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Consider any themes associated with the name that you can use in your design of your logo, website, etc. We recommend using Social Media to network with people in your field and with those who could use your services. Search for companies you may like to work for and Like their pages, again interacting and commenting where possible.
Develop your own Social Media pages where people can connect to you and learn more about you.
Ultimately, a blog is a great way to keep your website nice and active and to develop your reputation as an expert in your field.
If you allow comments on your blog it gives people another opportunity to interact with you.
Make sure the Meta Data on your website is well written and includes the key search words you would like to be associated with. Beyond that, the networking and commenting above should help you get real clicks that search engines will like. SEO is a complicated subject and if you are not seeing your site ranked as you would like, we can discuss it with you further. You can use a free service such as Mailchimp to store the information and to send any email campaigns.
If you would like more advice or help with marketing yourself online, please do get in touch and we would be happy to schedule a one to one business consultation.
Whiteboard Fox is a free online whiteboard app for kids that helps to create beautiful drawings.
Whiteboard Fox also lets you insert multiple images in your drawing that enhance beauty of drawing. If you want to create drawing with your friends, simply share it using Share Pic button available in Options. Whiteboard Fox is a good platform where kids can draw anything and share with friends to collaborate together.
With these given Whiteboards, you can send invitations to your colleagues to join the discussion instantly. Twiddla is a popular online Whiteboard application that enables you to conduct live whiteboard collaboration to discuss and analyze one another’s ideas, notes or plans. In a nutshell, Twiddla is a nice utility Whiteboard Application to quickly share ideas online. CoSketch is another free online multi-user whiteboard designed to give you the ability to quickly visualize and share your ideas as images. Loading, communication and client side performance at super-fast speeds as well as very lightweight. In short, CoSketch is an excellent online Whiteboard or online sketcher that helps you to quickly sketch down your ideas and share with others. Once you have put down your ideas as images, others can freely view that whiteboard, can analyze it and they can also make changes if required. In short, Scribblar is a good utility online Whiteboard that lets you create sketch, chart, diagram or anything you have in your mind.

Dabbleboard is an online collaboration application, centralized with whiteboard, that helps you to immediately draw down the ideas that strike your mind every now and then. The innovative interface allows you to draw as real as you would if it had been a real Whiteboard, thereby letting you share your innovative ideas instantly.
This free online collaboration application gives you freedom to draw freehand shapes or type text. Anyone who uses an actual Whiteboard such as teachers, designers, consultants, students, and the like, can easily make proper use of this free digital whiteboard. In short, Dabbleboard is an excellent online whiteboard that lets you sketch down your mind quickly.
Ending my short post with this last but of course not the least online whiteboard, A Web Whiteboard. A Web Whiteboard is a nice digital whiteboard that lets you draw sketches, chart, figures or anything comes up in your mind. After each question, the number of students answering each option is displayed on the teachers screen, along with the correct answer. For schools involved in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or who are implementing 1:1 iPad programmes, then Kahoot is well worth adding to the list of websites to use.
Kahoot is still in beta, so do keep that in mind when using it, some features may still be added or tweaked. The beauty of Kahoot is that they have listened to user feedback and anticipated almost everything.
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This is the only tool available, which is the biggest shortcoming of this online whiteboard app. This free Whiteboard comes up with various interactive features such as insert text notes, upload a web page, add pictures or shapes, draw freehand and many more. You can use blank page for your white board or get into grid lines or any of the webpage you wish to discuss about. Hotkeys include p for pen; l for line, a for arrow, r for rectangle, t for text, m for move and the usual CTRL+Z etc combination’s along with enter to chat and H to hide chat. This free online Whiteboard allows you to use text chat for instant questions, answers or input.
With Dabbleboard, you do not need to chase around for the next tool to use since it provides a complete tool palette. As the name suggests, A Web Whiteboard is another excellent digital whiteboard that lets you draw down anything that comes up in your mind.
If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Kahoot is a new quiz and survey creation tool that will work on any device. Questions are multiple-choice style, and it’s pretty straightforward to get these set up, enter the options and select the correct answer.

Kahoot is different to other quizzes such as Socrative in that the questions themselves do not appear on the student device. The students will see these 4 colour buttons and symbol on their device and have to select the correct one. It would be a good way of conducting a quick poll during a lecture or presentation perhaps. If you think you like a name, but aren’t entirely sure, think about purchasing the domains anyway. Whats special in this whiteboard app is that it lets you share drawing with friends and edit drawing with real-time collaboration.
However, this online whiteboard should provide more drawing tools, like text box, rectangle, circle, star, etc. The other day I spent a couple of hours to search for the leading online whiteboards that create huge buzz in the Search Engines.
The feature of Live audio offers another layer of options to work on a project quickly as a group.
Moreover, this digital whiteboard will  save and make your previous drawings available on the left hand side pane.
It allows teachers to set up and run multiple choice quizzes which their students can then answer via any device that has a web browser. An image can be added to each question too – simply drag one from your computer onto the question page. The question would be displayed by the teacher on their machine, and the students only see the 4 possible answers on their own screen. A time limit can be set for each question if you wish, and students can get more points by answering quickly. But if you wish you can set up student accounts and have them create their own Kahoot quizzes.
There are so many possibilities with this tool and in the end I can give a real paper test based on the same questions just printing out the page.
You can change draw color to aqua, red, yellow, purple, black, blue, or green using Draw button. After this, whenever your friends will access that URL, they can also draw on your whiteboard. You just need to add your ideas, notes or plan to Twiddla’s Whiteboard and quickly invite your colleagues or other business associates to analyze and discuss about the same.
I know it was informal, formative assessment but takes a heck of a lot of time to create an informal exam if it isn’t going to count for anything.
Retention of key concepts and language acquisition are key area I am looking to conduct classroom research on in the next few months. And to correct any mistake, you can also use undo and redo buttons. Changes are saved automatically to your whiteboard, which is another valuable feature.

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