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Evans does some extreme action sequences running barefoot through streets but movie magic shows how prosthetic feet protected the actors real feet. Fans of Marvel know to stick around after the credits (about 10 minutes-big payr0ll!) to see a preview of the next installment of Captain America!
Check out the brand new Regal IMAX theater at Atlantic Station.  And don’t forget the original monster Regal IMAX at Mall of Georiga is 5 stories tall!! I’m so lucky to have been called upon by Franklin Offshore to be their corporate master of ceremonies for their last 7 shows. No expense was spared, they brought in the wagons, the wheels, the buffalos and believe it or not, as a corporate master of ceremonies, this was the first time I saw real horses on the red carpet . The food was catered to live the theme as real western ‘tucker’, with lots of food being barbequed. There were plenty of beautiful ‘bar girls’ dressed in wild west gear to cater to all the lucky guests needs. As part of the pre-event entertainment, the committee thought it would be good to have a ‘bucking bronco’ that the guests could try, unfortunately as the corporate master of ceremonies, I didn’t get a chance to ride it, even though I would have loved to.

The event started at 7pm with a live country and western band making guests feel welcome & also getting them into the swing of the mood for the night. It’s customary for all of the Franklin Offshore staff to welcome their guests with an in-house song and dance routine, which they’ve been doing for many years, and then the fun and games begin. For this theme we had some pretty fun-filled activities planned for the guests, with some cowboy and indian shenanigans, and some playful games for all to enjoy. The girls also really throw themselves into this party for Franklin Offshore and ensure that all their guests, who come from all around the world are made to feel comfortable, relaxed and welcome.
I’d have to say, that as a corporate master of ceremonies, Franklin Offshore would have to be one of the most generous companies when it comes to giving away Lucky Draw prizes. As the corporate master of ceremonies, I’m given another list of prizes and we start again with a new draw for all those guests remaining. The Franklin Offshore party is really looked forward to, by all those who are lucky enough to get an invitation, so I don’t blame them for being so happy and wanting to make such a special night of it. For this Wild Wild West Night, the committee did an outstanding job, as per usual, but I also must give a special mention to the hard working event company, Elysia & “The Big Story’, that did an outstanding job.

Once again, a big thank you to Franklin Offshore and as a corporate master of ceremonies, this is one event that I always look forward to.
The night is held at the Franklin Offshore premises and they do up 2 barges that are berthed behind their offices.
There are hundreds of them, and in fact, even after the Grand Lucky Draw is finished, it’s not finished!
I rarely get to leave before 3am, and there are still many guests lingering about, because they’ve enjoyed themselves so much, and appreciate the generosity of Franklin Offshore so much, that they don’t want the night to end.
As a corporate master of ceremonies, I know the difficulties that event companies face under normal circumstances, let alone having to put together so many props and build tentages and bring in generators to parties that are held ‘on site’.
It is a huge undertaking and as a corporate master of ceremonies, I rarely see this amount of time, effort and expense go into hosting an event.

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