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Fortified with strongest visual design fundamentals (color theory, hierarchy, contrast and action mapping), Converting Landing Page best practices can take your business to the highest conversion rates ever.
The landing page’s main goal is to convert visitors into customers, for that reason the template is specially designed and has got many features designed specially for the landing page.
Special landing pages features (table of comparison, “featured in …”, “what other people, are saying about the product or service”, “reasons why your competitors is using the product or service”). Responsive web design services and landing page design service for high converting professional website. We have some 720+ high converting landing page design on various type and category to meet your business requirement. Discount is valid on Landing Page Design, Responsive Landing Page Design, PPV Landing Page Design, Website Template PSD as well as HTML Website Template. Launching a PPC (PayPerClick) campaign can be one of the quickest ways to get your real estate investor website or agent website in front of your ideal prospects.
But, getting a good return on investment is a lot more than just launching a PPC campaign for motivated house sellers, tenants, or buyers and walking away. So, in this post we’ll dive into some tips on how to optimize your Google PPC Marketing campaigns as a real estate investor or agent so your PayPerClick campaigns continually give you a higher return on investment over time.
So, choose wisely because doing your own PPC marketing as an investor or agent does take time, effort, and continual work to be effective. Let’s dive in and help you optimize your PPC campaigns and pull more profits from the web. The Benefits Of PPC Marketing For Real Estate Investors And Agents – Why Should You Do It??? PayPerClick marketing is one of the first things we do when we’re going into a new market to generate motivated seller, rent to own tenant buyer, or cash buyer leads.
Instant Traffic: With Google PPC marketing you can have traffic and hopefully leads coming in quickly. Get Traffic Coming In While You Build Out Your SEO: SEO can take a while to rank well in Google for competitive phrases. Of course we don’t have enough space on this blog post to dive into detail about each of the 20 PPC optimization steps, so this post will be focused on showing you what those steps are. Of course, before you can start doing PPC marketing you need to decide what platforms you’ll use. The biggest mistake investors and agents make when they start their PPC marketing campaigns is… they just start. A good goal to start with is defining the cost per lead you’re aiming for and the return on investment you want to get over the long-term. You just have to remember that most PPC marketing campaigns don’t start off profitable. Use the Google Keyword Planner to help you discover what your target audience is typing into Google.
A big mistake that we see real estate investors make with their PPC keyword research is they aren’t looking at the intent of the searcher close enough.
Many people would look at that assume that the person is looking for a company to buy their house. This can keep you from paying for clicks on your ads where the prospects wouldn’t be your ideal client. But a really effective way to optimize your ad spend and drive down your cost per lead (also, to better target your ads to specific targets) is create separate keyword ad groups in your Google Adwords account. As another example, if you are running ads for motivated house sellers in 10 different cities… create a different keyword group for each location so you can really target those ads for that specific location.

