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Starting a new website is as easy as choosing the topics you want to write about, spending 3 to 5 minutes to register to a directory service (you can use most of them for free) and populating it with your words. Before you start a website to showcase your writing, ask yourself if you are happy with the website design and if you feel you can truly give a valuable contribution to the writing world. Choose a topic and stick to it, whether you are writing about yourself or about sports, technology or cooking.
Try to be concise: avoid cryptic headlines, and make sure your readers catch the subject of your post right from its first lines.
Similarly, if the arguments inside one of your posts are endorsed or supported by external, trustworthy sources, do cite those sources and link to them in your post.
Laura Averna is a Copywriter – well, being in charge of Marketing Communications she’s supposed to look after a batch of different tasks, but writing is what she has the most fun with. While just 10 years ago, everyone was worried about publishing their full name online, creating a transparent profile is one of the most important aspects of the web today. Another way is to write several articles over the weekend and stack them up for the future. You’ll also need to understand if you like the idea of dedicating your time to keeping your site fresh and neat.

Finding something no one has ever posted about can be hard, but still you can have a distinctive approach to a well-known topic. Allowing comments on your site, for example, is a good way to give your readers a chance to participate in the discussion.
If it’s appropriate to the subject of your blog, use an informal language and  jargon, so that it’s apparent to whom you’re talking to.
Again, you don’t need to be a web designer to enhance the aesthetics of your website. But posting once or twice a day is a little hard, what with all the writing that has to be done for the clients plus your own personal writing. I’m just looking into setting up a writing website to try and add some validity to my freelance profile. This happens because the majority of the writers don’t pass the passion + motivation + commitment test. Maybe you have exclusive insights to share, or you’re an expert in your field, or you simply have your own, appealing way to present things and opinions. You also might want do some planning, and note down topics and ideas about which to write in the future.

If your site is actually unique, original and engaging, redirecting your readers to other interesting websites will only make your site look like a valuable source of information – they’ll stick to you and keep coming back for more! In addition to adding helpful video tutorials on Vimeo or Viddler, try adding personal reflections, tours of your home office or blog-station, or random things of interest. Post often can help you to attract more readers and to make sure your readers are loyal readers so they will keep coming back for more. There are people who post interesting snippets of their everyday lives along with an insight or two, in a very relaxed manner. For example, though you blog about videography, you might share what you’re watching on YouTube with your followers. Their audience might be smaller, but it’s bigger than the average audience of a dead blog.

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