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Gazette ReviewFor years, PowerPoint has existed as the most popular and powerful slide show presentation program. Android CommunityWith the update, you can also now show the parent comment in comment menu. Droid Life (press release) (blog)As you slide more and collect more blocks, the points you gain can be used on different color themes for the game. Curbed SeattleAt least that's one of dominant themes at the 2016 show at CenturyLink Field Event Center, going on through February 28th. HGV UKDescartes Systems Group, the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, will showcase the new SmartAlerts enhancement to its SmartCompliance Software-as-a-Service products at this year's Commercial Vehicle (CV) Show.
Easy ScreenShot is award winning screen capture software that captures all or any part of your computer screen. A slide show presentation featuring beautiful high resolutionphotographs of custom hand-built JET electric guitars and basses. PowerPoint Slide Show Converter turns a presentation created with Microsoft PowerPoint into a self-running slide show application (executable file) or a screen saver that can be copied to any computer and will run on Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, XP and 2003 without requiring any additional program files. Digital Photo Slide Show is the perfect solution for sharing your digital photos in a slide show format either as a screen saver, stand alone program, wallpaper changer, web slide show or on CD-ROM.
Specialists will be able to sensitively lessen web-site development time taking advantage of "Quick Slide Show". ABF Slide Show Screen Saver is a screen saver with cool looking effects and abilities to show pictures ether from local folders or from the web. Advanced Slide Show is a nice utility you can use to easily view a sequence of images as a slide show, each image being shown for some predetermined time before going on to the next. AVD Slide Show is a nice utility you can use to easily view a sequence of images as a slide show, each image being shown for some predetermined time before going on to the next.
Image Cataloguing and Slide Show Software for Windows built to handle tens of thousands of digital images spread over many CDs or other removable disks. DzSoft Slide Show allows you to view your photographs comfortably and in the most aesthetic way. With this software, you can view all images in a folder with more than 120 exciting animated transition effects. Slide Show Pilot enables you to make slide shows and screensavers simply by dragging and dropping images. SWF 'n Slide is an extremely easy program to take any digital images and music, and create a stunning slide show in minutes to share with family and friends. ANVSOFT Flash Slide Show Maker is a Flash album creator to make animated photo slide shows with SWF file as the output format. AVI Slide Show is an easy-to-use tool to convert digital photos to video and create stunning slide shows with transition effects. Easy Slide Show Creator is great for anyone who wants a fun and creative way to display digital pictures. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Several CMS based web platform allows easy site management and great customization power to its owners. No need to worry, some little tweaks and alterations in your website theme can do what you expect. Here, a question arises to the mind that how you can make your site notable so that first-time visitors would love to visit your site again.
Being engaged in business, you need to be smart, and an intelligent entrepreneur first identifies how their buyers purchase and what they are looking for? To know more about sites that offer emotionally intelligent interactions, you can go through this must-read link of Little Big Details. Content is the only medium by which you can deliver the real value to your visitors and buyers.
According to the News Cred, “FISHER TANK”, a company with almost seven decades of experience did business for more than 60 years through traditional calling and referrals from existing clients. Call-To-Actions (CTAs) are pretty crucial when you aimed to attain high conversion for your website.
Therefore, experts’ advice for businesses is to use a proper color combination to increase its visibility, and apt placement is necessary to make it easy to find.
To get an idea how to create a great 404 page for your site, you can follow a must read by Creative Bloq. A well-designed website with the seamless flow can yield fruitful results for your business. Having highlighted all the essential points above, you can easily conclude that the web is powerful than ever but, all we need to do is to utilize it to its maximum for our benefits. Here, I am mentioning a must read the link from STUDIO by UXPin that portrays few famous UX case studies to improve conversions. Abhyudaya Tripathi is a digital marketing expert with over 8 years of precious experience and presently he is an Associate Director at ResultFirst – Digital Marketing Company. Have you ever been on the receiving end of an “urgent” marketing request to change a Google Analytics or other script on your company’s website?
