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Animate icons in 3D and learn how to create slider controls in After Effects using Expressions. The animation consists of tubes forming the icon – and then a final reveal using masks.
By the end of the tutorial, you’ll be able to animate any icon using the methods explained here by Sri Lanka-based motion design and VFX artist Buwaneka Saranga.
As shown in screenshots, scale the masks over time in such a way that it reveals the logo at frame 68. Use the Transform controls (arrow keys or position values) to scale and centre the ring around one of the revealing masks on the icon layer. Set keyframes at frame 22 on the mask paths of both the outer and inner mask of the ring element. At frame 70, scale them up to match revealing mask’s size (remember to keep the outer mask and inner mask thickness between them roughly the same). Create two 3D solids that are 20 x 20 pixels and hit A to reveal the anchor point property.
Go to end of the rotation animation, parent them to the rotation null and place them appropriately where you wish to extend out from.

Move forward 3 frames and manually adjust the Bezier path to fit the contour of the logo icon – ensure that you connect the ends to the anchor points of the solids (that is the top left corner). Using the techniques you’ve just learned, create a variety of contours extending out in Z-space.
If you paid close attention to the video, you may have seen a colourful stack of flat contours settling into the icon.
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You will learn techniques using AE’s Graph Editor, shape layers and how to build sliders to control a wide range of parameters using simple expressions. Here I’m going to use the old Deviant Art logo, and you can see how it works with a bunch of social media-flavoured icons above.
Open the Graph Editor to offset each mask keyframe slightly and adjust their curvature to match what’s shown in the screenshot.
Lastly, apply an easy ease to the start and end keyframes by selecting them and hitting F9.

Set the Stroke Width to 6, change the Line Cap mode to Round Cap and the Line Join mode to Round Join. Move forward to frame 21 and set its value to -15, move to frame 32 and still keep the value at -15, move to frame 54 and bring back the Shrink value up to 20.
Drag the Bezier handles and change the curvature of both the Shrink and Offset parameters as shown here.
Scale each down as small as they can get and set a keyframe for each on the Mask Path parameter at frame 28. Wind back to frame 15 and set a keyframe on the End parameter, move forward to frame 22 and set the End’ value to 100%.

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