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How To Create An Animated Video - A Comprehensive Guide You are using an outdated browser.
Position the LICECap  frame close to the YouTube screen below (make sure it’s sized for the Youtube video window and your YouTube video is queued up to the correct spot you wish to record). Start the Youtube video and immediately move the LICECap frame over the YouTube video and click record.
If you’d like to give this GIF a trial run in an email of your own just paste this HTML into the Source of your email (get some help).
Today’s video tutorial is all about Cinemagraphs, which are cool animated GIFs where the motion is restricted to a specific area of the image. Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files. Thank you Chris for another amazing tutorial on how to create an animated cinemagraph image. It’s also worth noting that videos tend to be shorter than most other content forms, so stick to the point and keep it simple. I use a product called Camtasia to capture my computer desktop and record the what appears in my web browser. If you try and upload your animated GIF to Flashissue, the animation is lost during upload as the image is resaved. Thanks for the great product; it is a great way for me to send tips out to staff (especially with the gif animations).
You can make Cinemagraphs from any video footage as long as there’s a combination of stationary objects and looping elements.
To reactivate the animation you’ll need to go into the HMTL in the Flashissue Content Box, open your image and remove the current image URL.
37 Image: How to Create a Need for Your Products How to Create a Need for Your Products 26 Image: Why People Hate To Admit Mistakes At Work (And How To Fix That) Why People Hate To Admit Mistakes At Work (And How To Fix That) 24 What’s the Problem? For example, if you have an eBook or whitepaper that you’re trying to promote, create a 60-second teaser about it. Clips of escalators, subway trains, or some kind of repetitive human action all produce great results, especially if there’s other areas of the shot that can be frozen to enhance the effect.
Capture your audience’s interest with video and then  leverage other content to build on it.

I have previewed the flash issue and I have sent ti to myself and neither way has the gif play.
Use the above points as a guide to help you get started and remember, it doesn’t have to be fancy.
In the one that I sent to myself, clicking on the image allows it to be downloaded as a png. And all major trends seem to point towards the continued growth of it over the next few years.Image SourceBut as a marketer, how do you create video content? Flashback one year, and I was exactly in the same situation trying to figure out how I could create video content.
Give them time to absorb the details and don’t overwhelm viewers with complex sentences or unnecessary details.
Stat from HubSpot.Psychological impactPeople connect emotionally with animated illustrations. The same goes for animated videos.Scales with your businessPerhaps one of the greater benefits of animated video is the fact that it’s flexible. You can change videos to easily reflect your brand image, keeping it consistent with all the other content you create.
And animated videos can change and grow with your business because it doesn’t depend on any external factors.Take for example Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials?
You don’t have to worry about hiring a camera crew, finding a film location or any other factors that can keep changing. Limitless possibilities.Animated videos also give you more flexibility with the themes and style you use. There is no limit to production when it comes to animated videos, except your own imagination.Cut through the noiseThe growth in digital content has led to a lot of “noise” and marketers struggle to create great content. This can make learning a lot easier because it’s presented in a fun way.This is important to note when you’re trying to make sense of abstract concepts. For example, imagine you want to showcase something like Content Marketing, just create a video.
Here’s an example:Take your visual content to the next levelInfographics were all the rage a few years ago (it still is to some extent). Let’s get startedYou can use animated video to visualize data, build content for leads in your sales funnel, or simply create a thank you note for customers.

The point is that with animated videos your options are endless!But as with any content, how do you get started creating animated video?
Think of your script as the blueprint to your video.It helps you identify the main points you want to talk about, helps you create the animation itself and most importantly tells your story.
It can be tempting to build your story over time or write the script so that there’s a BIG revelation at the end, but often times most of your viewers won’t make it that far. Use personal pronouns, keep it relevant to your audience and show, don’t tell them their pain points.
According to Forbes, 65% of executives have visited a vendor’s site after watching a video – SourceCreate a briefImage created in Pablo.
Quote from this blog post.It’s important to build the context of the scenario and world you are setting up for your viewer before jumping into details. Talk about the forest before the trees.Document the points that are important for this video. Write them down and refer to it as you build out your script.Keeping the key points handy will help you stay on track and will keep your message consistent throughout the video.
It can also be useful when working in teams because everyone understands (and agrees) on the purpose of the video.Answer the important questionsFocus on your goals, the topic at hand, and the takeaway for your viewers. The more specific this is, the betterWhat should viewers learn from watching the video?What action should they take? Identify the right tone for your script and make sure it supports the message you wish to communicate.
Use humor to support your message, for example take the Dollar Shave Club video that went viral. Are you creating a video for senior sales managers who should implement your SaaS platform?

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