We’ve got this marketing campaign coming up, and we really need to get this new, different Google Analytics script on our website.
We’ve just developed a new set of landing pages, which need a custom script, together with a KissMetrics script, and on certain pages we also want to add CrazyEgg. If you’re like most web developers working with a digital marketing team, the above or similar situations probably sound familiar. We’ll show how Google Tag Manager can improve the efficiency of both website developers and online marketing teams. Any company which has an independent marketing team knows how critical digital marketing is to their success. Google Tag Manager allows users to define and decide what scripts (“tags”) are shown, and under what circumstances, through a UI.
The marketing team is under full control of what tags are included under the different conditions. The development team won’t need to create custom code, conditions, different versions of tags to handle all different circumstances required by the marketing teams. Allowing the marketing team to tinker with your beautifully coded website may sound like a horribly bad idea. What you’ll need to do as a minimum, is sign up for Google Tag Manager and add the GTM script to the website pages where you want to allow the adding of scripts. Built-in tags for different services allow for customizations as necessary for that specific service. Even if you, as a developer, are handling the adding of the scripts, you can appreciate that you don’t have to perform the server-side coding required to fire the tag under different scenarios. The amount of conditions available under which the tag can fire is enough to handle all kinds of complex scenarios your teams may demand.
Preview and debug – this checks the tag and scripts to verify that the scripts are error-free.
Create version – as the scripts are prone to multiple iterations, some of may which may need to be reverted, you can create a version of the current tag. Here we’ve used a broken tag to show you how GTM stops you when it detects an error in the script.
There is also a preview feature that allows you to preview what the current set of tags will look like on your current site. Share Preview also allows you to send a URL which will actually contain the same preview, so that you can share with your peers for approval. The benefits of using this approach rather than messing directly with the code every time should be evident from the example above. Whilst creating the example above, we showed for a moment that you can use triggers to decide when the script should fire or not.
Let’s say you want to trigger a specific event, include a tracking pixel, or show a customer survey to visitors who have converted.
Let’s create a Google Customer Survey, enter our site ID, and then choose “Some Pages” instead of the “All pages” trigger. We’re going to use a Regex to match the URL of our Thank You page, but there are plenty of other conditions you can use.
As you can see, our tag will now only get populated when a Thank You page is being displayed.
As with any service which touts itself on being flexible and customizable, GTM supports the use of variables. Variables can also be used in triggers, say to define the page URL under which to fire a page view trigger event.
Our plan is to trigger an Adwords Remarketing campaign specifically to the customers who we know have already spent $1000. We’ve seen that it is difficult for a user to “break” the functionality of the site when introducing new tags. Although performance might be a potential concern, we do believe that if the digital team is assisted by a developer, triggers can be used to ensure the performance hit is only taken where necessary. In the brief history of web design, few issues have been as contentious as the question of whether designers should code.
WYSIWYGs are increasingly competent, and most produce code adequate for prototypes, or to pass on to a developer (if not actually production quality).
On the other hand, most designers who gravitate to the web do so through a natural curiosity.
I realized how I might be able to solve a few things that had led to me being unhappy with my work in the past. The post Web Development Reading List #137: Butteraugli, Client-Side PKI, And The Importance Of Listening appeared first on Smashing Magazine. If you ever delved into Flexbox as an alternative to the classic CSS box model, you probably don’t want to go back.
If you have the time, make sure to watch the free video tutorial on which I reported for the colleagues at t3n here.
Thankfully, the interface designer CJ Cenizal has also looked into Flexbox and started a collection of ready-to-use best practices on the website Flexbox Patterns.
Cenizal gives a detailed and understandable explanation of what he did, the way he did it, and why he did it for each module.
