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The most important point with music player is that it has a very complex state diagram and there are several restrictions on which functions can be called in which states. Android does provide an easy way to have media player controls in android using the MediaController class. We would also need to check the status of music every second and update the seek bar manually. I have left a few things to fill in yourself like displaying the album art of the song on the image view and implementing the functionality of the shuffle next button. All we need to do is to initialize a media player object, set the audio stream, prepare the audio for playback and then finally start the playback. While the audio is preparing, the android's UI might seem to be non-functional and wouldn't respond to user requests. To do this, we start a new thread and poll the service for music progress, buffer progress and music duration every second.

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Another thing that we want our media player to do is allow the user to work on other things while the media is playing in the background.
This can be achieved using a background service rather than playing the music in the app's activity.
As with all other activities in android, we would first need to prepare out layout for the activity. Let's create a new Service by extending the Service class in android and associate build some functions to perform operations on media player.
We want our application to be able to communicate with the activity that builds the UI on android.

An object of this class can fetch, decode, and play both audio and video with minimal setup. Since our service will run in background even when the user has not opened our application, we should therefore notify the user about what the service is doing. We register the service as the onPreparedListener for music player so that we may be notified about the state of music player.

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