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Tim PyattSnapchat is a service that lets users send photos and videos that automatically delete themselves 10 seconds after a recipient opens them.
It's also a surprisingly versatile tool for people willing to get a little creative with it. Just as the simple framework of a haiku allows for wonderful poetry to come from a simple three-line stanza, the limit of only having a photo, a single line of text, and a few simple colors to work with has led to some users making some pretty interesting uses for the app.
If you're looking for a quick laugh, you're in the right place: We've rounded up the funniest Snapchats that people have posted to the web.
An effective strategic planning process enables companies to take control of their future and remain focused on the critical areas that will result in sustained periods of growth and success.
By definition, strategic planning is a process by which an organization’s leaders define and implement the strategy to achieve the company’s fundamental purpose. Especially with small entrepreneurial organizations, senior leaders have little time to spend on anything that doesn’t provide clear benefit.

To be effective, it is necessary to clarify and understand the expectations of the planning process. Although the depth, frequency, and specific process used will differ for every company, there are some basic elements that greatly increase the chance of success.
Also included in an effective process are key indicators, which measure the organization’s success in achieving the objectives.
Develop key objectives to be completed over the following 1-3 years (depending on the organization’s normal planning horizon).
Take action when necessary (based on the review) to get the organization back on track toward achieving its key objectives. The steps presented above require a lot of reflection and discussion in order to assure that the plan and associated actions address what is critical for the company. Exhibit 2 presents an example of the one-page plan for ABC Products Company resulting from carrying out the process.

The one-page plan is a simple document that communicates the work of many hours of work by the senior leadership team. This entry was posted in News, Headlines and Politics and tagged Astronauts, funny, NASA, space. Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background".

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