Flexbox Patterns has gotten a lot of hype ever since it made its way onto the landing page of Product Hunt. One of NYC’s finest designers is Roberto Blake who just so happens to also run a small YouTube channel with advice on the design industry. Recently I stumbled onto this great 13min clip that covers crucial info about marketing yourself and being the kind of person that creative directors want to hire. I’m not intimately familiar with Roberto Blake or his work, but I have to say this is one seriously helpful video. I personally find myself somewhat indifferent to the logo redesign, and pretty much all others.
My theory, based on the way they’ve had Instagram users remixing their logo, and the way they tested it everywhere they could before launch, is that they just wanted a logo with greater flexibility.

A dedicated landing page is a quintessential part of your overall marketing campaign and can be your strongest weapon when it comes to generating successful leads too.
Nowadays, everyone gives the preference to online purchases, making it imperatively essential to have a specific page that users can land on, and gain relevant and ample information. At the same time with an estimated 50%-55% of mobile users making their purchases through their smartphones; the importance of on-the-go users is evident. For example, if you are pulling out the roaring ROI of $100,000 per day, and your landing page fails to load – that can cost the loss in ROI by up to $2.5 million annually.
Another limitation AMP comes with is CTA as it doesn’t allow the web designers to input a form or JavaScript. AMP CDN: AMP CDN (Content Delivery Network) helps in storing a cached copy of the AMP-optimized landing pages for quicker response when clicked.
If you are trying to go on a higher level by implementing the videos, then it’s indispensable to use AMP-approved extensions. Even though AMP comes with ample limitations that also bounds the CTA, but it also includes various benefits that not only make the AMP framework easily useful, but also help in various segments where the HTML takes a foot backwards. As mentioned above AMP optimized landing page doesn’t allow HTML tags to load and because of this, a landing page loads exceedingly fast. Marketers have now started to prefer AMP-optimized landing pages considering its great readability.
When HTML tags are eliminated from a landing page, it becomes hassle free to code AMP-optimized landing pages. AMP is a high boost for SEO as Google makes it easy to find AMP-optimized landing pages that are relevant for on the go users. Speaking on its gigantic future, influencer Marketer Neil Patel says, “In the future, Accelerated Mobile Pages is going to influence a lot of social media mobile interactions”.
With various benefits, AMP is certainly a great element that should be implemented as soon as possible not just for the sake of attaining potential leads, but also to save your consumers from the landing pages that load on a snail speed. If you’ve asked the right questions you should know your ideal client inside and out. Videos: Remember “Will it Blend?” BlendTec wanted to show customers how tough their blenders were so they blended bones, rocks, iPhones, glow sticks – anything fans wanted.
If you’ve interviewed your ideal client (see step 1), you have what you need to create leverage.
Establish a relationship with education first, then when your clients are ready, convert them with information. Among numerous content management systems, WordPress is the one that grabs the biggest piece of pie. Before you even attempt to create your own slideshow, think about what you'd like to achieve with it. Slide Effect lets you create advanced slideshows with stunning special effects in just a few clicks, and with no technical expertise required!
If you end up creating a masterpiece that you'd like to share with the world, Slide Effect makes it a simple affair. How to Use this Presentation• Watch the slide show.• Gaze at the horrible examples of bad slide design and presentation.• Read the hints and tips slides that follow the examples to avoid making similar mistakes!
Chilean Exports• Fresh fruit leads Chiles export mix - Chile emerges as major supplier of fresh fruit to world market due to ample natural resources, consumer demand for fresh fruit during winter season in U.S. More Presentation tips? Talk to your audience, not the slides- face them!? Don’t just read what’s on the board…we can read that.
Try the new multimedia, slide show, presentation, screen saver software for yourself with a free demo and see how easy it is to create stunning slide shows in no time at all.
