breadth of information on the Internet will be enormous, which will make it compelling.
So far, at least, most of the money and effort put into interactive publishing is little more than a labor of love, or an effort to help promote products sold in the non-electronic world. But today the amount of subscription revenue or advertising revenue realized on the Internet is near zero-maybe $20 million or $30 million in total.
Some reluctance on the part of advertisers may be justified, because many Internet users are less-than-thrilled about seeing advertising. As connections to the Internet get faster, the annoyance of waiting for an advertisement to load will diminish and then disappear. Some content companies are experimenting with subscriptions, often with the lure of some free content.
A major reason paying for content doesn’t work very well yet is that it’s not practical to charge small amounts. But within a year the mechanisms will be in place that allow content providers to charge just a cent or a few cents for information. This technology will liberate publishers to charge small amounts of money, in the hope of attracting wide audiences.
Those who succeed will propel the Internet forward as a marketplace of ideas, experiences, and products-a marketplace of content. Bill Gates foresight was accurate in that it was able to predict the internet being driven by content.
A very common question that is asked among internet marketing specialists and consumers is: How much content is too much content?
A serpIQ study of 20,000 keywords and the top 10 results that showed up for those keywords found that the average content length was 2,000+ words.
Pandu Nayak, technical staff member, once said “Users often turn to Google to answer a quick question, but research suggests that up to 10% of users’ daily information needs involve learning about a broad topic. If you’re operating a blog that issues some type of call-to-action, whether you’re looking to build your email list or sell something, then you’ll find that long-form content can play a role in your conversion rate. It is very important to keep in mind that quality should always take precedent over quantity. Want to know more about content marketing and how long form content can fit into your digital marketing strategy, click here to contact iRISEmedia.
We are a full service digital agency that delivers creative and affordable online marketing solutions. RACE is structured around the classic stages of customer lifecycle marketing from generating initial awareness in a brand as part of customer acquisition through nurturing relationships with prospects to sale and ongoing customer engagement. Although most would agree that prospects don't pass through the funnel in a linear way and it's more of iterative process as shown in this infographic summarising the customer buying decision, it's essential that a funnel-based conversion model is use to set targets and review the effectiveness and efficiency of online marketing.
Otentimes, I find they are simply different labels with digital strategy a short-hand contraction for the longer digital marketing strategy.
Using analytics to capture customer insights will inform your digital strategies and tactics and keep you aligned around key performance indicators (KPIs). It is about integrating digital into all facets of marketing and describing the role of different web channels, inbound marketing, content marketing, search and the role of and social media. The snooper's carter in particular has been the subject of much disapproval, and in an apparent bid to avoid further complaints, the government is now crowdsourcing ideas for internet policies.
Vaizey points to the opening up of government-held data sources so they can be used by apps and services, but says "we need to work hard to make sure we continue to take advantage of the benefits digital transformation has to offer, as an economy and as a society".
This suggests that the UK is in some way at the forefront of a digital revolution, when in fact it lags behind many other countries in Europe and around the world -- just look to the average broadband connection speeds that are available, for instance. In 2016 he plans to unveil a five-year plan in the form of the Digital Strategy for the UK (his capitalization, not mine), but he needs help.
But we mustn't let these real dangers prevent us from accessing all the benefits of a digital economy. An average of under ?380 million per annum, which will almost certainly be spent on over-priced contracts from ministers' chums. On the other, it's disconcerting to hear just how clueless the minister charged with driving things forward is. When I'm talking at conferences I often see most pens to paper when I'm recommending the many freemium tools to gain insight to improve results from marketing.
Gartner’s digital marketing transit map presents a comprehensive landscape of marketing technologies that will enable organizations to see every kind of service and technology that is available and how they relate to each other”. Practically every single marketing expert is talking about content and how it can help them rank better on many search engines.
We are able to find new products and services through these search engines and find solutions to our problems without having to leave our homes or pick up the yellow book from our basement storage. But in order to be found, you need content that will persuade them to do business with you or to learn more about the competitive advantage your company offers. For example, computer software is a form of content-an extremely important one, and the one that for Microsoft will remain by far the most important. Opportunities are remarkable, and many companies are laying plans to create content for the Internet.

Our companies will jointly own a cable news network, MSNBC, and an interactive news service on the Internet.
