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Here's how it works: Bloggers provide a link to their RSS feed—and the Web site automatically assembles a mobile app for download to an Android phone within minutes. Just in time for the debut of the new online App Store by Amazon, an application development Web site is making it possible for bloggers to develop mobile applications for their blogs free of charge. The new service provides a quick, cost-effective solution for blog owners who are interested in creating a mobile app for their blog.
Founded in 2003, IntroWizard LLC distinguished itself early on by creating award-winning web design software. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Basically, it is just a simple way to create an icon on your homepage for any website (or, um, food blog) that you love. This post is brought to you by Shutterstock – over 30 million stock photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos. This is a guest post by Martin LeBlanc, the founder of IconFinder, a search engine for icons. Shortly after the WWDC event in San Francisco in June, a plethora of iOS7 resources became available on the web.
We found a great presentation called “Best Practice Guide for Great iOS Design” by Apple UX Evangelist, Mike Stern.
The first part of his presentation is about app icons and what Apple believes makes a good icon. Mike Stern begins by explaining why it’s important to pay attention to the UI and app icon: Your users aren’t going to judge your app based on how many technologies you are using, or how many APIs you integrated or how elegant your code. There are a few common pitfalls and mistakes made over and over by developers and a lot of apps get rejected from the app store during the review process.
When users see your app icon in the App store they start to build assumptions about the user experience, how enjoyable i’s going to be to use, how intuitive it will be and how well will it serve your needs. These four icons are very different – some have many colors or feature gradients, but they all start with a simple shape. While your new icon might look great against the old raindrops, there’s no guarantee it looks great on all wallpapers. When it was time for Ramotion to design the app icon for Turnplay, they started the way they always do – with old school paper sketches. Among the many attempts, they tried to use the T from the name in the icon, fingerprints on the vinyl and so forth. If you get the opportunity to watch the session in full it’s definitely worth an hour of your time. The xbox Games app included in Windows 8 and 8.1 lets you discover the hottest new games, classics you love, and exclusives for Windows.

The Bing Sports app, powered by Bing, makes it easy for you to keep up with all the sports and teams you care about. Apple’s symbolism and its products have significantly helped me transform into the educator that I am today.
Steve jobs believed that Apple is about people who think outside the box, who want to use computers to help them change the world. I apply these same product design features and marketing strategies that Apple uses when leading professional development and creating lesson plans.
Secondly, Apple software such as iMovie, GarageBand, and Keynote have allowed me to be creative, to express myself, and to make meaningful projects.
Unlike other app builder services, it offers free app creation, hosting, and submission to the App Store Marketplace. The goal is to provide a personal development experience for people who have very limited or no expertise in computer programming. In addition, the site offers application hosting and submission of the final product to the App Store free of charge.
Featuring a global team of designers and consultants, the company delivers mobile software development applications for the Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and Android platforms. I have a desktop version that sits in my line of apps so I can go straight to my site without a browser. Throughout the hundreds of sessions, speakers and keynotes, Apple unveiled its new iOS 7 to thousands of delegates lucky enough to be there. He goes through a list of six important things to consider when you are designing your app icon. The way they are going to judge your app is what it enables them to do and how it makes them feel.
If an icon looks great and is carefully crafted, it is reasonable to assume that the rest of the app is equally well crafted.
They are large in the App store, get small on the home screen and even smaller in the notification center and in groups. Sipp app is a great example of how an app icon can have the same elements as a photo, but it was illustrated with the shape of the letter ‘S’. Routesy, Hipstamatic, Evernote Food and Brewski Me all feature as darlings of this discipline.
Make sure you test your app icon against all different kinds of wallpapers and try grouping your designs into folders to evaluate how it looks. It’s a cool little app that lets you play your music files as though they were on a vinyl record. It’s awesome to see pencil designs in so much detail at the early stage and how they play with different ideas.

If you like, you can Pin to Taskbar on desktop, Pin to Start screen, add to Quick Launch, assign a keyboard shortcut to it, or move this shortcut to where you like for easy use. When finished, you can delete the downloaded .zip file on the desktop if you like, or save it to use again.
Apple has developed innovative tools that have allowed me to learn more efficiently and teach more effectively. These tools have allowed me to make presentations, create demonstrations, and synthesize my own learning and understanding.
As compensation for the service, the site places advertising in each of the applications created.
Users simply provide a link to their tweet's RSS feed and the service will automatically assemble their mobile app for download in minutes. The company also offers consulting services and technology licensing to distributors worldwide. We’re shown a screen shot of a search in the app store on ‘Camera’ apps where apps like Path stand out from the crowd of camera apps using the camera lens metaphor. But it goes beyond that – users start to build other kinds of assumptions about your app – how good your technology is, how secure you app is, is it stable, is it better than the competition? Make sure that the image that you choose for your icons can reduce really well and is clear at any size. Often, the trick is to developed simple concepts – sometimes the most complicated of renderings are based on simple shape compositions.
You can see from the composition, that the team never lost sight of the design even as the renderings and detail became more and more complex. Being beautiful and instantly recognizable are the two main qualities you want to keep in mind. The icon for 1password brilliantly reflects the security of the data and gives you ease of mind through an emotional response. In his new book, To Sell is Human, Daniel Pink suggests that we are all in sales now, "Whether we’re employees pitching colleagues on a new idea, entrepreneurs enticing funders to invest, or parents and teachers cajoling children to study, we spend our days trying to move others.
LifeKraze has an app icon that nails the skeuomorphic approach so well, that Mike even admits to ‘not knowing how they made it – it’s the highest level of artistry.’ A genuinely big compliment to SoftFacade coming from an Apple designer of 7 years.

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