Create custom slide shows with over 120 transition effects for a professional looking presentation of all sorts of photos and images.The Slide Show Installation Producer allows you to create an installation program that contains your photos. Due to its flexible settings You can easily create flash movies for different demand characteristics. The program allows to customize a list of folders or URLs, interval of changing, type of effect, background color, image stretching and other options. You just point it to a file in folder, say how long to display each picture, select transition effects and then sit back and watch. Provides: CD naming support , smart image registration, menu driven image selection, thumbnail views and slide shows. All you need is just select your photos in Windows Explorer, right-click on them and choose "Instant Slide Show!". Once installed, just browser and select the folder that contains jpg files to start a slide show. It transforms digital photo collection to Macromedia Flash file format (SWF) which you can share your memorial moments with your family or friends on your own homepage or website.
It is ideal for design and creating in minutes just as you like for your customer’s websites a wide range of high-impact multimedia flash slideshow, flash photogallery, flash portfolio with pan and zoom camera effects, interactive controls menu and more. Learn about free, accessible, and legal content, from images and art to entire presentations.
Therefore, it has become the highly preferred platform for companies to rely for having a website. But, with the passage of time, technological advancement, and constant researches by numerous developers worldwide has explored its power to utilize this platform to its maximum. And, I am here to give an answer to your “How.” But, before jumping on to the answer, first, understand about the conversion rate. Goals like get 1000 forms filled in 5 days, sell the first lot of product in the first week, and so on. You apply those insights into your website design to get it as per your buyers’ intent as it will make your site more appealing and authentic in their eyes.
But, when they planned to do it through content marketing campaign, their web traffic soared to 119 percent, traffic from social media by a massive 4800 percent, and leads conversions by 3900 percent. Place your CTAs where you provide information so that customers can take actions when they feel prepared.
Thus, it is advised to provide social share button to allow your existing customers and first-time visitors to share your page or information to different social media channels. These errors can prove the biggest stumbling block that can curb your website conversion rate because modern users take seconds to abandon your site and switch to your competitors. However, you can provide a search tool for 404 pages so that users can navigate to some other useful page of your website. He is extremely passionate about making information seekers and quest lovers aware about digital marketing. I only recently became aware that Google Tag Manager was a thing, but didn’t know exactly what it was, what it did, or why I might care to use it. And how many of those times have you had to change, and redo the scripts, time and time again during the campaign. It is different from the one used by corporate, so that we can track specific parts of the websites ourselves.
Google Tag Manager is the solution to create a system which works for both web developers and marketing teams. There are no shortage of tools for adjusting, monitoring, improving, analysing marketing campaigns.
You might have various approvals to move from development, to staging, to pre-production testing.
I wouldn’t want to let anybody who is not a member of our development team anywhere near our code. Adding too many tags will slow down the site’s performance and it will all come back to development team to fix. If the product or service you want to add isn’t included, you can add any custom tag. Anything which can be customized in the native script can be done via the Google Tag Manager. You can have different tags fire based on different conditions or different sections of your website. By visiting the site where the tag will be deployed from the same browser where you are performing the Google Tag Manager changes, you’ll see a preview of what the deployed script will look like. Let’s assume that at the end of your sales process, you send your customers to a Thank You page.
Once we do this, we are presented with a “Choose Pages” UI, which allows us to define the trigger conditions.
As per normal code variables, this is simply a value which is populated or defined at runtime.
Anything from the ID of the product being bought, to the username, email or other user data.
Say, we’re trying to grow sales by having a promotional offer for those who spend more than $100.
We’ll trigger the remarketing code only if the transactional value of the shopping cart is more than $100. It will match the trigger only if the transaction amount is greater than $100, and at that point inject your Remarketing tag. As mentioned, I was at the beyond tellerrand conference and, apart from meeting new people, I mostly enjoyed the inspiration I got from listening to the great talks. My trying-to-change-everything-at-once strategy always failed, and seeing that some people just change small things and succeed, I recognized that this is what I want to try over the next months.
The hitch is, that you need to deal with it in-depth, and who has enough time for that these days.
In the article, we covered the topic of creating a responsive comment section with Flexbox.