There isn’t enough depth or interactivity in print content to overcome the drawbacks of the online medium. Although the gold rush atmosphere today is primarily confined to the United States, I expect it to sweep the world as communications costs come down and a critical mass of localized content becomes available in different countries. The long-term prospects are good, but I expect a lot of disappointment in the short-term as content companies struggle to make money through advertising or subscriptions.
Often these efforts are based on the belief that over time someone will figure out how to get revenue. An advantage of interactive advertising is that an initial message needs only to attract attention rather than convey much information. Advertisers are always a little reluctant about a new medium, and the Internet is certainly new and different.
One reason is that many advertisers use big images that take a long time to download across a telephone dial-up connection. It’s tricky, though, because as soon as an electronic community charges a subscription, the number of people who visit the site drops dramatically, reducing the value proposition to advertisers.
The cost and hassle of electronic transactions makes it impractical to charge less than a fairly high subscription rate. If you decide to visit a page that costs a nickel, you won’t be writing a check or getting a bill in the mail for a nickel. The most popular online applications in the world today are the ones that populate the internet with more content – social networks, blog hosts, video sharing platforms etc. Google and Bing AdWords program revenue are now well into the billions of dollars per year and an unavoidable part of surfing the internet.
Although the criteria for finding good backlinks has narrowed with Google Panda and Google Penguin updates, it has a major impact on how well your website ranks on local search results as well as organic ones. Boring and thin content that adds no value to customers will not bring you the results you need, especially for your SEO efforts. Our team helps clients increase their reach and profitability by developing and implementing customized and targeted online and social media marketing strategies. Our 10+ years of experience help deliver great results to many diverse types of clientele whether it be a small family operation, government agency or Fortune 500 company.
And companies can leverage vast new sources of consumer information that lets them engage customers in a microtargeted way across multiple digital touch points. Even he seems to realize that padding out his document with essentially meaningless puff-phrases like "unlocking digital growth" is pointless.
That’s why we're spending ?1.9 billion over the next five years through the National Cyber Security Programme.
Government has ideas and ambitions but as Tech City UK back in 2010 shows, the ideas are out there. I've kept this map for reference - here's the new Digital Marketing Landscape map from Scott for 2015 - checkout the difference. I’m a big fan of infographics, but could have done with some some simple tables for the technology landscape ones.
Unfortunately, almost half of the people that are talking about content and it being the king, do not know why it is critically important. And the one thing that all of these corporations have in common is their product: information. Whether it is on the home page, a page on your blog or a news article on an independent news source with a backlink to you, content connects you with the appropriate target audience and allows you to make sales. They need an opportunity for personal involvement that goes far beyond that offered through the letters-to-the-editor pages of print magazines. A user can click on the ad to get additional information-and an advertiser can measure whether people are doing so. You’ll just click on what you want, knowing you’ll be charged a nickel on an aggregated basis.
And then there are search engines that dominate the internet and encourage marketers to fuel this greed for even more content by providing consumers with the platforms to explore and discover new content.
Today, with the internet becoming the fourth thing everyone has in common, half of the entire planet has access to the internet at home which is simply staggering. He basically implied that websites with long-form content rank better than websites with thin content. A 2012 study conducted by Moz found a direct correlation between the length of the content on websites and the number of backlinks pointing to them. We pride ourselves on our creativity, diversity and customer service that is second to none. He went on to complete his Advanced Certificate in Adolescent Education in 2008 at D'Youville College and became a certified teacher in Ontario in January, 2009. In government, or some not-for-profit organisations, developing a "digital marketing strategy" is less appropriate, so a digital strategy gives a more appropriate label for managing digital technologies. The many hundreds of words he ejaculates could be condensed down to "we want to be better, but don’t know what to do". Quite why the right to ask for something needs to be enshrined in law is anybody's guess, but asking certainly doesn't mean getting -- surely you know that by now! It’s been an awkward, slow, expensive way to distribute information to a specialized audience, but there hasn’t been an alternative. Advertisers not only appear but they follow us and provide tantalizingly little information that encourages us to give them a click. In order to provide leading edge technology and services to our clients we stay on top of all the leading trends and updates in the digital marketing industry. He's been working in the digital marketing industry since 2010 and enjoys writing to intrigue his readers and educate them about the fundamentals.
Our blog shares our insights and most up to date research with you.That's why we are a source for many on what's going on in the digital marketing world. Feel free to contact Alex Noudelman if you have any questions or would like to see a specific topic covered on this iRISEmedia blog.

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