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In this article we are going to feature a handful of movie poster template and Photoshop movie poster designs to help you become more creative. There were a lot of great movie poster templates that were released this year so it was not easy creating this list.
Our video editor Gavin Steele has created this video tutorial to compliment this text + image tutorial. Once you've finished all the highlights and shadows, use a soft brush to draw the light source as a faint, cyan glow.
Just like in Step 11, add a Layer Mask to the layer by clicking on the Add Layer Mask icon.
Now create a new blank layer above all the other ones and create a few very faint spots on the canvas with the same cyan. Anamorphic lens flares appear from artifical light sources (such as fog lights) which are obviosuly very appropriate if you're trying to create the illusion that someone is being chased by people in the night. Use a small, soft brush on low Opacity, hold Shift and draw a light streak from side to side that converges with the light source. Choose the appropriate brush settings and with the Pen Tool active, right-click and go to Stroke Path. On top of these, add another Selective Color Adjustment Layer and change the Cyans to the settings shown below.
Now we're going to enhance the appearnce of the trees by giving them very thin reflective areas. There are multiple ways to cut out this person, but the safest and most flexible way I use is to paint a Mask Layer with a tablet.
We'll now match the character's darkest values to the scene by adding a Selective Color Adjustment Layer. For a more cinematic look though, I decided to horizontally Motion Blur a duplicated version of the font.
A typical appearnce of text on movie posters is very large tracking, or spaces between the letters of each word. On the top layer, add one last (I promise) Adjustment Layer: a Channel Mixer where you slightly change the Blue values.
A final effect is a partial Motion Blur on the edges that is just right for giving a sense of urgency and motion. Alex BeltechiAlex is a multi-skilled designer and digital artist currently working out of Bucharest, Romania. Movie posters are one of the best thing you can do to your film for promotion, or even to make a money.
Attractive movie based concept theme is very important to make your film poster stand out in film marketing, and there are many ways you can create professional poster for your film.
First you need to consider about title, target audience, message, layout design, fonts and images. Each year Halloween gives us a great excuse to hack at our designs with the most grungy brushes and textures in our collection to create the most raw and gory artwork we can. The horror movie poster design we’ll be creating as part of this tutorial features a scary looking infected zombie fellow. Go to Image > Adjustments > Levels and increase the contrast by dragging the shadows marker to darken the photo.
Fill the poster design document with a black fill then double click the zombie layer and add a red Color Overlay.
Our zombie character is currently wearing a pair of stud earrings, so roughly draw a mask around them and fill the selection in order to remove them.
Add a Layer Mask to the blood splatters layer and use similar spraypaint brushes to paint away the excess that hides the facial areas. Creating the text by hand helps avoid any duplicated letters that can result from using decorative fonts. Paste the title into the main poster document and add a Color Overlay to match the red theme of the design. Use the spraypaint brushes, this time at a much smaller scale, to add a range of drips and splatters around the text to give it more of a gory horror style. Use the spraypaint brushes once again to paint away the lower portion of the character using black on a new layer. To relate to the old school B movie theme we’re aiming for with this poster design, a folded paper texture is perfect for creating the appearance of an old poster that has been folded up in a back pocket for decades.
Paste the texture on the top of the layer stack, desaturate and invert it then change the blending mode to Screen. Finally, to give the design a slightly more retro and aged appearance, add a new layer filled with a very dark blue.
Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files.
Hey in that colour range thing if I copy and paste the highlights it does nothing… And the red overlay just makes the whole image red and looks naff.
Just wanted to say a huuuge thanks, whilst i slightly drifted of track with my work, the theme is there, and it was awesome! After you are through with this, take Bloat tool and make the eyes of the girl a little bigger than its usual size.
Take pen tool and create a line below the eyes of the girl and go to Paths, right click and select Stroke Path, select Brush and click ok.