The respective code snippets are also included, as well as the working examples of the elements.
I know the title seems really generic, but the content itself is phenomenal – especially for people fresh out of design school. Whether you’ve gone to college or not these tips ring true for all fields of design including print, illustration, animation, and in some cases even development.
Sell your work but also really try to sell yourself as someone that people want to work with. This is something you won’t always learn in college but will always be a big part of any creative career path.
I have yet to encounter a redesigned logo that has actually changed my life, or indeed, my perception of a brand.
But the cacophony is that 44% of inbound marketers instead of linking their campaigns to the landing pages redirect it to the homepage. However, statistics reveal that 40% of mobile users hit the close button if a landing page takes more than 3 seconds to load.
Another thing that should be noticed is that third-party JavaScript is not allowed within the AMP framework. At the same time, poorly optimized landing pages obtain higher bounce rates with lower conversion rates. AMP proves to be the catalyst that helps you in achieving this with lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates.

Besides AMP helps you in achieving attention grabbing landing pages that comes with ample clicks.
Apparently, an AMP-optimized HTML landing page is 6 times lighter to code and includes only 5 times less trackers. It not only helps in loading the page at an extremely lightning fast pace, but also increases the readability that results in great UX. This sums up the potential AMP can have on your landing page campaigns in particular, and your business in general. All-in-all, AMP framework is all set to take your landing page experience on the next level. Wouldn’t it be something if you had a waiting list of amazing clients who were willing to fight for your help? You want clients who value your services enough that they’re willing to compete with someone else to get it.
If I do it this way it’ll actually decrease load times and give you more server resources to play with. Teach your clients something, give them something of value and they’re automatically drawn to you. These tools attract more than 50,000 people per month, with many of these customers becoming consulting clients. Use forum search tools like Faqfox to find clients with development, design or content problems.
If you’re a web designer, UX designers, copywriters and marketers all serve the same type of customers in a different, yet complementary way. Combine these strategies and tactics (when it’s appropriate) to turbo charge your results. It is a favorite choice whether you need to create a simple personal portfolio or a sophisticated online magazine. Slide Effect uses the power of your 3D video card to display advanced effects that you and your audience have never seen before!
Create your synchronized presentation in just a few short minutes using one of many predefined transitions and animation effects. During my presentation, I made no changes to the original and gave credit to the person that created it. As stated in the title, the game is completely free to download on Google Play, and features no ads or IAPs.
This makes our program a universal product for a specialist as well as for a beginner in web design. ABF Slide Show Screen Saver supports more then 130 amazing slide effects for any test, also a random effects feature is present.
If a picture is too large or less for your screen, it is resized to fit keeping the aspect ratio. Suitable where digital imaging is mixed with CD storage making naming of CDs a must have feature.
You can change the speed of the slide show, the background image and the background color, etc. The program allows you to add captions for images, create web galleries and albums from several slide shows. Share your slide shows over the web, through email, or burn onto CD-ROMS for easy distribution.
Use our easy drag and drop interface to bring your pictures and music together for an exciting multimedia experience. Website designs or landing pages are created with the vision to meet that intended goal in the desired timeline. Humanizing any website is a process of adding emotionally intelligent interactions that help you to build a great fan following for your site. Your buyers will psychologically feel connect to your site with the hope their search ends at your website.
Customize your theme, if required and publish your content in forms to sustain the zest of your visitors. Improper placement can make it difficult for your buyers to find which may cause you to lose potential prospects.
It will dramatically increase traffic to your website and boost your brand engagement which will increase the chances for conversion. Having known the fact that smartphones already surmounted traditional desktops regarding searches which portray that mobile is the future.
When it comes to attaining high conversions, you have to give priority to Content, CTAs, Mobile platform, and several other factors that can affect your conversion rate.
In developer speak, Google Tag Manager is a script which handles the injecting of other scripts into your website, through a friendly interface.