This will help the house seller really feel like you’re a local solution and specialize in that area.
It didn’t give any real compelling reason why they should talk with them vs their competitors.
You can’t just look at what your competitors in your market are doing with their PPC ads and copy them.
PLUS they use the Google Adwords Ad Extensions to grab more space on the page to get me to click the ad. Bit’s of content that your prospect would really value that will help them make their decision.
Too many people try to dance around the subject and forget to clearly and confidently give their prospects a call to action that gets them closer to making a sale. Which one lays out how they can help me and gives me the most clear call to action of the 3? All of the amazing high-quality motivated sellers or buyers from your PPC campaign won’t do you a lick of good without a landing page (or website) that performs well.
Geo-targeting your PPC marketing campaigns is a no brainer for real estate investors and agents mainly because real estate is such a geographically specific thing. This will help increase the click through rate (CTR) of your ads, increase the conversion rate on your landing page (if you send them to a city specific landing page), and help you cut down on wasted ad cost. As you can see, the #1 ad does get the most clicks and it goes down from there, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Make sure to test what ad position is giving you the highest return on your investment… because it may cost you 3x+ to be in the first ad position versus the #4 position… but is the first ad position pulling you 3x the return on your investment as well?
All the way from an account wide Quality Score that Google uses behind the scenes… to Quality Score for your landing pages, ads, and so on.
The ones that are the easiest to control on your end is the Quality Score on your landing pages, ads, and campaigns.
Include things like a Terms of Service, Privacy Policy (which all Carrot sites have by default) and content that matches the promise that your ad lays out. One of the ways that Google adjusts which ad will show up where in the ad positions on a Google search is the CTR… or click through rate. In fact, if you have ads or landing pages with a low quality score, Google may prevent them from even having a chance to show in the results at all. Quality Score is critically important to the health of your Google Adwords marketing campaign as a real estate investor or real estate agent.
So make sure that any keywords with a bad Quality Score are removed so they don’t pull down the overall QS of your ad groups and campaigns. This client went from struggling to get leads in his market to closing several deals from this campaign alone within the first $1,500 in ad spend. One of the quickest ways to increase your lead flow on a campaign that is already pulling some leads is to increase your daily ad spend.
Then work through the campaign and find the keywords that aren’t performing well and pause them. Really, since real estate is such a high profit margin product… 1 closed deal can flip an entire Google PPC campaign around to be from in the hole $1,500 to a $10k profit. This goes all of the way back to the start of this guide where we told you to determine your goal. If your goal is to get as many quality leads as you can for below $75 per motivated seller lead… excellent!
Easily 8 out of 10 real estate investors and agents I talk to who are doing their own Google PPC go silent when we’re on the phone and I ask them if they have conversion tracking on the campaign.

But what if you knew exactly which keywords and ads were the ones pulling the leads and which ones were the ones just costing you money? The real estate investors and agents you see doing consistently well with PPC marketing aren’t just throwing ads up there and hoping for the best. They follow these steps above (or as many of them as they can) to really hone their PPC marketing campaigns to drive the most high-quality leads at the lowest cost per lead possible. Join Here For FreeWelcome to The Rei Brain, an online resource and community for a huge stockpile of FREE real estate investing and life success information, tools, resources, tutorials, products, and much more! It has got clean structure and professional design as well as many extra page templates, which allows you to use it as sale platform as well as an informational landing page.
The template is highly and easily customizable, so it will be perfect for your product, service or company. Below are some most recent added brand new landing page design category for your respective business conversion and success. With direct mail, you fork out the money upfront to pay the printing fees and postage with no guarantee that your target prospect will even engage or read your direct mail piece. We always suggest starting with Google Adwords because well over 90%+ of all real estate investing leads we pull in through PPC is through Adwords. It’s crazy the insights you can get in there for how your prospects think and how they search for solutions to their problem.
Build separate keyword groups for each of these and really target in your ad copy and landing pages for those specific people.
This basically lets you ad little links below your main ad that link to other spots on your website. It is very clear (even has a specific price point), lays out the benefits, and says they have an exclusive rent to own listing. You can see our conversion rate test blog posts we put out all of the time where we show our members’ websites pulling in sometimes 20%+ more leads just with tweaks we make to their websites. Start doing conversion tests today (or have us take that off your hands by joining Carrot on our Content Pro plan :-). This will help you continually improve your click cost and hopefully result in more leads at a lower cost. You could possibly drastically reduce your cost per lead just by turning off the keywords just costing you money but converting no leads. Converting Landing Page drives conversions using proven techniques like the Gutenberg Principle, F-Pattern and AIDA. As long as you can make it through the initial optimization phase (the first 1-3 months) your PPC marketing should be really profitable for you over the long run. But… what if they’re actually searching for retail house buyers in the Dallas area? If you’re a Carrot member look in our Carrot Marketplace for our real estate investor specific PPC program that is crushing it for our members all across the country.
Take all of this info and use it to help build out your keyword lists, ads, and landing pages. That’ll give you a good goal to shoot for so you know whether your campaign is even successful. So just make sure the intent of your keywords really focuses as much as possible at the start on the exact people you can help.

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