Dainis is Webmaster of Psdeluxe - Design related website, where you will find newest Adobe Photoshop tutorials, inspiration for designers and free design resources.
Download the image of the F-15 Fighter Jet, open it up in Photoshop and drag it into our composition.
Because the aircraft has lots of curves and sharp corners, the best and fastest way to get rid of the sky is by using the Pen Tool (P). Once the path is turned into a selection, click on the Mask icon at the bottom of the Layer menu and you’ll see that the entire background is gone.
Repeat this step with the image of the MiG-22 Fighter Jet and place the image as shown below. Photoshop Tutorials delivers the best tutorials and resources to Photoshop enthusiasts like you. With this presentation, we can help you create great movie posters, awesome artworks and simple catalog templates. If you want to read the full preview of the Photoshop poster templates, please click on the “More Info” link. I could have just used a dark forest photo for the background, but where's the fun in that? I used the largest available version of this photo, but just about any foggy forest image will do.
It's a good idea to add a dot where it will be so that you have a better idea of where the highlights and shadows appear. Make sure you have the Layer Mask selected by clicking on its icon, then go to Filter > Render Clouds. People are really quick to criticise the use of lens flares in digital work, and due to constant overuse, they're easy to hate.
It also adds contrast and a focal point to the design, thus becoming a key element in telling the story of this poster. Once you've dragged the Black value to -3, press OK and make it a Clipping Mask (Alt + Command + G).
Create a new blank layer and draw shadows cast by the bright light with a near black color.
Speaking of overly used stuff, I give you "Trajan!" I'm really curious to see what typeface you would find fit, let me know in the comments what you think would work better. Press Q and with a large Black & White gradient, drag a radial gradient from the center to just a bit past one of the lower corners of the canvas. You can do that by painting with black in a new blank layer, making it a clipping mask for the letters and changing their Opacity to a low 15%. I'd love to see your own movie posters, so be sure to put it in our Flickr group if you come up with something!
His work is dedicated to direction, design and image making and is specialized in typography and lettering.
But if you are creating lot of poster, a good idea is to use a image editing software like Photoshop, which will save your money in long run.
Since the 1980s, the standard film poster size in the United States has been 27-inches wide by 40-inches high.
For maximum impact the design is created with red on black and has a grainy quality to relate to the low-fi printing techniques used on old school B movie posters. Press CMD+C to copy the selection then paste the clipping into your main poster design document.
Choose a small hard nib then alter the Size Jitter and Spacing in the Brush options to create a rough and irregular line.
Also, being a horror movie design the titles are often engraved, carved or created from blood splatters, so they’re easy to create manually. These spraypaint splatters do a great job of matching the rough texture of the zombie layer. I purchased and downloaded the Billing Block template from Graphic River and quickly pasted the default wording into my design, but the whole block can be customised with your own movie info. Adjust the opacity to fine tune the effect so it’s prominent enough to see the paper creases, but not too overpowering.
Change this layer to Screen to give the black areas a subtle blue tint, which helps capture the faded ink effect seen on old prints.
The grainy texture from the photo clipping and the spraypaint brushes do a great job of creating a raw and gritty horror movie theme, while the red on black scheme and creased paper texture helps give the design an old antique appearance. The movie focuses on Navi, which is an indigenous humanoids race who stays on a planet named Pandora. Of course, you may add more text or images in background but I think you got main idea from this tutorial. We regularly update blog with free and easy to learn free Adobe photoshop tutorials, useful freebies for design projects, powerful tools that will make your work easier and we publish showcase of most beautiful and interesting designers works around the work that hopefully will inspire. For quite some time now I wanted to create an action-movie poster tutorial and I thought this would be the best time to do so. From this point on, everything we are going to be working on needs to be placed below the color correction group.
Try to get every detail of the aircraft including the smallest metal parts, it will look more realistic in your final design. You can do this by clicking on the layer mask thumbnail, set the Foreground color to black and select a Soft Round brush of around 500px.

The lines in this layer are too strong so I’m going to add a Gaussian Blur so it will soften up a bit. As a way of saying thanks, you'll also receive a free copy of Lomocam Photoshop Actions ($7 retail value). Typically, we'd be working on an A4 or A3 canvas, but for the sake of spending less money on resources, we'll create a scaled down version of an A4 canvas. Use the Burn Tool (O) with Exposure set on 15% to darken the darkened portions of the tree trunks. Then a second, thinner one consits in light that gets reflected from the surrounding objects and environment. You can use smaller resources to keep your budget down by creating a new document that keeps the proportion of an A4 format, but at a smaller resolution: 1024 px by 1449 px at 300 ppi. The tall faces of ITC Franklin Gothic Book Extra Compressed complete the idea of being illusive, sharp and cunning. After all, it would be strange for him to be hold the only thin branch in the forest, right?
He works directly with clients and agencies from around the world on both large and small projects and is mostly fascinated by the extraordinary and experimental. We’ll create a low-fi print effect with red on black and use a range of splatter brushes to rough up the design and capture the horror theme. Don’t worry too much about painting over the facial features, pay more attention to the pattern of drips and splatters. I don’t own Illustrator, nor can I afford the whole adobe suite, so these Photoshop tutorials are killer. While the TV channels and news portals are all full of praises for the technology used in the production of this film and its virtues, many designers found themselves instilled with great inspiration from the Navi characters after watching the film.
Once you have got impressive result, take Burn tool and darken the nose from both sides and use Dodge to lighten the nose from the middle. Now add Adjustment layer (Curves), to define the face couture of the girl with more exactness. You can simple go to my article about 200 tribal tattoo designs, find ornament that you like and add it to your document. As you can probably guess after reading this tutorial that transforming an image into a Navi is not a very difficult task. It is a lengthy tutorial and I have worked a few days on this tutorial so I really hope some of you find it useful! For better organizing, create two new groups with the names of the aircraft layers and put the images in the corresponding groups.
However, if you intend to use them for commercial projects please read and understand the licenses first. We would also appreciate it if you could share this post with friends, who might be inspired by a great movie poster template design. In this tutorial, we're going to create a poster for a fictional movie called "Fugitive." The movie is meant to be a suspenseful thriller that features one's escape under the cover of darkness, despite man's attempt to capture the lone hero.
You want it be compelling and truthful, but also control the viewers attention and amount of information they're given. Not only that, but we're going to create a large background image that we will ultimately crop into a final movie poster.
Rather joining a hate trend and condemming this effect, I suggest you study it and find ways to do it right! The flat look is there to balance the piece and make sure that the poster does not become overly photoshopped. So, for all you designers who wish to create such Navi images, the given Photoshop tutorial is sure to be of great help.
While holding the Ctrl button, click on layer with girl’s couture and make active Crocodile skin layer. Continue reading to see the final image and learn how you can create a movie poster from just a few images!
Select the Gradient Tool (G) and set a grey-ish green color (#58686b) as the foreground color and a marine blue color (#394f61) as the background color.
Go to the Highlights Channel and set the first level to -37, set the second channel to -3 and the third channel to +1. So for the first part, create a 1680 pixels by 1819 pixels at 300 dpi and paste in the forest image. Check out Envato StudioChoose from over 5 million royalty-free photos and images priced from $1. This tutorial elaborates how you can create a Navi image of any usual photo as you add impressive text and backgrounds to make an Avatar movie poster. At this point of the tutorial, you should have a result similar to the image below and your layers should be kept as shown below. Only 2 tools need to be used here – primarily, Forward warp tool and at certain places, Bloat tool. Now, Invert selection (Select -> Invert) and click delete button and change Blending mode for this layer to soft light.

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