As the marketing teams react to the new tools which come along in their industry to stay ahead of the curve, you’ll get more and more changes in the website.
For example, you can have a specific tag for your website’s corporate page, different tags for sales landing pages, and yet again different tags for documentation and support pages. This can prevent lots of headaches, broken sites, panicked administrators, and many frustrated people. If you are in the industry of creating scripts, you’ll be doing everybody a favour if you keep them lean and mean.
While setting the trigger, we can choose what fires the trigger (and hence the loading of the script). We’ll give a quick example of how to use transactional data as a variable in a real-world scenario. We can define a GTM variable which reads off the transaction amount from a JavSscript variable containing the value which exists on the page.
So there’s both less need for designers to code, and an increasingly difficult challenge for those that choose to. Thus, we’re often stuck with old methods of getting things done, just because we know how to reach the goal using them. However, the project has just started out, and the available modules already cover the most important application cases. Generally, all UI elements are usable via copy and paste, but Cenizal recommends using them in the context of a semantically correct concept, such as HTML5 elements, for example. That’s the secret to getting a 2nd interview callback or building a network of trusted freelance clients. Though with cameras increasingly becoming split between phones and professional gear, that association will become less recognizable to all. As others have pointed out, Instagram stuck to the previous, skeuomorphic, iteration for years after everyone else went flat.
Simple, abstract logos lend themselves more easily to animation, remixing, scaling, and usage in third-party UIs. The people complaining will get used to it, and the people who like it will keep being happy, I guess. In a nutshell, AMP-optimized landing pages rank both faster and better and help in converting visitors into successful leads. As the above image shows, AMP-optimized landing pages allow users to have a better view with great readability. Tracking comes as a helping hand as it determines from where the potential leads are arriving and how they land on your landing page.
Nevertheless, AMP-optimized landing pages appear in a carousel format which makes it even more appealing–resulting in attaining maximum clicks. Apart from certain limitations, it comes up with the satisfactory results, that makes it worth to AMP-optimize your landing pages. Someone who’ll add themselves to a waiting list or ask about how they can get to the front of the line. Do it in a way that allows you to serve 10 or 10,000 people without you being involved directly and you have leverage. For versions after that, upgrades will require additional payment, which will be discounted. With our exclusive "auto capture feature" you can create a first-class slide show presentation, save it in an standard AVI file and play it back on any codec. And also, DzSoft Slide Show allows you to easily create a distributable self-running slide show. You can save your slide show as a standalone executable (.exe) file for e-mailing or recording to CD. We'll discuss - and understand - the Creative Commons licensing that allows unlimited or slightly restricted sharing of content. Convince them through your content, why your buyers should choose you over your competitors. Additionally, Google also recommends to make your website mobile friendly in order to improve the overall user experience and enable businesses to make their way to the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). As the size of a company grows, all these moving parts tend to become heavier and take longer to complete. I’m much more interested to know whether they accomplished their primary goal for the redesign. AMP makes it easier, as you can place the analytics tool in landing page to keep track in a better way. It feels like you’re beating your head against the wall, competing with every other freelancer online. Create a list of tweets and status updates discussing your client’s problem from multiple angles. Its massive regularly updated repository of plugins, modules and themes is one of its main advantage over others. By highlighting their pain areas, makes them realize that you want to help and have a genuine idea of the situation they are facing.
So, get your website design to run smoothly on different mobile devices so that you could reach out to your mobile audience also.
Today, I’ll show you the project Flexbox Patterns as a quick introduction to Flexbox. What they want, what they really need, is someone who knows enough about them to help grow their business. If someone cheaper, better, faster comes a long, clients are often times quick to jump ship. They receive eager, ready to buy customers who love and admire them, without being directly involved. This has allowed for diversification through the expansion of fruit production for export, especially to the U.S. Chile has successfully diversified its agricultural sector to the extent that it is now a major fruit exporting nation.

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